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VERY nice (Score: 2, Insightful)

by on 2014-02-19 04:13 (#2K)

This certainly is excellent work

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by on 2014-02-19 04:44 (#2M)

I've just been talking to people on the SoylentNews channel. (I'm hoping this will format correctly):
A lot of people have done work eg. on completely alternative sites (, re-invigorating the old code (soylent) and a complete redesign (pipedot). There has got to be a way of gracefully merging everyones efforts. I'm sure noone knows the slashdot innards like the soylent guys, and the pipedot guy is a web design guru. Perhaps should become the new groklaw....
[DarkMorph] I haven't heard of this pipedot until now. It seems like an excessive division of effort. The only sensible need for multiple independent sites like this would perhaps be to cover different niches/genres..?
[mrcoolbp] he's independent
[mrcoolbp] built it from scratch too (more or less from what I gather)
[mrcoolbp] and he's a friend of the site
"The only sensible need for multiple independent sites like this..." is to rattle the Dice
[Popeidol] the more the merrier, if we end up with two or three slashdot-alternatives out of this the ecosystem will be healthier.
The problem was noone knew ahead of time who would come up with the goods... so replication of effort was inevitable. (Like workers from a bee swarm searching for a new home).
That was necessary.
(for collective success)
[Popeidol] if anybody should join forces it's pipedot and technocrat.
[weilawei] pav5088: definitely, i know i was hedging my bets between trove suddenly working,, pipedot, and SN
[Popeidol] pipedot has a beautiful interface but no mod system, technocrat has a mod system but little else
[weilawei] I may have spent the slashcott week mostly at fark >_>just for lack of anywhere else to go.
Replication was necessary so people could prove they could walk the walk, but now collaboration is necessary (IMHO)
...well, not necessary, but desirable
We all want the same thing after all... a successful alternative.
[mrcoolbp] "may have" lol
[DarkMorph] No moderation and no javascript. Interesting. Very, very clean structure using the modern CSS design approach. Slick.
[DarkMorph] It almost perfectly blends into my system's XFCE theme too. XD
Nerds are much better at doing their own thing than collaborating... BUT I think collaboration is desirable at this point. Perhaps I can talk to the pipedot guy...
[weilawei] pav5088: thats it, you're nominated as Head Cat Herder.
* pav5088 experiences much fear

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by on 2014-02-19 04:52 (#2N)

At first I thought about this like a nerd -->frontends are window dressing! Tacking things together would make things potentially less successful technically so it shouldn't happen! What we as a community actually need though is a viable long term alternative (rather than competing alternatives), and I do think Pipedot has the best frontend... while Soylent has the benefit of a now working moderation backend. Would really appreciate knowing how you feel about this and/or discussing this in IRC.

Re: VERY nice (Score: 1)

by on 2014-02-19 06:54 (#2P)

I don't know if having a few different sites is necessarily a bad thing right now. I'm currently looking at soylentnews, here, squte and I will try to check out technocrat tomorrow (as it seems a little broken righ now). There may be a couple of others which I'm not aware of.

I like the fact that these sitesall have their own look and feel, and I think it's possible over time that they will all organically find their own niches, and I might end up spending more time on one than the others, but for now, I'm happy enough to bounce around them all, and think it's too early to be worry about duplication of effort.

It seems quite clear that the 'beta episode' has spurred a lot of people into action, and with all these new sites coming to my attention, it sort of feels a bit like when I first went online (probably getting on for 20 years ago).

This is all only my opinion though... :)

Re: VERY nice (Score: 1)

by on 2014-02-20 18:38 (#3G)

It does look a very simple clean interface, like slashdot used to be. I will probably steal^W be inspired by it for s'qute.
Competition is good. There are literally millions of people looking for clever discussions on the internet.
Hopefully soylentnews , pipedot , slashdot and s'qute will all diverge and develop their own character and community.

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