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Linux kernel hacker's open rant about systemd


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by on 2014-08-14 02:36 (#3VB)

Archlinux made the switch to systemd something like two years ago. At the time, there was much complaining (and I was one of the people bitching), but I have to say now that it does the job. It hasn't caused me issues, and it's not that difficult to learn how to use it. People using other distros don't have to be worried, I think.

This rant will change nothing. Plenty of people have complained about systemd, but its advantages end up winning people over once the change has settled in. As the distros adopt it, we'll see users "revolt", then cool down after a while just like for archlinux Debian adopting systemd pretty much means that it's the way of the future.

Let's not forget also that Linux users are quick to complain about change (see: unity, kde4, gnome3). It's understandable: people don't want their workflow to be affected. I think it won't take too much playing around with systemd for most people to feel confortable with it.


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