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Updated 2017-05-24 23:27
Australia Just Made a Really Smart Bitcoin Decision
Starting in July, Bitcoin will be treated just like regular money.
How Foreign Aid Hurts Famine Relief in Somalia
Donations fall into corrupt hands, but technology actually helps the people.
Don't Waste Your Talents in Government
If you had to choose between working for Google or the federal government, which would you choose?
The CBO's Forecasts Are Bogus
The models use static assumptions that have nothing to do with economics.
Government Can't Stop Creative Destruction
Politically well-connected industries like taxis and hotels can pressure Uber and Airbnb, but not forever.
Why I No Longer Ask Kids How They are Doing in School
They would just say they're doing fine, anyway.
Yes, it Is a Virtue to Reject Charity
The idea of rejecting charity means that you take charge of your own life, regardless of pressures around you to do otherwise.
TV Actor Discovers His Inner "Ron Swanson" After Trying to Start a Business
Nick Offerman gets in touch with his inner Ron Swanson.
Loyalty to Government Is Overrated
Loyalty is only good when it pertains to a just cause.
Even Jeremy Corbyn Knows High Taxes Are Destructive
They're finally getting wise on the implications of tax policy.
8 Big-Government Policies That Hurt the Poor
Cronyism is bad for innovators and consumers, but it’s worse for the poor.
Greek Anarchists Provide Services the State Doesn’t
Anarchists who organize voluntarily to achieve common purposes are just living their philosophy.
Amazon Is Successful Because They Care About Consumers
At Amazon, the customer is King.
American Men, Quit Your Whining
Only in America are Americans an object of pity.
Sorry Crony Cabs, You Have To Compete Just Like Everyone Else
The state of Georgia just took a huge stand against crony capitalism.
Government Has Done Nothing Good for Bitcoin
Everything fabulous in the Bitcoin space has occurred because of the freedom to innovate.
Society without the State: Bryan Caplan on the Rubin Report
Caplan talks about education, immigration, and the stateless society
Licensing Is Preventing the Best Teachers from Teaching
Great teachers are everywhere, let them teach.
In This City, Anything Not Expressly Allowed Is Prohibited
Even gardening in your own yard.
Hayek and Satoshi Meet in Vegas
There's a cryptocurrency for every cause and interest
What Venezuela Can Teach Young Socialists
Basically, that this economic system plain doesn't work.
Excalibur Is a Cool Sword but It Doesn't Create Wealth
No sword-clad king, no matter how wise or favored by destiny, can create wealth and peace.
Has Real Socialism Ever Been Tried?
For that matter, has a real free market system ever been tried?
Water is Not a Precious Resource
So why do we need low-flow faucets?
Crossing the Congo Is a Journey Across Hell on Earth
The poor economy had led to there only being 700 miles of semi-drivable roads.
The Truth Will Out for Us, Like it Did for Job
People need to know that all is not lost forever just because everything seems to be lost today.
Liberland Could Be Liberty's Role Model Society
You have to constrain power while being strong enough to provide the rule of law.
What Will the UK Election Mean for Freedom?
Assuming she wins, will May shrink the size of the UK's public sector?
What Minecraft Can Teach Kids About Economics and Life
For example, communication, design, and problem-solving skills.
Buying Avocado Toast Is More Prudent than Buying a House
Millennials are spending money on brunch instead of buying homes, and there is nothing wrong with that.
No Representation without Consent – Not Even from Unions
Just because something is legal doesn't mean it's right or just.
Can Markets Handle Invasive Species?
If the lionfish continues to destroy reefs, hotels, tours, restaurants, and fish markets may close.
Why Gun Control Is Unjust
Some things serve as protection precisely because they are dangerous to others.
If We Step Up the Drug War, You'll Be a Victim
Mo' drug war mo' problems.
These Are the Still-Life Fruits of Capitalism
I trade my labor for wages and my wages for art.
Cats, Coffee, and Entrepreneurs
Sometimes entrepreneurship is combining things that already exist to make something new.
Hackers Have Better Customer Service Than Governments
The government could learn a thing or two about "consumer" relations from hackers.
Birth Rates are at Historic Lows and Here's a Major Reason
People love Anne of Green Gables. Is it any wonder that we are nostalgic?
Insider Trading Should Be Legal
It's wrong to lock someone in a cage for acting rationally.
Trade Deficits Don’t Matter – Unless Caused by Government
"What is prudence in the conduct of every private family can scarce be folly in that of a great kingdom."
Fake News Is Old News
We give you 5 helpful tips on how to spot Fake News and use a skeptical eye to assess information.
Why Businessmen Fail at Government
Ludwig von Mises explains why an entrepreneur is a fish out of water as a government administrator
Can You Be Sued for Projecting Words onto Your Neighbor's Building?
Is light a trespass or a nuisance?
The ROI for Cronyism is Huge
Surprise! Cronyism is lucrative.
Uber Plans Its Triumphant Return to Austin
Texas is paving the way for Uber and Lyft to return to Austin.
The Palace Is in Turmoil but the Country Is Not
Trump once said that the nation-state “remains the true foundation for happiness and harmony.” Not really.
A Century Later, Mises Is Still Being Validated
When you're right, you're right.
The Chinese Only Export so They Can Buy Stuff Too
Free trade means raises for workers even if their paychecks don't actually change.
How Millennials Find Matches and Why It Matters
Is it possible that having a mate with good credit is the least of our worries?
The Progressives Took Away Our Right to Contract. It's Time to Reclaim It
Millennials want more independence than being an "employee" can offer.