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Be Desperately Grateful for Life Itself
This year has been one of the greatest of my life, full of amazing changes that point to a bright future for all the things I care about. This year has also made me most grateful for life itself.
Remember This Forgotten Champion of Liberty
Yakovlev chose to forgo the comfortable life and rich privileges of the communist elite for what he knew was right.
Even If Marine Le Pen Goes Away, Economic Illiteracy Won't
Most of France — and the rest of the world — are deeply ignorant of economic truths.
AIs Won’t Command Us to Obey. They Will Seduce Us.
How can there be any doubt when Facebook and Google are well on their way?
Open Immigration Is Good for the Health of People and the Economy
Immigrants can help by making services like medical care more readily available.
Tariffs Make Solar Panels Excessively Expensive
Tariffs ultimately affect the price of all solar panels,
The Myth of "Unaffordable" Health Insurance Just Won't Die
Health insurance is expensive, true, but so were cars, calculators, and cellphones, once. The difference is functioning markets.
What Is "Blockchain" Anyway?
Everyone loves tech's hottest buzzword, but no one seems to know what it means.
Limits on Power Are Limits on Oppression
No government can patronize one class but at the expense of others.
Excessive US Military Interventions Come with a Cost
The United States has engaged in more military interventions in the past 28 years than it had in the previous 190 years of its existence.
Obedience Training Is Unfit For Children
The bully-victim relationship commonly plays out in homes, schools, workplaces, in politics, and between countries.
Should Critical Speech Be Stifled Because It Leads to Threats?
Sometimes people say critical things of other people or entities and sometimes that criticism leads to threats against the target. But should the original criticism be stifled because of it?
The Best Thing India Can Do For Female Entrepreneurs Is Leave Them Alone
Government does not need to do more to promote female entrepreneurship.
There Is Nothing Green about Socialism
Socialism is not the answer.
Europe Is Flirting with a Disaster for Free Speech
The controversial Article 13 is getting some push-back from some officials, but it isn't dead yet.
What Really Matters about Bitcoin
In the panic rush, let's pause to consider the meaning of it all.
How US Foreign Policy Makes It Harder to Adopt
International adoption has become less common and governments around the world are to blame.
There's Good Escapism and Bad Escapism
An escape from reality can be a good thing. But be sure it's the right escape for the right reasons.
Does Criticism of Democracy Play Into the Hands of Authoritarians?
Sometimes authoritarians and other bad actors use reasonable criticisms of democracy as justification for their bad actions. So should we stop?
"Unfair" Advantage Is No Excuse for Protectionism
A foreign governments' market interventions do not justify prohibiting trade with them.
On December 7, Remember an English Hero to the Founders
December 7 was infamous before America was a country.
A Chinese Gentleman and the Conscience of a Generation
Mao Yushi has spent the great majority of his life fighting for economic liberty in China.
Breeding Digital Pets on the Blockchain
The new game CryptoKitties is a fascinating way to play with trading actual assets over the blockchain instead of just currency.
This is the Best Reason to Support Tax Havens
People need ways of protecting themselves from greedy government.
A Government That Gives Licenses Won't Hesitate to Take Them Away
Without a license, one is no longer legally permitted to work.
The US Needs a Freedom Revival
Slowly and subconsciously, people are re-adopting the libertarian concepts that made the US great in the first place.
Millennials Get It Wrong about Socialism
Most Millennials have a positive view of socialism and communism, but they don't have all the facts.
In Defense of Bitcoin Hoarding
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The CBO Is Almost, but Not Quite, Useless
The CBO gets almost everything almost always wrong.
Freedom Sunday Deserves to Be Remembered
Remember the plight of Soviet Jews and remember how the whole world came together to help them.
Most People Have a Basic Misunderstanding of the Word "Monopoly"
A monopoly situation happens a few ways and can mean a few things, but it's pretty much never a problem unless the state is involved.
Tom Cotton Will Undermine U.S. Foreign Policy
The administration should take pause before appointing Senator Cotton as CIA Director.
The EU's Taxlandia Game Is Propaganda at Its Finest
Taxlandia: tax can be FUN!
Whodunit Matters, Even Though It Shouldn't
In a just society, mass murderers' group identity wouldn't matter, but we do not live in that society.
The FREE Act Will Hamper the Credit Industry Needlessly
The bill put forth by Warren and Schatz would damage the entire credit reporting industry for one company's mistake.
Lest Ye Forget, Life in the Soviet Union Was Awful
Communism promised utopia, but delivered nastier, poorer, and shorter lives.
Prisons Are Over-Packed with Probation Violators
The revolving door of recidivism is not simply the consequence of imprisoning the most crime-prone individuals.
Risky Green Investments Won't Save Public Pensions
Fund managers can use their influence to signal their virtue via proxy votes for green investments and bear no cost.
Congress Needs to Put a Stop to Asset Forfeiture
Congress has the power to defund asset forfeiture programs or ban them outright, and they should.
Government Is Addicted to Banning Substances
The government has a substance problem and it's time for an intervention.
Jeff Bezos and His Wife Get It Right about Parenting
Bezos' dedication to encouraging self-reliance is admirable and encouraging.
The Economics of Ridiculously Expensive Art
Why on earth would anyone shell out an absurd amount of money for a piece of art?
The Genius of the “Dilly Dilly” Commercial
This brilliant Bud Light ad flips the old sense of who rules whom.
Are We Phubbing Our Lives Away?
We are addicted to the dopamine rush of getting social media likes, and it's ruining our lives.
Technology is Helping the Homeless Get Out of Poverty
The money spent on the war on poverty can mask the symptoms but does not cure the underlying cause of poverty.
Drilling in ANWR Is Not an Inherently Bad Idea
Protecting nature for nature's sake isn't a particularly compelling argument.
There Is No Such Thing as Poverty in Hong Kong
If we make the economy itself rich then everyone in that economy will also become, by global standards, rich.
This Explains Man's Fatal Attraction to Communism
Marxism has appeal because it is consistent with our primitive beliefs about economics.
School Kids Need Recess Not 'Wiggle Chairs'
Kids can’t sit in school all day long without a meaningful break because they aren’t supposed to.
Why TV Talent Shows Don't Produce Talent That Lasts
Sure, winning American Idol might jump start a career, but that career rarely lasts.