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Microsoft may one day open source Windows


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by on 2015-04-15 10:35 (#73EM)

Microsoft isn't about to give up it's cash cow that it's been milking for 30 years. they would only ever do this if it no longer gave them an advantage. this effectively means that the source would only be released after windows was worthless.

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by on 2015-04-15 12:18 (#73NB)

Are you able to download a pirate version of Windows today? Yes or No?
Still they sell a lot of Window licenses.

Open sourcing does not mean to give away for free. It means anyone who bought Windows is able to look at the source and do modifications for himself. It is all about licensing. "Open source" and "free" are not symonyms. Some open source licenses means free, other not. Spreading the source to people not having a bought license would still be pirating, if they want it to be so.

MS is at this point in desperate need to get developers. This is visible from their latest moves. Anything that might attract developers to develop for Windows is welcome inside of the new MS. It is thus not impossible they will open source Windows in the future unless they have too much licenced code as an obstacle in this process.


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