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Raising rates is a big mistake they are making (Score: 1)

by on 2015-02-25 17:04 (#3T8Y)

I just got my DirecTV bill for February and to my surprise it was significantly higher than usual. After a bit of checking it seems DirecTV has raised its rates. So immediately I started evaluating my programming packages with them and after careful consideration I eliminated several pieces of programming and the result is a lower bill than I had previously. So the end result of DirecTV raising rates will be less revenue from me. The programming I chose to do without can be had easily via NetFlix, HuLu, youtube or several other online sources. So I lose nothing but DirecTV loses money. If they had not raised my rates I probably never would have changed my programming. I still think there is a market (at least for the moment) for providers like DirecTV, especially for live events in HD (sports, concerts, etc.). Most of the professional sports in the U.S. have their online presentations locked down pretty tight and priced way too high (IMHO) for the quality it delivers. I can subscribe to something like MLB.TV but if my broadband connection is not up to the task then the quality is not worth the cost and the same event on something like DirecTV will be far superior. If the various online outlets for live events get the quality up and the price down then I think that will be the real end of DirecTV and others like them.

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by on 2015-02-25 18:38 (#3TEN)

I think we'll probably see a crash in sporting leagues tv contracts. They've been high as the cable companies have been able to raise everyone's rates ( everyone has epsn, right?) in order to accommodate. But as more people cut the cord or drop sports channels, the base will be smaller and end up more price sensitive.

I'd rather go to a bar for 16 Sundays and get a drink and some food, than to have higher bills throughout the year.


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