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After Paris Attacks, Proposed French Law Would Block Tor and Forbid Free Wi-Fi


How about block islam? (Score: 1, Insightful)

by on 2015-12-12 20:42 (#XGKZ)

That'd fix the terrorist problem.

Re: How about block islam? (Score: 1)

by on 2015-12-12 21:06 (#XGNJ)

There have been more deaths in the west due to Christian terrorists, than Islamic ones.

Re: How about block islam? (Score: 1)

by on 2015-12-13 17:47 (#XJSJ)

Maybe 1,500 years ago.

Re: How about block islam? (Score: 2, Informative)

by on 2015-12-13 19:13 (#XJZM)

No, recently.

Anti-government, secessionists, anti-abortionists, KKK, neo-nazis, anti-secular evangelicals, conspiracy theorists, etc. Not to mention all the new anti-islamists crazies who go and murder random brown-skinned people.

Even with just mass shootings, only a tiny minority are done by Islamists.

Not a great list, but this should put things in proper perspective:

More here:

I don't mean to be US-only, just that the english Wiki doesn't do an in-depth job on much else.

Even more on-the-nose:

Re: How about block islam? (Score: 1)

by on 2015-12-14 05:07 (#XM3M)

So it's just a coincidence France lets a bunch of muslims in...and now has terrorist problem...right?

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