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Electronic Cigarettes May Not Help Smokers Quit


I have quit (Score: 5, Interesting)

by on 2014-03-25 09:24 (#SY)

I was a daily smoker for 15 years. When I got my first e-cigs two years ago, I was instantly able to cut consumption in half. This was with a cigarette-sized 510 device which basically is crap. As time went by better equipment became available, and after a year, with a much better cigar-sized device, I was able to quit totally. I now use an iTaste MVP 2.0 box-mod with EVOD and Protank clearomizers.

About a week ago I forgot my vapestuff at home and resorted to a 10-pack of ordinary cigarettes (yes, I am still an addict). Compared to the raspberry and vanilla flavors I am now accustomed to, the taste was just horrible. And it would not leave my mouth until the day after. Also, I had to go outside in the rain to do it. Next time I will have a nicotine gum, or something similar instead. The cigarettes were just horrible.

Modern vape equipment is not only much healthier than traditional tobacco, the user experience also far exceeds it.

I did not RT whole FA in detail, but it seems like they have just interviewed a bunch of random smokers, found that not very many of them use e-cigs, and concluded that e-cigs does not work as recession.

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by on 2014-03-25 13:33 (#T7)

Not wishing to turn this into a vaping forum (though why not, any discussion is better than none), but I just switched from the same set up as you (itaste and protank) to those funny clearomizers with the long wicks (Innokin CE5, just checked). I'd highly recommend trying them. The flavour is much better, and the protank used to get gunked up after just a day or two of use, whereas the CE5 has been vaping obstruction free for a week. Only thing is it's plastic rather than the pyrex protank, which means you have to avoid really acidic liquids.


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