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Updated 2017-08-19 01:36
More Patronizing European Advice Won't Make Africa Rich
Contrary to the advice of Europe's development elites, Africa needs freer trade.
Why You Vote for Corn Syrup Even Though It Might Be Killing You
How public choice theory helps us understand the problems with dispersed costs and concentrated benefits
Capitalism Should Play a Bigger Role in Protecting the Environment
Private ownership produces conservation.
The Best Anti-Nazi Strategy Is to Let Them Speak
It comes down to whether Americans are going to trust each other with freedom or not.
"Back to School" Is Not Inevitable
You can add curtains to the jail cells but it's no less a prison.
Herpes Cure Needs Free To Choose Medicine
Thanks to a remarkable man who passed away on June 22, 2017 at the untimely age of 48, relief from the scourge of herpes may soon be a reality.
Why the Rich Actually Love High Taxes
Only if the marginal tax rate were high would all those exemptions ever make it into the tax code.
Socialism – Not Oil Prices – Is to Blame for Venezuela's Woes
Venezuela's problems predate the drop in oil price.
Can You Handle Diversity in Ideas?
“Mom… are we right about everything?” “Uh….Yes.”
How to Help Indian Farmers
The huge farming population in India is hampering productivity and effecting small farms.
Even Shakespeare Knew that Kicking Out Immigrants Harms Us All
The famed playwright seems to be commenting on some of the issues that are most explosive today.
When Hippies Used Snickers As Currency
Snickers Bars: The Money of Peace, Love, and Rainbows
Greece Should Copy New Zealand's Dramatic Policy Reform
New Zealand: A feel-good story for economic liberalization, and a template for radical free-market reform.
The Regulatory State Is the Enemy of Economic Mobility
Why are Americans less likely to move to better opportunities than they used to be?
Capitalist Reforms Are Boosting Prosperity in the Baltics
The Baltic nations show how market-based reforms generate better lives for ordinary people.
Five Ways the Charlottesville Marches Backfired
Instead of fueling some kind of white revolution, the results will likely be the exact opposite.
Did You Know about the Great Hyperinflation of the 17th Century?
Kipper, Wipper and Kings Who Were Clippers
Lobbying Is a Waste of Valuable Resources
Resource expenditures are beneficial to the rent-seekers themselves but, from society’s perspective, these expenditures are a waste.
Why Iceland Trades with China but the EU Doesn't
Basically, they haven't bound themselves to an enormous political structure that makes trade agreements very difficult to conclude.
Hip-Hop is Spontaneous Order at Its Finest
Hip-hop and libertarianism are a match made in free market heaven.
Are Sports the Reason Why College Costs So Much?
Public universities should be transparent about how they’re spending money.
The Illusion of School Choice
Isn't it time to inject some competition into the system?
Can You Short the Apocalypse?
Let’s remember why markets are good at forecasting events.
3 Reasons Why Libertarians Should Love MMA
If two individuals agree to fight in an octagon for money, more power to them!
Why Being Called A "Cuck" No Longer Bothers Me
I have always been, at my core, a lover of liberty, even before I became politically conscious.
Why Do So Many Intellectuals Oppose Capitalism?
And embrace collectivism?
Why Economic Education Is Essential for Young Americans
Economics seems to be most likely delivered to today’s high school students through an advanced placement course. While students will certainly learn the basic concepts of economics, they will most likely do so by way of the endless supply and demand curves relating to the avocado market, or problem sets using the nondescript “Firm A” or “Firm B.”
How High Bail Costs Contribute to Systemic Poverty
Innocent people end up pleading guilty just to avoid the weeks of jail time associated with the bail they can’t afford.
Cheap Imports Are No More Harmful than Free Sunlight
When it comes to opposition to free trade and support for protectionism, not too much has changed.
Government, Not Automation, Destroys Jobs
The world’s scarcest resources, entrepreneurs and scientists, are working to economize the most abundant resources, namely low skilled labor. All of that entrepreneurial and scientific talent is being wasted due to bad government policies.
When Georgia Banned Football (Almost)
If things turned out differently, today’s Georgia Bulldogs might be playing in a kennel instead of a stadium.
Game of Thrones Will Save Us All
Despite how fervently I disagree with many of my friends on either side of the political aisle, there is one topic that seems to unite even my most worthy ideological opponents: Game of Thrones.
Can Synthesized Music Touch Eternity?
Over the weekend, I heard something that I never imagined possible.
Good Reasons Not to Unionize
Congratulations to the Nissan workers who were alert to these and other perils of unionism.
Why Is Customer Service So Good?
I get everything I want and then someone thanks me.
New Court Cases Give Hope for Occupational Licensing Reform
This sort of out-of-the-box thinking is what we need.
The Nazi Creed of Violence
Mises: "The Nazi code results in endless civil wars."
There Is a Way Out of Hate
This is a question of individual morality.
How Middle-Class Europeans Fare Under the Welfare State
Even the OECD admitted that European nations would grow faster if the burden of government was reduced.
The Case for One-Room School Houses
Are big schools sucking the life out of our children?
The iPhone in Your Pocket Is Worth Millions
And most of you don't even use a case.
Homeschoolers: The Enemy of Forced Schooling
In 1977, John Holt launched the first-ever newsletter for homeschooling families, Growing Without Schooling. At that time, Holt became the unofficial leader of the nascent homeschooling movement, supporting parents in the process of removing their children from school even before the practice was fully legalized in all states by 1993.
The Soviets Tried to Run an Economy without Market Prices
Without prices, there was no way to discern economic truth.
The Violence in Charlottesville
No idea is too insane to be off limits to a group infected with a longing to rule.
Is “Buying Local” Even Possible?
Is any product truly “local?”
The New Dawn of an Amazing World
There is absolutely nothing I will do today that could have been done 100 years ago.
List-Journaling May Be the Ultimate Keystone Habit
All other life-enhancing habits can flow out of conscious living.
The Great Opium War Revival
Western powers were determined to push this stuff on China, and the government was determined to stop them.
Would-Be Tyrants Capture Language to Control Thought
Newspeak is a crucial instrument of totalitarian power.
There Are Consequences for Eliminating Free Play
Free, unstructured play time is rapidly disappearing from our culture.