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First American walked in space 50 years ago


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by on 2015-06-04 08:12 (#AD6S)

In 50 years we have not gone that far. Not even to sending manned missions to Mars. Only recently did we start reaching for the stars again. This planet is our only egg basket

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by on 2015-06-04 10:19 (#ADET)

frankly i'm glad we have not sent a manned mission to mars because the people that went would have died on the way from radiation. believe it or not, we have learned a lot in the last 50 years by sending our technology instead of people with tools. sure we could have pushed harder but the world is littered with humans that become distractions. in the mean time our technology has improved an absurd amount and humans are still noisy distractions but we becoming more forward thinking even as some drag their feet or kick and scream.

we will get there eventually but what's more important than going is making a way to stay there permanently. this means we need to up our genetic engineering game so that we can make some plants grow on mars after we melt mars' polar cap of dry ice using machines.

in short, it's one thing to throw a corpse onto the surface of another planet, it's another thing to make a second world.

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