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Updated 2017-06-23 10:08
Remembering Humboldt’s Wisdom
On the 250th anniversary of his birth we reflect on Wilhelm von Humboldt’s wisdom and strong defense of liberty
Why Are Houses So Darn Expensive?
It's not land scarcity or high demand.
What Silly Putty Teaches Us about Invention and Marketing
How it is that this seemingly ridiculous stuff could become a product that links the generations?
Colorado Challenges Police to Serve and Protect, Not Fine and Collect
By allowing Coloradans to pay their fines via donating to charity they can restrict government income.
Don't Punish Amazon for Serving Customers Well
As long as customers are being served, what's the problem?
The Rise and Fall of Uber's Travis Kalanick
Kalanick did not found Uber or invent the idea, but he took the app from proof of concept to a global leviathan.
Why Your Kids Should Avoid Summer Reading Programs
If you make reading a chore, kids will lose their love for it.
Free Markets Will Liberate Cuba, Not Embargoes
President Obama made modern history by reversing the outdated Cold War policies that have kept the Cuban people isolated from the American economy.
One Event Can Change Everything
FEEcon is a celebration of the uncommon heroes among us: entrepreneurs, innovators, wealth creators, and people of extraordinary personal character.
South Africa Is Repeating the Mistakes of Apartheid
The post-Apartheid democratic government's perpetuation of illiberal thinking is a travesty of epic proportions.
You Can't Mandate Family Life
The best people to make these decisions are the parents who have the local knowledge.
The Export-Import Bank Needs to Go
Ex-Im’s nickname around Washington is “The Bank of Boeing.”
"Globalists" Can Be Protectionists Too
Emmanuel Macron claiming to be a globalist doesn't necessarily mean he is a genuine supporter of free-trade.
Class and Race Are Never an Excuse to Gloat Over State Atrocities
The left disgraced itself with its response to North Korea's abduction and murder of Otto Warmbier.
What Trump’s Cabinet Meeting Reveals about Government
Someday a smart entrepreneur will start a tour business in D.C. that takes tourists around to see how their money is wasted.
The Population Boom Could Save the World
In 1798, 95% of the world lived in poverty. Today, less than 10% do, in spite of the world's population growing by 700% in that same time.
How the Sharing Economy Can Help You Go Minimalist
New apps are making it possible to live with less stuff.
Why Some Cryptocurrencies Fail and Some Don't
A well-known obstacle to the greater popularity of Bitcoin as a medium of payment is the high volatility of its exchange value.
What Slurpees Can Teach Us About Economics
And what 7-Eleven had to learn the hard way.
Want to Raise Workers' Wages? Buy Their Products
The demand is like insisting that people in 1800 should have had lives as rich in physical consumption as those in 1950 did.
The Economist’s Superpower
The awareness of unseen effects of actions.
Must Every Tragedy Be Politicized?
The Grenfell Tower Fire was tragic, don't make it worse.
Michelle Carter’s Actions Are Heinous, But They Are Not Crimes
Every action and decision we make has naturally corresponding consequences.
The Elegant and Devoted Mary Sennholz: In Memoriam
Mary also worked at FEE many years ago and then again when Hans served as FEE president in the 1990s.
To Whom Does This Thing Belong? And How Do We Know?
As economic structures become ever more sophisticated, so too must the tools we use to establish and enforce property rights need to advance.
We Could Have Had Cell Phones 40 Years Earlier
This technology was intentionally prevented from getting off the ground for decades.
More Immigration Doesn't Mean Less Economic Freedom
In fact, studies have shown a positive correlation between the two.
Beyond Commutative But Not “Social” Justice
Classical liberal and libertarian thinkers have moved boldly beyond what Adam Smith calls “mere justice," that is, the grammar-like justice of not messing with other people’s stuff.
FEEcon 2017: Keynote Videos
Jimmy Wales, Patrick Byrne, Magatte Wade, TK Coleman, Kevin Harrington, and others.
Why Experts Get the Gold Standard Wrong
Basically, they overlook the successful track record of the gold standard system.
Would You Rather Be Right or Be Happy?
Have you ever argued about how to load a dishwasher?
We're Seeing Massive Reductions in Global Poverty
Today, one person escapes extreme poverty every second.
Why Drugging Kids for ADHD Is a Risky Trend
And two non-medication strategies for dealing with childhood anxiety.
Robots Are Not Your Economic Enemy
In this era of rapid technological progress, many of us cannot help but wonder what the future holds.
What The Fountainhead Illustrates about Toxic Corporate Culture
Ayn Rand's novel is also a triumphant ode to the entrepreneur.
What Happens when You Replace Shared Humanity with Ethnic Identity
Primitive levels of tribalism have been responsible for much horror throughout mankind’s history.
Why My Grandpa Would Have Loved Bitcoin
Assets have actual value set by the market, not by government.
War Is the Enemy of Liberty
A state big enough to wage war abroad will do the same at home.
Millions Died Thanks to the Mother of Environmentalism
Carson made a critical mistake and a lot of people died as a result.
Teenagers without Summer Jobs Risk Social Failure
The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the teen labor force participation rate to drop below twenty-seven percent in 2024.
What Dropping Unemployment Doesn't Tell Us
There are consequences for declining male participation in the work force.
We Are at the Crossroads between Violence and Tolerance
Is speech designed to silence others still technically ‘free’?
International Customs Is Safety Theatre
It's basically pointless and the inconvenience is not costless.
It's Time to Privatize Our Stockpile of Crude Oil
The market is the best system for storing reserves and easing supply shocks.
It's Time to Legalize Sports Betting
It's essentially no different from investing in the stock market.
Europeans Are Paying to Subsidize Jihadists
Work is one way through which we learn to create value for others.
Politicians and the Court System Should Preach what They Practice
Ms. Biden's remedy seems much more just, efficient, and tax-friendly than what's preached.
How Marx Got on the Wrong Side of History
Every one of Marx’s “predictions” has failed to come true.
Stimulus Spending Doesn't Work Down Under (Or in the US)
You don't stimulate growth by increasing the burden of government spending.
Envy Kills
It's deeply dangerous to wealth creation - and the whole of society - to unleash the green-eyed monster