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Updated 2018-02-25 09:37
"The Last Jedi" and the Politicization of Storytelling
Has identity politics created a dilemma for the Disney Empire?
Newsflash: Teachers Are Already Armed
Maybe we should just stop disarming them.
Groupthink on Climate Change Ignores Inconvenient Facts
Groupthink explains so much about the global warming hysteria.
5 Reasons We Should Still Read Cicero
Cicero was far ahead of his time on the topic of private property.
We Can't Keep Expecting the Federal Government to Fix Things
Whatever your solution may be, the path to change a nation starts locally.
Why Government-Mandated Benefits Are a Bad Deal for Workers
When governments force employers to provide benefits, the costs of those benefits mainly come out of workers’ paychecks.
Developer Removes Graffiti, Gets Fined — We Undermine Property Rights at Our Peril
A New York real estate developer was ordered to pay $6.7M for whitewashing graffiti from his buildings.
A Professor Not to Be Pigeonholed
The myriad influences of Jordan B. Peterson.
How to Tell the Difference between an Entrepreneur and a Crony
“Competition breeds competence.”
Why You Are Not Entitled to Your Bitterness
Realizing we are not entitled to our bitterness, we can realize that we have been given everything.
Inequality Is the Wrong Indicator - Why We Should Focus on Poverty Instead
Inequality measures as benchmarks for improvement in quality of life are, at best, faulty and misleading.
Why Our Shrinking Middle Class Is a Good Thing
And why housing isn't becoming less affordable.
How Ben Franklin Invented the American Dream
Benjamin Franklin invented many things, not least of which was the American Dream.
A Universal Basic Income Would Engorge the Paternal State
A UBI could very well evolve into a mechanism of central control.
Success Isn't about Fancy Titles. Focus on This Instead.
Professional freedom isn’t the by-product of your label; it’s the consequence of your mindset and your work ethic.
Free Trade Lets Us Turn Corn into Cars
When Americans trade with foreigners, we’re better off — and so are they.
16 Booker T. Washington Quotes on Liberty and Personal Responsibility
He sought the most complete freedom compatible with the freedom of others.
Is College Really for All?
It's possible to earn a good income and live a good life without a four-year degree.
An Inconvenient Fact for Solar and Wind Subsidizers
It looks like fossil fuels are still the future.
4 Reasons Congress Doesn’t "Act" on Gun Violence
The reality is Congress isn’t, and can’t be, responsible for anyone’s personal safety.
Politicians Are Well Aware of the Harms of the Minimum Wage
The plain fact is that minimum wage laws, whether for fast food workers or for migrant ones, are just crony capitalism.
Want More Affordable Housing? Build More Housing, and Don't Impose Government Rent Controls
All rent control does is artificially restrict supply while inflating demand.
Not All Gender Pay Gaps Are Worth Worrying About
Generally, the gender pay gap comes down to individual choice.
Socialized Medicine Is "Free" But Leads To Really, Really Long Wait Times
Canada's wait times for medically necessary treatments are longer than they've ever been.
When "Charity" Is Actually a Power Play
It’s more than just virtue signaling; it’s a way of gaining actual power over others.
Could Driverless Trucks Actually Lead to More Trucking Jobs?
Maybe, and even if they don't, it doesn't matter much.
What Do "Consumer Rights" Advocates Really Want?
Many "consumer rights" NGOs have overt Nanny State policy goals.
Food Boxes Over Food Stamps? Now Wait a Minute...
Food assistance programs need changes, so let individual states decide what they need most.
Yellen's Grade as Fed Chair Should Be "Incomplete"
Sure, she met the Fed's dual mandate, but its balance sheet remains bloated.
Frederick Douglass Insisted That Identity Politics Is Not the Answer
He was a thoroughgoing individualist.
Why I Want to Break My Addiction to Praise
How the pursuit of praise limits personal growth.
Foreign Meddling Won't Undermine Tyranny, But This Will
The Digital Age has taken human connection outside of the realm of dictators and authoritarian regimes.
Bastiat Knew the Proper Limits of Government Force
If you don’t violate the life, liberty, or property of someone else, you should not see the arm of the law.
Americans Are Voting with Their Feet for Economic Freedom
According to interstate migration patterns, people tend to prefer lower taxes and less bureaucracy.
Why Do We Keep Rewarding the State for Its Incompetence?
We are flouting both ancient and modern wisdom.
The Minimum Wage Harms Workers and Is Anti-Freedom
When the government imposes a legal minimum hourly wage above the wage currently prevailing for various types of labor services, the law necessarily threatens the employment of any and all workers whose estimated value-added is now less than the mandated legal minimum wage.
Trump’s Economic Policy Is a Mixed Bag
There's good and bad to be found in the inconsistent mishmash of the POTUS economic policy.
The Promise of Smart Contracts
Blockchain technology and other advances help expand our ability to make enforceable agreements without the state.
Great Moments in Motivating Russian Bureaucrats
The animosity between the Russian presidential candidates seems to be the best way to get snow cleared in Moscow.
The Heroic Individual Is Needed to Confront the Evil of Nihilism
Inside each of us are a villain, a coward, and a hero.
Does Celebrity Culture Contribute to Mass Violence?
By constantly focusing on these individuals and their heinous acts, we make the tragedy about the perpetrator, cementing their celebrity status.
Hillbilly Elegy and the Primacy of Personal Responsibility
J.D. Vance tells a powerful story about a remarkable and tragic way of life.
A Beer War Is Brewing in Maryland
Despite last year's baby steps toward easing legal restrictions on brewers, Maryland delegates are threatening to undo it all and make it even harder for small breweries.
Here's the Thing about Those Political Orientation Quizzes
Does liking arugula really make me a leftist?
Brazil's First Congresswoman Was a Leader of Principle
Carlota Pereira de Queiroz showed that one’s intellect, courage, and character are effective weapons with which to fight for freedom.
A Celebration of Black Entrepreneurs and Emancipators throughout American History
A new ebook anthology of essays for Black History Month.
Right-to-Try Puts Patients Before Bureaucracy
Right-to-try isn't about giving patients false hope; it's about self-determination and respecting individual rights.
Love Only Lasts with a Growth Mindset
If you have a growth mindset, the journey towards being more loving is challenging and joyous.
Has Uber Become Part of the System It Fought Against?
How does this happen, and how do we stop it?
How Capitalism Tamed Medieval Europe
Knights and their wars get a lot of attention, but the merchant was the real hero of the European Middle Ages.