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by on 2014-04-07 01:58 (#ZX)

Back when I used to submit articles to the green site, I noticed that my highest acceptance rate came from non-IT science stories from places like I think anyone who camped out on and submitted anything that sounded remotely interesting to nonspecialists, would probably get a ton of bylines there, especially if they posted it using the primary publication URLs instead of

Of course, the editors there love stories about copyright/fair use, patent, and surveillance/privacy lawsuits and faceoffs (particularly having to do with the NSA and Snowden), which are very dependable in generating lots of comments - even though it seems to be mostly the same set of comments repeated every time - and modded up or down on cue. That's one of the thing that eventually turned me off about Slashdot, much more than the beta stuff. There was a herd mentality that was reflected in the moderation, big time.


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