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by on 2015-07-30 18:14 (#FYGF)

Switched to PC-BSD from openSUSE earlier this summer and have no regrets. It wasn't a blind install - I've used it before and like it. But PC-BSD gets you a working FreeBSD install with minimum fuss, and unless you have the bad luck of hardware that FreeBSD doesn't like (laptops and wifi cards can be a hassle), you've got a sweet *nix system that does everything your Linux distro did, and no systemd. A lot of other conservative choices, too.

I'm not writing to gloat. Just pointing out: if you don't like systemd, switch your operating system. Pretty sure Slackware also avoids systemd. Vote with your feet, people.

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by Anonymous Coward on 2015-08-03 19:51 (#GAMH)

I did something similar a couple of months ago, but to Windows instead of BSD. What a refreshing change! My sound card finally works right, it doesn't cancel line-out forever when I plug in a headset. Bluetooth works, and most importantly, the video card works with all the acceleration it has. I'm finally actually using the hardware I paid for. Besides, there are nifty programs I could never use with Linux.

I do miss a couple of things from my unixy setup, but life is too short to try to make my operating system at home perfect.

I still boot into Linux or run it thru a VM occasionally, but that's just for using the tools I made over the years. How I thought I'd be a UNIX guy forever..

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by Anonymous Coward on 2015-08-04 15:47 (#GD96)

wow what version of windows you are using? last time I used it, it was a win8 luckily configured as a traditional desktop (else I'd be probably still be there figuring stuff out), it was to restart an intranet proxmox instance who apparently needed console access because the disk was encrypted and asked for the password at boot.

Fire up explorer. Where the f. is the address bar? oh at the bottom, OBVIOUSLY. I type the address, nothing happens. Not even an error. I check the address, it is correct.

I see a chrome icon. Let's try that.

Chrome doesn't like the certificate. Good chrome, sit, it's a intranet, sit. Clicking through a couple dialogs sets things straight.

Enter proxmox web interface, click for the console... no java plugin available. Download? activate? well, those kind of plugins are not liked anymore, so they will be installable till version XYZ and later no way....

Chrome, damn you to hell, it's a intranet!

Raised hand: "client, I need to install 200mb of java and 25 of firefox to click on a fucking link and have a fucking terminal window, or i have to spend between 2 and 120 mins on proxmox docs and setting up alternative access from win to the VM. Else I'd boot a live linux from usb, install whatever is needed if it's needed in RAM, and GTFO in 10 mins without touching one bit of your workstation HD. WHAT WILL IT BE?"

The client was already having convulsions at the thought of the java plugin popups returning in his life, so it was an easy sell.

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by on 2015-08-04 23:02 (#GEG7)

What is your choice of live cd boot distro for this scenario? Ubuntu?

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