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FreeBSD 10.1 Released!


FreeBSD is buggy, sadly (Score: 1, Interesting)

by on 2014-11-22 17:08 (#2V5W)

FreeBSD was once solid and good. 4.x series was really stable and I never experienced any problems. Then they begun with way too big changes and there was not even one version I would not see problems and panics with.

Already from this summery you can see the quality of FreeBSD. I bet they knew the Intel framebuffer did not work for 10.0. Still they shipped it. It is good they got that one working for 10.1, but I wonder what more they did break with this 10.1.

Yes, feel free to mark me as a troll, but I am very disappointed at FreeBSD and this is my experience. Since then I have moved over to OpenBSD. C is an easy language to begin coding in but a super difficult language if you want good quality product. Very few OS has the discipline for that.


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