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A nice feature... (Score: 2, Interesting)

by on 2014-09-28 06:32 (#2SZS)

I actually like it... I always notice something wrong RIGHT AFTER submitting, even if I was trying to be careful, previewed my comment 20 times, and even if I'm not trying to check it after submitting. Still, I always manage to see something wrong 2 seconds later. So it's quite nice to be able to fix that. But it was a little frustrating learning how it worked the hard way... "Wasn't my comment +3 before? What happened? Did somebody do something? Why did it say 2 New comments when I already read everything here?" etc.

On the down-side, I can see people trying to be clever and continuing to update their original comment in response to every reply, instead of replying in-kind. Or even messing up discussions by completely changing their comments, making the thread below theirs completely change in meaning, and possibly becoming impossible to understand.

Example thread:

|- I hate black people. (-1 Troll)
|-- You're a racist! (+5 Insightful)
|-- Why would you say that? (+5 Informative)

Edited thread becomes:

|- I believe in equal rights. (-1 Troll)
|-- You're a racist! (+5 Insightful)
|-- Why would you say that? (+5 Informative)

I guess liberal use of blockquotes will help with that, but it might become a problem.

Re: A nice feature... (Score: 1)

by on 2014-10-19 21:42 (#2TG2)

Good point. Can't see any obvious remedy to the ability to throw off a thread... Making available the edit-history of a comment should help somewhat though.

Maybe a -1 edit abuse would help?

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