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Time Magazine thinks iOS won the app war


How many (Score: 4, Funny)

by on 2014-02-26 16:16 (#72)

How many fart apps do you really need though? iOS may have way way more, but Android's are of much higher quality.

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by on 2014-03-01 20:20 (#8H)

^ this. I've (very) recently switched to a smartphone. I'm almost unable to install apps because my conscious prevents me from agreeing to their invasive permission requirements (e.g. even though they're most likely necessary for things like in-app purchases, I don't want a non-phone app to access the phone part of my phone - and lacking an option to turn that off, I choose not to install).

I've managed to install 2 ad-supported apps. Whenever I fire them up when accidentally connected to wifi (no 3g connection anyway), they tell me I have a virus. On an android device. In french.

You can imagine my feelings towards diving deeper into this cesspool.


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