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Microsoft admits Windows 10 preview has a keylogger


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by on 2015-01-30 10:29 (#2WTZ)

I find this overblown, "microsoft admits..." - it was freely available knowledge, for those who actually read the terms when signing up to a Developer Technical Feedback Program...this isn't a free copy of windows; there is an expectation that your use will help improve the product. and its indicated in bold too.

Considering their target is 'Experts and IT pros', there is an expected, basic responsibility that lies with the user that A) you understood what you signed up for, B) you wouldn't be stupid enough to do anything private/critical on software released only for testing - its fundamentally insecure.

Its also not clear, when or where keystrokes are logged. Maybe its not a 24/7 thing, but based on specific interaction (windows key combos, etc.) - I don't know. I saw no mention of attempts to view the data captured. Anyone have technical insight?


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