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Late lament on the death of slide-out keyboards


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by on 2015-02-23 21:24 (#3P18)

I have nothing to add to the original post except to agree with all of it. I went from a Moment to an Epic to a Photon Q where I am currently parked until someone decides to revive the slider platform. At least Cyanogen is still creating images for the Photon Q so I can stay relatively current as far as the OS goes.

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by on 2015-02-24 19:22 (#3R8K)

My wife has a Photon Q and so far we've been unable to get any custom ROM to run on it. We can unlock the bootloader with Motorola's permission (which I think is a load of horseshit, having to get permission from the manufacturer to fully utilize the hardware, but that's a rant for another post). We can flash a custom recovery, and we can flash a custom ROM. Then it gets stuck in a boot loop, no matter the recovery or ROM used. So, she's back on the aging and soon to be unsupported 4.1.

We've searched high and low for a suitable Qwerty replacement for the inevitable day her phone is no longer usable, and there just isn't anything out there on any carrier. If she didn't need Android for playing Ingress, she would probably go back to a Qwerty feature phone, since she doesn't care as much about which OS she has but more about the ability to text without having to touch the screen.

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