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Updated 2019-06-18 04:22
Goodnight, and good luck
A valedictory note from Al Jazeera America on what we tried to bring to the online news landscape
A long road to reintegration for Rwandan ex-combatants
Despite programs aimed at helping former fighters recover and rebuild, many struggle to find their place in society
The Cabula 12: Brazils police war against the black community
Brazil's anti-police movement continues to fight for the soul of Cabula, even as death threats intensify
Nevada governor says he doesn't want Supreme Court consideration
Republican Brian Sandoval, reportedly under consideration by Obama for the nation's top court, says he's not interested
Elegy for a website where Native voices mattered
AJAM reported on tribal communities and offered coverage on Indian Country that few could match
In Rwanda, female ex-combatants face reintegration challenge
At Mutobo camp, former fighters spend three months being rehabiliated after returning from the DRC
Clock keeps ticking on calendar reform, as another leap year passes by
Feb. 29 approaches, with advocates pushing hard for long-shot changes
Smugglers work on the dark side of Rwandas plastic bag ban
Regional environmental leader faces criticism for harsh enforcement strategy, despite clean streets
In Guatemala, shifts in health care strand communities
For decades, not-for-profits have supported the medical system, but a new approach may cut off funding and health care
Poisonous lands: Pennsylvania prison built next to toxic dump
Prisoners and area residents are hit by toxic fumes that could cause fatal harm
New Orleanians see tourism bias in post-Katrina public transport
While 62 percent of transportation has been restored, locals say bus service has been left behind
The cancer cluster of Piketon, Ohio
How the legacy of the Cold War poisons people still
The disabled models of New York Fashion Week
A look at the people challenging body type prejudice
As thousands enter Europe, EU flails in anti-smuggling efforts
Why did Frontex, the EU border agency, abruptly cancel a successful anti-smuggling pilot program in Greece?
New weapons for Panama tribes in old fight to save forests
The Wounaan people are deploying drones and using GPS technology to get evidence of logging in their customary lands
Small businesses for Trump: 'Just get somebody different in there'
Company owners and executives top donors to Republican billionaire
Hotspotting pinpoints low-income areas that need health care the most
Developers are leading effort in Oakland, California, with a blood pressure clinic in low-income housing
US, China draft new N. Korea sanctions
UN diplomats said China and US have reached agreement on tougher sanctions, including blacklisting of people, entities
Tourist pot complaints up at Colorado emergency rooms
Rate of ER visits possibly related to marijuana doubled among out-of-state tourists, according to doctors' review
Ammon Bundy, others plead not guilty in Oregon refuge case
Sixteen defendants plead not guilty to federal conspiracy charges over armed occupation of wildlife refuge in Oregon
Judge approves nearly $1B settlement between US and tribes
Case centered on claims that the government shorted Native Americans on contract costs to manage federal services
Norovirus sickens hundreds at university in Ohio
At least 200 students report symptoms of norovirus at Miami University in city of Oxford
Obama to proceed with court nominee despite Republican defiance
President vows to nominate Supreme Court justice who will possess an 'independent mind'
Johnson & Jonson to pay $72M for cancer death linked to talcum powder
Company accused of failing to warn consumers that its talc-based products could cause cancer
Inaccurate sentencing condemns prisoners to serve longer than is lawful
Byzantine penal codes make sentencing an esoteric science and leave inmates with little recourse
Sea cucumbers a fragile, fading source of income for Sierra Leones divers
Prized in Asia as a luxury food, marine creature numbers could be dwindling
The rapid DNA revolution
Will speedy DNA tests help convict violent offenders or curb privacy?
Prisons of Appalachia: Kentucky town hopes new facility can boost economy
Many areas struggling with decline of coal industry count on correction projects to increase employment
Missiles in paradise: Kauai island faces controversial Hawaii defense plan
Amid North Korea provocations, US could activate Pacific batteries at serene tourist locale
In DRC, armed groups dwindle but still aggravate troubled region
Repatriators working to bring Hutus back to Rwanda often find a blurry line between refugee and ex-combatant
Seared by climate change, Nicaraguas small farmers face food crisis
Environmental and charitable groups call on Sandinista government to respond to hunger and drought
In Alabama, taxis fill a transportation void
Taxi drivers say some customers spend $100 a week on fares to and from work
Do different generations of immigrants think differently?
A new study of London's Bangladeshi community finds that cultural assimilation changes how people engage with the world
Race and justice in Oklahoma: Natives struggle to overcome disparity
With high rates of alcoholism and drug abuse, communities try to address profound social ills
Trump tops Nevada GOP presidential caucuses
Donald Trump's win in the Silver State gives him three straight victories in the race for the Republican nomination
SF declares tent city of homeless is health hazard
San Francisco officials on Tuesday gave gave homeless people living on the sidewalk 72 hours to clear the area
Bolivian voters nix Morales plan for 4th term
Voters in Bolivia rejected by a slim margin a constitutional amendment that would have allowed Morales to run again
Ramon Castro, Fidel's older brother, dies at 91
A lifelong rancher and farmer, Ramon Castro bore a strong physical resemblance to younger brother Fidel Castro
Senate Republicans rule out action on Obama high court pick
No Supreme Court Justice nominee confirmation hearing till next year, says majority leader
Sanders surges in West Virginia, as one-time favorite Clinton falters
Close watchers of the presidential primary say Clinton's ties to Obama hurt her chances to win in the Mountain State
CDC: 1 in 2 black gay men in US will be diagnosed with HIV
New government estimate highlights stark differences between groups afflicted with HIV
Public action needed to slow rising seas, experts say
Reducing carbon emissions could mean difference between 1 and over 4 feet of sea level rise
Welcome to the Jungle in Calais
Vibrant refugee camp in France with schools, eateries and theaters is scheduled to be partly demolished this week
Obama announces long-awaited Guantnamo closing plan
Proposal to Congress makes a financial argument for closing the controversial detention center
Sweden struggles to stop radicalization at home
As Swedish nationals continue to join ISIL, the countrys commitment to social democracy is under strain
Security giants earn huge windfalls from surveillance-industrial complex
In run-up to 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Panasonic and other multinational corporations find big market for security
Black bears of Ohio return to natural habitat
In the Buckeye State, the large furry mammals are back, but are humans ready for them?
Justice for Mah-hi-vist Goodblanket: Frustration lingers in Oklahoma
Family of Native American man want answers after fatal confrontation with local law enforcement
Curly-centric hair salon teaches Dominican women to love their pajn
Miss Rizos uses African and African-American hairstyles to affirm blackness in straight-hair-obsessed country
Presumed dead, wild Atlantic salmon return to the Connecticut River
Biologists discover first salmon spawning since Revolutionary War, drawing new attention to canceled restoration program