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FreeBSD 10.1 Released!


FreeBSD is buggy, sadly (Score: 1, Interesting)

by on 2014-11-22 17:08 (#2V5W)

FreeBSD was once solid and good. 4.x series was really stable and I never experienced any problems. Then they begun with way too big changes and there was not even one version I would not see problems and panics with.

Already from this summery you can see the quality of FreeBSD. I bet they knew the Intel framebuffer did not work for 10.0. Still they shipped it. It is good they got that one working for 10.1, but I wonder what more they did break with this 10.1.

Yes, feel free to mark me as a troll, but I am very disappointed at FreeBSD and this is my experience. Since then I have moved over to OpenBSD. C is an easy language to begin coding in but a super difficult language if you want good quality product. Very few OS has the discipline for that.

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by on 2014-11-23 21:20 (#2V72)

I'm just glad they're putting any work into the console at all. syscons is really dated, sadly and this will set up FreeBSD for bigger and better. I'm seeing a HUGE surge in interest in the BSDs suddenly, and not just because of systemd (watch out, because the FreeBSD team isn't necessarily averse to something like systemd, although probably not systemd itself). I think all the recent cruftiness has led to some Linux fatigue: pulseaudio, btrfs, Gnome3, Wayland, Unity, endlessly-shifting APIs, etc. FreeBSD might be buggy in this edition but it's still pretty darned conservative by any Linux distro's standards, and that's not a bad thing at a time when suddenly many people are taking a renewed interest in alternatives to their favorite Linux distro. Who knows, maybe there will be some converts. Lord knows FreeBSD is a lot more approachable than the other BSDs.


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