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"Bring your own device" failing to live up to its promise


No win. (Score: 0)

by Anonymous Coward on 2015-08-27 01:15 (#JJJF)

This is a no-win situation all the way around. Where I work my employer wants to deploy a pile of remote control software which I don't want on my personal phone. That means that the employer has to supply a phone for me. I refuse to use my employer's phone to make personal calls and data connections - that's just inappropriate - which means that I need to carry my personal phone. I don't care to maintain information on both and I don't want to carry multiple devices so I leave my employer's phone at work and seldom use it - which means that other employees cannot call me outside of hours.


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by on 2015-08-27 05:38 (#JK11)

I agree. At my last employer I was issued a company cellphone. I maintained total separation of personal and professional lives, and that meant carrying two cellphones around, which I truly disliked.

Now I carry just one phone, but that means my personal and professional number is the same, and I've lost the ability to shut off the work phone on weekends. I dislike that too.

My company toyed with the Good app for ipad and Android. It was basically company email and limited document storage. It wasn't great as an app, but it did help maintain that mental separation between personal and private. Not sure what the solution is here. But I do know that when my office gave up on Blackberries, they mandated Windows phones for us (Nokia Lumia), and that was truly a lousy device and OS. At least now I get to choose the device I like, which is a Samsung Note.

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