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Making the case for cardboard bottles, to replace glass


The beer bottle sounds more interesting (Score: 2, Interesting)

by on 2015-02-01 05:06 (#2WVJ)

The wine bottle with a plastic bladder sounds much like existing cardboard containers, except that it's a cillinder instead of a block. Maybe the shape helps break into the mid-price segment (the author who claims $15 wine is for "chugging" must live in a different world), but it's not a big step in my eyes.

The beer bottle on the other hand, without the plastic bladder, is actually a step forward in terms of recycling: while cardboard and plastic can be recycled when separated, that is not possible or worthwhile when they are joined together, as far as I know.

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by on 2015-02-01 06:44 (#2WVM)

I was wondering which is more substanable, plastic coated cardboard or glass. How about an aluminium bladder in cardboard?

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by on 2015-02-01 12:19 (#2WVP)

Forgive me if I am missing something. But if they used an aluminum bladder in cardboard, why not just skip the cardboard, save trees, and stick with aluminum cans that we already have?

Also, what type of chemical is the cardboard treated with which makes it leak proof? Is the chemical detrimental to human health seeing as we will be ingesting some amount of it with the liquid?


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