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Outfit your windows with transparent solar panels?


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by Anonymous Coward on 2015-08-18 01:29 (#HP91)

The whole thing is transparent and they have high energy needs, so this would be ideal for them. Ditto for skyscrapers, as mentioned by others. Even at 10% efficiency (or less!), if the price point comes down enough, it will be just that much less energy that must be bought from the outside.

If they get REALLY cheap, this could be good in areas that get a lot of sun in winter, but it's low to the horizon so the light comes in the windows all day. The Russians and Chinese should be jumping on this since the Siberian High does just this, but even here in the Sonora Desert, the sun is low enough in winter that this could be a big deal if they're made cheap enough, even if the efficiency sucks.

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