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Congressmen raise concerns over SoCal Edison replacing 500 IT workers with H1-B visa holders


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by on 2015-02-09 21:16 (#2WZV)

I've never been sure why republicans are the ones against this (maybe old fashioned protectionism?) and why the democrats are against it (maybe they really do hate America?), because it always seemed to me to be opposite of their respective platforms: the republicans always tout their business friendliness and the democrats always seem to portray themselves as the protector of the little-guy. Obviously I'm not so naive to think that party platforms and party policy are the same, but it seems like both parties are going out of their way to be hypocritical on this issue.

I'm mostly just hoping for a day when the bipartisan support for exporting American jobs is replaced by bipartisan support for encouraging businesses to stop the brain drain. First we lost manufacturing and just now starting to bring it back, and now we're exporting (and in this case semi-exporting via remittances) high-tech and service jobs. At point do we just say "let Americans compete in a fair way?"

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by on 2015-02-10 00:47 (#2WZZ)

a) protectionism is having very high import taxes, like tech import tax in Brazil that drove the price of a PS4 up to $1800.
b) the reason people are against it is because allowing the US economy to self-destructing is a bad idea for everyone.

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