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June Will Be 1 Second Longer


A bit embarrassing... software developer for years.... (Score: 1)

by on 2015-05-28 09:06 (#9XP1)

...but I simply don't understand the problem.
It's possible that programs not equipped to handle the extra second could have an issue.
What programs? If the clock is not correct I might have a minor problem with builds. I might recompile more than necessary. So What? But crashes? Especially so boring systems like websites? Possibly "lightly" corrupt databases, yes. Perhaps the order of a few posts mixed up, yes. This should be all. I'd probably have think hard how to crash a program on purpose just because the time is one second off.


2015-05-28 10:12
I remember reading that technical post on Google blog about problems thaey had with leap seconds and how they fixed them.

The section "Why time matters at Google" might especially be of interest ;)


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