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Privacy focused search engine DuckDuckGo surpasses 10 million daily queries


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by on 2015-07-07 17:52 (#DKDX)

The !bang feature is one of the things I have grown to love. With a simple !, letter combo, and search phrase, I can be where I want to be, looking up what I want to look up. Sure, I may want to use Google occasionally, but I don't have to open up Google to do it. !g and I am searching Google directly. There are hundreds of the things (but I only use 8 or 9 of them). !am pops you into Amazon with the search terms selected. !alpha gives you Wolfram|Alpha. On and on, it's quick and easy and versatile.

The privacy aspects are a (not unimportant) bonus.

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by on 2015-07-14 07:09 (#E8CC)

!wa is the quickest !bang for Wolfram|Alpha*. For anyone not using DDG yet, you can see all the !bangs here. I only use a few as well, but it's extremely powerful to be able to search other sites directly from any DDG bar.

Recently I tend to use
!w (Wikipedia)
!v (DDG's video search)
!wa (WolframAlpha)
!w3s (w3schools)

I still use Google's stuff, but find it easier to use DDG's search bar, since you can just type to search & get to any of them directly (no mouse required).
!yt (for something I know is on YouTube)
!m (Google Maps, since !osm OpenStreetMap doesn't work well where I live)
!n (Google news)
!g (Google. I find plain DDG to be better than Google for most queries, but if I need the answer to a specific question that will be on an obscure forum somewhere, Google is still better at finding those).

*(!wra, !wolfram, !alpha, !walpha, !wolframalpha also search WolframaAlpha)


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