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by on 2014-11-18 11:49 (#2V41)

RSS is essentially my killer app for the internet, and definitely for my smartphone, and it's driving me crazy that the trend is away from RSS and towards making everyone download individual apps. The New York Times and the Economist are guilty of making their RSS feeds hard to find.

There are dozens and dozens of Android RSS readers out there, but by coincidence I settled on the same one as you and mostly like it. I hoped for a reader with cloud sync so that from one Android device to the next the app would remember which articles I'd marked as 'read' but no love. The closest I got was running an instance of ttrss on my own server and using not the official Android app but a 3rd party one. That was a lot of work and I didn't much like the interface, so I dropped it and am back to RssDemon again.

On the desktop side, huge thumbs up for the console based reader 'newsbeuter' and either rawdog or CURN. They're all somewhat obscure, but you can run newsbeuter on a shell account and then access it from work over SSH or something, and it's a lean, mean feed reader. Rawdog creates an HTML page you can use on your own site (I put one up for my own use here: via a cron script that runs every morning). CURN is a java app, which turns people off, but it's highly configurable and you can use it to create and mail to yourself an HTML email of your feeds, and do other things as well. All these solutions are better, in my opinion, than just being forced to download an app for every news source.

Then, you're only inches away from podcast technology too - highly recommend doggcatcher on Android for managing podcasts.

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by on 2014-11-18 14:39 (#2V42)

It's not strange we use the same app. Back when I went looking for an RSS reader, there was only a handful in the Market (now Play Store), and I used the by-far most popular and highest rated one. Just by virtue of being among the first, and still being around many years later (even if it has been a dead project for 2+ years now) they've got a lot of users to show for it. Being old and getting no updates has the secondary advantage of it still running on older phones, where newer apps often do not.

I'm not too happy with them, as I purchased a license for v1 right at the end of its life cycle, and they offered no upgrade path to v2. No idea about v2 to v3. But with no signs of life, the current release of v3 is probably the end of the line, even with the bugs with some feeds and podcast handling. It's just a question of how long until newer versions of Android break backwards compatibilty and put and end to it.

Looking through the store I don't see any other RSS readers that look obviously good. That's likely a byproduct of my now-aged phone, hiding newer and incompatible apps, as is frequently the case.

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