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Firefox aims to simplify cross-browser Extension development


Goodbye Firefox and thanks (Score: 2, Interesting)

by on 2015-08-24 12:42 (#J9SA)

It was a good ride. You got us out and away from the hell that was IE6. The war was won. At least, escalated to the next level. Edge hasn't a hope in hell. Chrome is okay but not a worthy successor. Palemoon, your bright daughter, is growing up fast. More browsers will come, inspired by the light of hope you lit. Goodbye. So long. You will be missed. We await the day they turn your life support off. Once our shining hope for the future, we will remember you fondly for all you stood for and achieved. Farewell.

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by on 2015-08-24 13:15 (#J9VY)

Hmmm. You are quite courteous. I'd add, bitterly, "you showed us that any open source project, once sufficiently addicted to money, can drive the car right off the cliff." Mozilla was more fun when they were broke and staffed by struggling but passionate advocates for an open web. Once they got drunk on Google money, staffed up on all sorts of overhead, management, and non-technical (parasitic) staff, things started to go down hill.

Putting my hopes on Vivaldi at the moment, as a longtime Opera advocate who only moved to FF reluctantly when Opera's new team screwed the ole pooch sometime after v12. Vivaldi is a return to the roots. The only thing I'll miss as I ditch Firefox is the "it's all text" extension and the Overbite extension that allows me to use gopher.

In my opinion, Firefox has been a pile of fail slowly circling the drain for the last few years - five maybe? Maybe more? But I'm no fan of Chrome, either.


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