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Sony and Panasonic Teaming Up For New Optical Disk Format


But will they blend? (Score: 4, Interesting)

by on 2014-03-10 23:06 (#DY)

I'm being a little facetious, but my point is, I don't see any obvious way these thingies are going to have any better longevity than your standard old CD, which seem to self-destruct if you pick them up and ever handle them. Moisture peels away the reflective layer, they scratch, heat warps them, etc. The press release says "better quality" or whatever but doesn't specify.

Given the current shift away from discs and all the moving, breakable parts their readers require, I'm wondering if Sony hasn't missed the boat. Discs aren't cool anymore in the same way 3.5" floppies stopped being cool the moment disc technology arrived, or the way the 3.5" guys used to sneer at the old fashioned, 5 1/4" floppy guys. "Hey, go get yourself some real hardware, eh?"

Ironically, tape seems to be making a comeback, possibly because it has proven itself in a way this new tech hasn't.


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