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by Anonymous Coward on 2015-07-27 08:02 (#FJ0C)

Systemd may not be ideal, but systems continue to boot and function the way they are supposed to.
Thank you for that, I rarely laugh at anything on the Internet.

This is exactly what the problem is, SysV-init already worked perfectly before systemd. systemd doesn't bring anything to the table except for complexity and more dependence on the Redhat and Gnome group. That's why we oppose.

It only makes the job of OS distributors easier, that's why it's accepted all around. Debian guys no longer need to write any init scripts, they can just copy them from Redhat. That's why. Users opposing systemd are all bitten by it in some way or another. They criticise, and try to expose the flaws of systemd, but users' opinions don't matter in the free software world. Since no money changes hands, the developers are free to do whatever they like. See how GNOME went down.

Yeah, another funny thing. Imagine you go to a car dealer and the salesman pitches you some car. You tell him you don't like some aspect of the car and the salesman tells you "Let's see you do any better!". This is what it is.

People aren't doing systemd replacements because:

1- It's a bad idea. The goals of the project are broken, why should anyone try to imitate shit when they can already get shit ready made.

2- Surprise surprise, SystemV-init still works. If you run an older udevd (or eudev, I haven't checked it out) without systemd support, there is no impact on anything really. On my simple desktop machine at home, I have exactly one init script for the system. That's my replacement for systemd.

3- Nobody cares enough about this to allocate significant resources to it. You see, in the free software world, whoever commits his resources wins. It doesn't matter whether they are doing a good job or not. It reminds me of the demise of the Bluetooth support under Linux.

Shitty stuff is always like this, once its starts going around, it generates lots of talk. We could do a whole big discussion about how systemd fails but what's the point? Systemd proponents will still go "la la la I don't hear you, everybody is using it".

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by Anonymous Coward on 2015-07-27 19:22 (#FKX2)

People also forget the Redhat's target is enterprise and enterprise is incredibly slow. My relatively small group isn't scheduled to finish testing a version with systemd until the end of the year.

There will certainly be some huge corporations that are upset about the switching costs, and how they are handled will be what decides systemd's future.

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by Anonymous Coward on 2015-07-28 14:27 (#FPJ0)

We are switching to RH soon. Regardless of init system. If SystemD causes problems there will be Hell to pay. By us. Against us. Redhat could cause hundreds of people to avoid them if this borks badly. People carry grievences for a long time. We shall see what happens. I step forward with eyes and mind open.


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