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Time Magazine thinks iOS won the app war


Current state of market is changing (Score: 3, Interesting)

by on 2014-02-26 11:47 (#6Q)

Given the fact that until a few years ago, smartphones were a luxury item mostly used in Europe and moreso in the USA, app developers quickly went for the "develop first for iOS and Android second" approach, leaving Android apps for later, and when they emerged they were frequently of sub-standard quality.

Now that the Android tsunami is overwhelming iOS maybe we'll see that change. I'd posit that Android's relatively more open ecosystem makes it more appealing for developers, and if other handset makers (Blackberry, I'm looking at you) continue to provide compatability layers that allow Android apps to run on their OSes, I think we'll see things swing in the other direction before too long.

McCracken's article isn't all that good over all, and I think again it's an attempt to conflate one writer's personal experience into an industry-wide trend that other statistics probably don't support.

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I recall a study showing IOS more profitable to develop apps for by a wide margin. Has that changed? Android also has issues with vendors never upgrading their os version, while IOS users are almost always within the last two releases (good or bad).

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"Developer Revenue Per Download is 5x Higher on iOS Than Android"


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