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Washington breaks ground on its first animal overpass


Not really news... (Score: 0)

by Anonymous Coward on 2015-06-21 13:07 (#BZKH)

I mean, aside from the usual "why is this on Pipedot, it's not tech" comment, this still barely is worthy of being called news, at least on a national (or international) interest level.

Animal overpasses aren't a new idea. They have been in use for years. Most of the time the crossings are tunnels built beneath the roads but bridges over roads for the larger animals (especially big herd animals that might get spooked by the noise and constriction of a tunnel) have been built for decades. The only "new" thing about this is that it is apparently the first such structure being built in the state of Washington.

This is a non-story.

Re: Not really news... (Score: 0)

by Anonymous Coward on 2015-06-22 13:00 (#C2CE)

As I said, I wasn't really making a "this isn't tech, shouldn't be on Pipedot" argument; I was making a "this isn't news, it shouldn't be on Pipedot" argument. It is a non-story because there is nothing new about it. It is about as exciting as learning that my hometown as built its first local sewage treatment plant (even though, yes, sewage treatment does requires some knowledge of science!). Animal overpasses are in no way a new development and these do not advance the art in any way. It's nice that they are doing it - truckers and deer will be thrilled, I'm sure - but it's also nice that my hometown is less likely to be pouring raw sewage into the waterways. It still doesn't make it newsworthy. It is extremely local and barely even worth mentioning for the residents.

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by on 2015-06-22 14:39 (#C2Q7)

i voted it up in the pipe because it was something different, and it fit roughly in the environment category - and while maybe not technical, i figured it could start a discussion (point of this site), whether it be about the interesting design of the crossing (pretty low fence), or animal migration patterns; the latter being what interests me most.

where i am northeast, i don't ever see such structures; but ive heard of areas near me where the highways have trapped certain species in a relatively confined area, and the population is booming - sounds good, but not when its 50 coyotes backed against a neighborhood :)

Perhaps i'll consider the news factor more nexttime voting. appreciate the feedback.

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