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Valve's Direct3D To OpenGL Translation Layer ToGL Published


Good for them (Score: 4, Insightful)

by on 2014-03-12 11:43 (#H1)

I'm glad to see Valve trying to push this further. Are they currently using this translation layer for their own ported titles like HL2, L4D/L4D2, etc? I thought they were doing complete ports to OpenGL. Perhaps the overhead is minimal to neglegent. Either way, they have done a great job. I think my games perform better under Linux than Windows. The only down side was losing a few titles that haven't been ported, yet.

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by on 2014-03-12 12:04 (#H2)

I'm with you, I think they actually ported their titles to OpenGL.

My impression is Valve is working hard to get other titles, eventually all of them, ported to Linux so they'll eventually work on their SteamOS. So the Translation Layer may just be a step to make it easier for publishers who might be willing to put a couple weeks, maybe a month or two, into development in order to gain a few thousand extra sales.

I've already spent way too much money on Steam games for my Ubuntu laptop, which I bought to do work on. Valve needs to stop before I go broke. That's a joke by the way.

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