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Updated 2017-10-20 19:07
The Government Created American Suburbia
Through decades of explicit public policy, the government strongly encouraged the sort of suburban sprawl unique to America.
No, Mises Was Not a Neocon
To say otherwise is to either grossly misunderstand or deliberately distort his meaning.
In Bitcoin We Trust
Trust in Bitcoin has never been higher.
Inmates Spend More Time Outside Than Kids
A recent study shows that a third of children worldwide spend less than an hour outside per day.
Trump’s General Is Right: Soldiering Is Not a Normal Job
The penalty for quitting shouldn’t be incarceration or death
Hayek Warned Us About Obamacare
It is impossible to plan for an entire national economy comprised of individual beings.
Why Knowledge Workers Should Meditate
What is so restorative about meditation is that it gives the rational part of my mind a break.
Sharing May Be Caring, But Redistribution Is Not
A lesson from my twin boys.
Hurricanes Aren't the Only Reason Gas Prices Are High
While some of the rise in gas prices can be blamed on hurricane-related supply disruption, regulatory burdens play an even bigger role.
Corbyn Doesn't Get the Gig Economy
The UK's Labour Party has a fundamental misunderstanding of the labor market and the gig economy, and it's leading to bad policy proposals.
This Barbaric Form of Medieval Justice Actually Worked
Today, we might not approve of their methods but the result back then was improved criminal justice.
You'll Never Guess What Canada Has Decided to Tax
Good job, Canada, this new tax punishes some of society’s lowest wage earners.
Obamacare Subsidy Cut-off May Actually Help Low-Income Americans
Healthcare subsidies will get slightly less complicated; unfortunately the market is no freer than before.
God Is a Libertarian
The state is the true Antichrist. That is where humanity's problem lies.
When It Comes to Innovating, Ask for Forgiveness, Not Permission
Requiring permission set back communications in the United States for decades.
A Defense of Highly Curated (and Strange!) Diets
Who can even throw a dinner party anymore? Really you can’t.
How to Cope with Inevitable Chaos
And that's okay. You don't need to. And neither does governments.
The Greatest French Libertarian Thinker You've Never Heard Of
Benjamin Constant is a much-neglected name in modern freedom philosophy, but he is well worth celebrating on his 250th birthday.
All Presidents Should Be "Do-Nothing" Presidents
The obsession with presidential legacies is just another excuse the government uses to coerce individuals.
The EU Is Still Sweet on Protectionism
Getting rid of sugar quotas was a good first step. However, the European Union now needs to be consequential and eliminate all market distortions.
How Health Care Got So Expensive
The ballooning price of healthcare is largely because of government meddling.
New Jersey Is Taking the Turnpike to Uncontrolled Taxation
Over 50 years, the Garden State has evolved from tax heaven to tax hell.
Why Universal Basic Income Is a Pipe Dream
There are so many better ways to help people out of poverty.
Toddler Denied Kidney Transplant Because Donor Violated Parole
An Atlanta hospital is penalizing a two-year-old for the sins of his father.
The Supreme Court Has the Chance to Fix Its Own Mistake
The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case regarded compulsory union dues for public-sector workers, giving it the chance to correct the mistake it made on this subject in 1977.
Single Payer Health Care Is Anything But
Economic mobility – and the subsequent improvement of health outcomes – must come from the free market.
Cognitive Biases Afflict Government "Nudgers" Too
Market-based decisions may not always be entirely rational, but there is almost no incentive for governmental decisions to be rational, either.
Today's Techno-Panic Would Have Killed the Printing Press
With the appearance of the printing press, rooms of monks were put out of work in perhaps the first technological layoff ever recorded.
Gun Violence Would Plummet If We Just Called off the Drug War
Ending the War on Drugs would have a significant impact on the number of gun fatalities across the board.
Is Mass Schooling behind the Anxiety Epidemic among Teens?
Rates of teen depression and anxiety are skyrocketing, and the infantilization of teens by traditional schooling is a big reason.
Technology Is Not Pro-Monopoly
This belief that big companies always have the technological upper hand is simply untrue.
The Red Politics of Revenge
When your political dreams leap beyond reality, you turn to violence. The Left and Right both go this direction.
Economic Freedom Is the Key to Female Empowerment
Women in the developing world don't need patronizing and technocratic aid. They need freedom.
2 Ways We're Still Superstitious about Natural Disasters
We hate the idea that there is no explanation for something, and we go to extreme lengths to find one.
A Revolution to Always Remember but Never Celebrate
As the Great October Socialist Revolution reaches its centennial anniversary, it's important to remember the devastation it wrought.
4 Ways Kids Are Biologically Driven to Self-Educate
Humans are hardwired for learning
Policing Cultural Appropriation Does College Students No Favors
Dealing with seeing things that offend you is a vital life lesson that we're withholding from college students when we micro-manage Halloween costumes.
Free Trade Isn't Killing Jobs
Jobs, on net, don't get destroyed by free trade and competition.
Puerto Rico's Man-Made Disaster Might Be Worse than the Hurricane
It’s almost as if Puerto Rico is a perfect storm of bad policy.
The UK Should Brexit the Singapore Way
There is a lot of angst in the U.K. about what will happen during the divorce process.
How Much Homogeneity Does Society Need?
Liberty is not the outgrowth of homogeneity. It is the solution to the seeming problem of heterogeneity
Even Advanced Technology Cannot Explain Human Action or Predict Markets
The logic of the human mind will prevail over paternalist dictates and the hubris of the social engineers.
Apple Is Not as Green as It Seems
Apple recently made some claims about its environmental impact that are, at best, questionable.
The Source of America's Divisiveness Isn't What You Think
It's not the usual suspects of race, gender, religion, or socio-economic status causing hostilities.
The Scandalous Truth about Obamacare Is Laid Bare
A government program that is ruined by permitting more choice is not sustainable.
I Spent 2 Days in the Woods with No Internet or Cell Service, on Purpose
Do not let other people’s calendars keep you from living out your most valuable time.
Ask Without Coercion
The temptation is to go straight for flexing your muscles, but try asking nicely first.
Free Trade Makes People Nicer
The empirical evidence is in, and it clearly shows that free trade not only leads to better quality of life, but more generosity and cooperation.
Adam Smith's Concept of Justice
What did Smith mean by justice, and why is it so important for understanding his message?
Who Cares Who the Fed Chairman Is?
The Fed is basically useless anyway, so why does it matter?