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Diablo 3 Expansion Reaper of Souls


I don't care (Score: 3, Insightful)

by on 2014-03-24 12:35 (#S3)

I loved Diablo. I still get a kick out of a run through Diablo 2. I didn't buy Diablo 3. Never played it. Probably never will.

In their quest to eradicate piracy they have lost a customer.

While we're on the topic, pity about the latest SIMS; for similar reasons.

Meanwhile, Torchlight looks like fun. Thanks to HumbleBundle it's next on my list when I feel like a new RPG :-)

Re: I don't care (Score: 1)

by on 2023-06-18 12:29 (#6C8XJ)

We got a PS4! Right before PS5 came out. Lots of games available on the cheap. We really like Diablo 3, such as it is. Sadly, the box says it comes with the expansion but the game didn't. It's a pity as it looks good. The PS4 has never connected to the internet so I may never play it.

It's a real shame that the PS4 won't backup to an external drive. Looks like it wants internet access first.

Perhaps this was for the best. Game comes out, people finish it, cheaters wreck it, expansion packs get added, and then maybe it's on sale for cheap and playable :)

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