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Netflix claims you don’t really want offline video support


I don't get it (Score: 2, Interesting)

by on 2015-09-11 12:56 (#M4QQ)

What is it with today's fascination with streaming everything? Few weeks ago, I went on a car trip with some friends, and the music in the car was played entirely from smartphones connected to car audio system via bluetooth, streamed from one music service or another. That is, until the signal got bad, and everyone just sat silently, feeling stupid, because nobody had any music files stored locally.

I know this anecdote calls for a "then I saved the day with my SD card full of mp3s" kind of ending, but there isn't one. I didn't get enough sleep the previous night, and was happy I could doze off without their weird music disturbing me. :)

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by on 2015-09-11 13:19 (#M4TN)

Actually, things have gone backwards in Android land. More and more smartphones are coming WITHOUT microsd card slots. In Android 2.x, a microsd card was necessary for everything. In Android 4.x, the internal storage masquerades as a microsd card, so it's all kinds of hell trying to use your actual microsd card to store apps, app data, and store new files there, the way it seamlessly worked in 2.x. Nothing pisses me off more than telling a program to backup it's setting to microsd card, then having to copy it from internal storage to the actual microsd card, and needing to do the reverse when restoring. Far too much, Android has been going backwards.

This seems to be a result of phone manufacturers wanting to charge through the nose for anyone who wants more than 8GB of internal storage... It's actually difficult to find phones with over 32GB of storage, and a bit difficult to find phones with microsd slots... All too often low-end phones have them (eg. Moto-E), while the more expensive high-end phones do NOT (Moto X), and have less storage space as a result. Meanwhile, a 32GB microsd card costs just $10, far less than the cost of buying a different model of phone with more internal storage space.


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