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2015 may be remembered as the most severe El Nino ever


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by on 2015-08-26 16:17 (#JH96)

First they complain of drought, now they complain because they'll get too much rain... hey, envirowhacks on the left coast, are you glad you didn't tear down all your flood-control dams yet??

I lived in SoCal during a "bad" El Nino year, back a couple decades. And what became obvious to me is that it's not the heavy rain that's the problem, it's the slapdash planning, and too many "view lots" on the edge of cliffs made of porous material (like sand and clay). Plus a complete lack of understanding of how to channel excess water to minimize destruction (here's a hint: you want to slow it down and spread it out, not make it rush faster so it undercuts even more. Guess which I saw done over and over in SoCal.)

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