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Updated 2017-03-29 05:14
This Beautiful Woman Has Lived the Best Life
When you bump into a story that warms your heart, brings a smile to your face, and helps you see the beauty in human life, you just have to share it.
There's Nothing Special about International Trade
Trade is trade. Political borders don't change that.
Does National Defense Require the State?
The short answer: no.
When Populists Favored Free Trade
Is it right to tax all of the people for the benefit of a few?
Why Free Immigration Is the Moderate, Common-Sense Position
We have a choice between free association and forced association.
Government Needs a Blockchain, and a Hard Fork
When conflicts are irreconcilable, there needs to be a method for peaceful resolution.
Our Political Religion Demands Scapegoats
To understand politics and its never-ending scandals and hatred is to understand its religious structure.
Argentina Already Tried Trumponomics
Spoiler alert, it didn't work.
Retirement Is Nobody’s Business but Your Own
Everyone's evaluations of his or her financial needs are different. They can't be centrally planned.
Your Company's Culture Depends on Your Behavior
Your culture is the behaviors you reward and punish.
3 Common Immigration Myths Debunked
We cannot claim to be the land of the free while closing our borders.
Julie Andrews Teaching Theater on Netflix Invalidates Your Argument for Federal Arts Funding
Netflix + Puppets + Julie Andrews = streaming fun for children of all ages.
Why Even Wealthy Countries Benefit from International Trade
David Ricardo's classic example explained.
The Shotgun Marriages Forced on Breweries
Relationships should be built upon voluntary choice, not coercion.
Meals on Wheels: Anatomy of a Fake Budget Cut
Another day, another fake story.
The Westminster Attack: Savagery Versus Civilization
To kill civilians, whether with a car or a warplane, is to descend to tribal barbarism.
Why Iceland Doesn't Have an Alt-Right Problem
In times of demagoguery, Iceland remains friendly to foreigners.
5 Tips for the Young and Unemployed
The best career advice you've never before heard.
4 Ways to Know If An Opportunity Is Worth Your Time
Plus a handy decision tree!
Mr. Washington Goes to Mordor
In worlds where power is everything, entrusting world-saving responsibility to anyone – even a hobbit – was a very risky move.
Knowledge Is as Valuable as Physical Capital
Limiting information flows is a sure way to restrict growth and progress.
Stop Calling the “Freedom Caucus” the “Rebellious Far Right Wing”
They are something very different, new, and liberating
Instead of Barbaric Darkness, Why Not Celebrate Human Progress?
Here's an alternative to Earth Hour.
Find Your Next Job on Facebook
Seriously, you check it 15 times a day anyway.
Tax Feeders Declare a Truce at the Trough
How spending interests formed a cartel for more tax dollars
Government Funding Cheapens the Arts
There must be a separation between art and the state
Our Quasi-Soviet Fiscal Policy
It’s like deja vu all over again.
Harry's Had the Best Response to Corporate Bullying
And the internet agrees.
Real vs Fake Health Care Reform, and How to Tell the Difference
Obamacare disabled the market and replaced it with a faked market.
A Tribute to Friedrich Hayek
Hayek taught us why markets are preferable to central planning.
What the Fight Over Capital Gains Is Really About
Spoiler alert: it's about class warfare and carried interest.
Squatters Reveal the True State of the Housing Market
Home ownership was sold to Americans with carefully calculated governmental policies.
Québec Nationalists: Parlez-Vous Freedom?
The separatists' newest chief proudly boasts about economic nationalism every chance he gets.
What Franz Cuhel Can Teach You about You
You have to Verfügungsbedürfnis your Verwendungsbedürfnis to alleviate your Wohlfahrtsbedürfnis.
Breed Bans Are Cruel and Don't Even Work
Breed-specific legislation is an expensive way to fail at preventing dog bites.
Pacifism in 'Hell's Angels'
Critics routinely dismiss pacifists as "cowards."
High-Skill Only Immigration Won't Work
For the economy to function, we need people with all skill levels.
The Food Police Can't Ban the Truth About Milk
How one company's battle over product labeling is a win for free speech and liberty.
Listen NPR, the Market is Already Saving PBS
Unless something drastically changes, public broadcasting's antiquated methods cannot and will not keep up digital trends.
Austin Forced Out Uber and Lyft - Now They're Paying the Price
It’s time to welcome Uber and Lyft back to Austin.
The Fashion House of Artificial Intelligence
Why not apply computer analytics and algorithms to fashion?
The Epic Triumph of Liberalism and Its Tragic Betrayal
How modern liberalism and conservatism are both corrupt descendants of classical liberalism.
If Cosmetic Surgery Has a Working Market, Why Can’t Medical Care?
Here's a clue: it's about third-party payers
Mises's 'Planned Chaos' is a Masterful Critique of Statism
Chaos is the inevitable result of a planned economy.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Government
To "liberals" of today, "freedom" means not freedom from coercion, but freedom from want.
Wise Up, FDA: Vaping is Much Healthier
Current medical evidence suggests that, if nicotine is ingested not smoked, it is no more harmful than caffeine.
We're Becoming a Nation of Pets
When the government steps in to say how you can and cannot behave towards yourself, we are no longer a nation of free people, but of pets.
Trump's Budget Paves the Road to Fiscal Failure
If we're not careful, it may be impossible to exit the road to fiscal failure and paternalistic serfdom.
Ryancare Is Worse Than Obamacare
This bill will not fix the most pressing problems with American health care.
Why the Liberty Movement in Europe Is Rocking So Hard
A glorious new beginning for liberty on the Continent