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GamerGate, two months on: a story of change in the industry


Editor note! (Score: 4, Insightful)

by on 2014-11-11 20:49 (#2TZV)

Vanderhoth - Hope my edits made this story more understandable without distorting anything! I spent a lot of time trying to get it into shape. It's an interesting story - thanks for all the time you put into it.

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by on 2014-11-12 19:52 (#2V0Q)

I'm just pleased you posted it at all ^_^

I think it's an important issue. I know GamerGate has a bad image at the moment, but honestly the people I'm follow are really great. We're all working really hard to try and get this mess cleared up, but it really seems the Gaming Media is just the tip of the ice burg. I really wasn't aware of how little research all media does until this cropped up.

Hopefully not to many supporters/opposition jump in on this and turn it in to a giant flame war ^_^

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