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Can't compete with Chinese tablet (Score: 0)

by Anonymous Coward on 2015-12-04 15:06 (#WN37)

While I'm sure that these things have their use cases, I don't think they make much sense for most of my projects. When you add the power supply, the display, touchscreen, storage, wi-fi and a custom case your cost comes out already greater than a $50 Chinese tablet, which also has battery backup to boot.

These tablets also come with all the necessary drivers. You just wipe out the Android and install a minimal Linux userland. GPIO is quite easy to do with $5 worth of parts. Install some tinyusb on an atmega and you're done. This type of GPIO is much better in fact. You can do bit banging or real time control all you like without being worried about the general purpose OS scheduling you out. Plus, with the USB or serial interface you can test the electronicky parts using a regular desktop and then build the control tablet when you get it right.

I used to tinker with bananas and raspberries, now I don't really bother. This new part may come handy though, due to its size. If you don't need many peripherals and need to fit in a small space, it could be useful.

What would you guys use it for?

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by on 2015-12-08 14:01 (#X1D0)

Is your Chinese tablet 65x30mm? No? Then stop comparing apples to oranges.

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