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Lenovo apologizes for pre-loaded insecure adware "Superfish"


How the mighty have fallen (Score: 2, Insightful)

by on 2015-02-21 08:10 (#3H4E)

I take it as a sign of the times how far the once mighty Lenovo (in pseudo-proxy-of the once mighty IBM) has fallen

I loved my first IBM Thinkpad: full of reliableness and gusto. I type this now on my chiclet stricken, touchpad button missing (although I never use the touchpad: long live the nub!), X1 Carbon. I look at even the very next generation of X1 Carbons and see faults that would make me -- a true believer -- second guess the company's strategy.

I recommended an Ideapad to my less-than-tech-savvy friend. When it experienced its first problems I shrugged them off as the fault of Microsoft. When the problems became persistent -- for example, an incompatibility between the wifi driver and Google Fiber's router -- I started to see the Lenovo of now for what they are: a memory of what once was.

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by on 2015-02-21 09:14 (#3H6Q)

Indeed, they have fallen and deep. The build quality is definitely not the same good as before. You clearly see they are weaker made.
The last times the company I work for had to do with Lenovo we have just had trouble:
- Two months for changing a DVD station under warranty.
- Lenovos own automatic update installed a faulty version of the BIOS bricking the motherboard. Because it bricked all motherboards of the same model, they could not fix them fast enough for everybody all around the globe so we had to be without computer for a long time.

How is it even possible to have so low quality control that a faulty version of a BIOS is reaching automatic updates?


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