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AMD cuts 5% of global employees


Come on, AMD (Score: 0)

by Anonymous Coward on 2015-10-11 00:02 (#Q3P8)

Get your act together.

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by on 2015-10-12 17:23 (#Q8K8)

For many years, AMD kept Intel honest and largely pushed the performance to what it is today. With AMD, you would typically get faster clocks, more cores, larger dies, and a cheaper cost. Intel was forced to compete.

Remember Intel Itanium? AMD responded with a more sane alternative that even Intel eventually adopted a few years later. SATA 6GB? USB3? AMD's chipsets had them almost immediately, while Intel dragged their feet for years afterwards.

Although Moore's Law is still technically alive, they've essentially been "cheating" for the past 5+ years. All those new transistors are being added to the graphics and memory caches; performance of the cores have been relatively stagnant for some time now. For example, compare a 5 year old sandy bridge (i5-2500K) with a brand new skylake (i5-6600K) CPU. See how 5 years has added hardly any additional performance? Granted, the new chips are far more efficient energy wise, and you can now play some low end games on the integrated graphics, but still...

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