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Updated 2018-08-16 21:16
Changing Business Models with IoT
By Jonathan Wilkins, EU AutomationAn organization’s business model sets out how it will create and deliver value.Over the years, such models have increased in sophistication depending on advances in technology. Emerging, innovative technology can change existing business models or create new ones altogether.
Thorlabs announces MEMS‐VCSEL Swept‐Wavelength Laser Sources
Based on a patented microelectromechanical system (MEMS) tunable vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL), these light sources include an active power control that maintains constant output power over the lifetime of the laser.
ABB introduces IRB 14050 single-arm YuMi collaborative robot
Weighing less than 10kg, and capable of being mounted from a ceiling, table and wall, this addition to the YuMi family offers increased flexibility to help meet high-mix, low volume production in short cycles.
Novotek announces Future of Automation event in The Netherlands
Novotek’s future of automation event, on October 11, 2018, will cover a range of subjects related to the industry, encompassing everything from manufacturing intelligence and data visualisation to securing industrial processes and the role of machine learning in industrial plant management and maintenance.
NORD releases NSD TUPH surface conversion system
NORD’s NSD TUPH surface conversion system is designed for many food and beverage industry applications, where drive technology is exposed to extreme ambient conditions and highly corrosive environments.
Smarter Tech and Safer Food: How is smart technology improving food safety?
By Robert Glass, Food & Beverage, ABBFood safety has been one of the top priorities for food manufacturers and consumers for many years. This article explains how smart technologies are helping manufacturers exceed food safety standards.
Saki Corporation introduces Saki Self-Programming Software for automated optical inspection (AOI) equipment
Saki Self-Programming is a system that doesn't require DFM software. It combines technology that captures complete height and XY data and images while simultaneously scanning multiple fields of view.
EXAIR releases Soft Grip Super Air Scraper
This product is intended for the removal of caulk, sealant, adhesives, tape, paint, stickers, labels, grease, lubricant and difficult to sweep metal chips, flakes or discs.
EXAIR releases Soft Grip Super Air Scrape
This product is intended for the removal of caulk, sealant, adhesives, tape, paint, stickers, labels, grease, lubricant and difficult to sweep metal chips, flakes or discs.
AutomationDirect announces Socomec DIRIS A power meters
With a backlit screen, these power meters display key power system values, and direct access keys (four to six depending on the model) are used to access functions required for energy efficiency projects and electrical distribution monitoring.
2018 Process Control and Safety Symposium and Exhibition (PCS)
The 2018 Process Control & Safety Symposium and Exhibition (PCS) returns to Houston, TX. Sponsored by the Process Measurement and Control, Safety and Security, Chemical and Petroleum, Communications, Education, Pulp and Paper, and Management Divisions of ISA and the ISA Houston Section who are teaming up to bring another world-class program, exhibit, and networking event this November.
WELTEC Group to modernize 2.2-MW Biogas Plant in North Germany
The original plant had been set up in 2009 and expanded in 2014. The operator‘s concept was based on the digestion of horse manure and sale of the digestate as fertilizer pellets. However, as the concept turned out to be technically difficult and economically unfeasible, the plant went bankrupt.
Larson Electronics announces HAL-CMR-IP-POE-PTZ-20MP hazardous location camera
The HAL-CMR-IP-POE-PTZ-20MP produces 1080p full-HD high resolution images day and night, for both indoor and outdoor applications. This explosion proof camera is capable of capturing images 1920 x 1080 resolutions.
Process Sensors Corporation introduces PSC-PMB-SOLO non-contact infrared temperature sensors
Analog and relay outputs are available via separate DIN rail mounted modules with use of an optional PSC-PM180 touch screen display. Configurable parameters include emissivity settings, response time and averaging via a PLC or optional touch screen display.
ASM introduces posirot PMIS4/PMIR7 incremental encoder solution
The measuring system posirot PMIS4/PMIR7 consists of a sensor head PMIS4 and a magnetic ring PMIR7 with magnetic index marking. The sensor head is made of metal and is fully enclosed on all sides.
KASTO introduces KASTOmiwin range of double mitre bandsaw
Initially available as the semiautomatic KASTOmiwin U 4.6 and the automatic A 4.6 version, it is designed particularly for cut-to-size pieces in the steel industry, the iron and steel trade, plant construction and special machine building.
Miki-Pulley announces BXR-LE series of electric spring applied brakes
With accompanying voltage controller, the brake’s power consumption is stepped down to 7VDC after a split second of 24VDC for brake actuation.
exida introduces ISA-18.2 / IEC 62682 Alarm Management certificate program
The AMP program will be offered in conjunction with the exida Academy Training course ALM 101: Introduction to Alarm Management Practices & Principles, which is offered generically or for specific control systems.
AutomationDirect introduces Socomec SIRCOVER UL 1008 rated manual transfer switches
SIRCOVER manual transfer switches have three stable, completely isolated positions and feature 2, 3 and 4-pole configurations; 100A, 260A and 400A ratings, with 240VAC and 600VAC max operation voltage (AC) ratings.
ISA@Montreal 2018
The Symposium, 15-17 October 2018, will bring together an array of automation industry professionals from various disciplines to present on best practices, emerging technologies, developments, and applications.
Sterling Systems & Controls announces Automated Bulk Bag Filling solution
This automation and process control system includes a Motor Starter Process Control Panel. Included in this control panel is an Allen Bradley PLC with discrete and analog outputs, an Allen Bradley Panel View Plus 10” color touchscreen, and custom automation software to meet the application requirements.
Emerson introduces HART 7 position transmitter for TopWorx D-Series switchbox
The HART 7 position transmitter’s LCD display and navigation buttons permit local 5-point calibration for setup on linear applications. Diagnostic capabilities include measurements such as percent valve is open/closed, open and close dwell time, valve transition time – from open to close, and last open/close stroke time.
Electromate releases GAM GPL-V (shaft) and GPL-H (hollow) planetary gearboxes
The GPL-V (shaft) and GPL-H (hollow) have a backlash of ≤0.1 arc minute and are planetary gearboxes for horizontal and vertical robotic applications. Tilting rigidity results in positioning accuracy with a rated 20,000 hours.
Gartner releases 2018 Magic Quadrant for Integrated Risk Management
The recently published Gartner Magic Quadrant evaluates multiple integrated risk management solution providers who serve the needs of security and risk management leaders across a spectrum of use cases.
Bentley Systems announces finalists in the Year in Infrastructure 2018 awards program
Twelve independent jury panels of distinguished industry experts selected the 57 finalists from 420 nominations submitted by more than 340 user organizations around the world.
E-T-A Circuit Breakers releases REX12D-T Electronic Protection System
The REX12D-T circuit protector, in combination with the EM12D-TMB supply module that communicates via Modbus-RTU protocol, is intended for those looking to incorporate condition monitoring and predictive maintenance into their systems.
What Design Engineers Need to Know About Voice Coil Actuator Technology
By James McNamara, Sensata TechnologiesOriginally developed for audio speakers, voice coil actuation technology is now being used to provide precise and reliable motion control for a wide range of medical, industrial process and space applications.
Fluke introduces 3561 FC Vibration Sensor
With a frequency range of 10 to 1,000 hertz, the 3561 FC detects and notifies users of conditional changes caused by critical faults like imbalance, misalignment, looseness and bearing wear, providing warning of impending equipment failure.
7 Switch Myths Busted
By John Sestito, United Electric ControlsSeven common myths surrounding switches are analyzed in this paper in conjunction with new high-tech electronic switch designs that are proven to solve historically problematic implementation in the industrial process industries, from the plant to OEM manufacturers.
Siemens helps PAR Systems enhance crane operation safety
This solution, EXPERTOPERATOR, was developed by PaR Systems (PaR). PaR is a global manufacturer of advanced automation, robotic, and specialty material handling solutions. PaR supports global customers in automotive, aerospace, nuclear, life science, marine and other core industries.
Balluff introduces BOS 21M ADCAP photoelectric sensor
The all-rounder uses red light and lets users choose from among four sensor modes: background suppression, energetic diffuse, retroreflective or through-beam sensor. All the sensor functions can be configured over IO-Link while the system is running, so that a remote teach-in can be initiated by the controller.
Honeywell Process Solutions announces partnership with aeSolutions for process safety integration
This integration pairs the HAZOP/LOPA, SRS, and SIL Verification requirements from aeShield with Honeywell’s Safety Builder, Process Safety Analyzer, and Trace into a Process Safety Suite.
HARTING announces three MICA IIoT starter kits
The first is the HARTING MICA CISS Complete IIoT Starter Kit for a basic condition-monitoring application. The HARTING MICA RF-R300 Complete RFID Starter Kit contains everything needed for a basic RFID asset tracking application. The third kit is the HARTING MICA Basic Ethernet Starter Kit.
Schneider Electric releases EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS Control Software 7.1
The EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS is an open, interoperable and future-proof process automation system that is designed to provide control over a manufacturing plant’s operational profitability.
EdgeTech Instruments introduces AcuDew two wire, loop powered aluminum oxide moisture transmitter
The AcuDew is available with several optional display modules. It has a loop powered, local, plug-in dew/frost point module, the AD-LPD. This module plugs into the cable connector of the AcuDew for a truly local display.
Telchemy releases Embiot embedded analytics application for IoT devices
Telchemy has field experience in Edge Analytics with an installed base in excess of 300 million agents that provide analytics for real time services.
PCB Piezotronics releases USB digital accelerometer
Model 633A01 is a piezoelectric accelerometer with integrated internal digital data processing for USB plug-and-play capability as well as data collection and sharing
Larson Electronics releases IND-AT-120.277-4CT-SPDT-4KE-N3R industrial astronomic timer
This timer features astronomic programming which allows sunset/On and sunrise/Off configurations. Also included with this unit are adjustable pulse features for contractor and bell ringing applications.
TRACO POWER introduces TEL10WI series of 10 watt DC/DC converters
hese DC/DC converters are enclosed in a 6-sided shielded metal case with an insulated base plate, an internal filter to meet EN 55032 class A conducted emissions or class B with external components and short circuit / overload protection circuits.
Festo announces opening of Silicon Valley Festo Experience Center
The 5,000 square-foot Festo Experience Center, Santa Clara, features a demonstration hall where augmented reality devices allow visitors to virtually experience manufacturing and processing systems utilized in such industries as semiconductors and electronics, solar and flat panel, assembly and test, medical technology, laboratory automation, food & packaging and process automation.
Bronkhurst releases EL-FLOW Prestige mass flow controller with on-board pressure sensor
The Multi Gas / Multi Range functionality of the EL-FLOW Prestige enables the user to select any of the installed gases and to adjust the measuring range within the boundaries of the device.
Nordson ASYMTEK announces series of Conformal Coating seminars in China
The Conformal Coating Solutions Seminar is geared to those in the automotive manufacturing supply chain, as conformal coating plays a part in manufacturing for the growing electric car, autonomous and assisted driving, and connectivity markets.
Eaton releases Bussmann series Compact Circuit Protector (CCP)
The Bussmann series Compact Circuit Protector (CCP) is a fused disconnect that features through-the-door operation and a multi-wire lug kit for application versatility while continuing to provide up to a 200 kA short-circuit current rating (SCCR), for industrial control panels, machinery and HVAC applications.
Yxlon introduces YXLON CTScan 3 line detector
Production is now machine-supported with the CTScan 3, resulting in crystal uniformity. Due to the range and signal stability, material thicknesses can be tested with the same X-ray energy. The solid housing is particularly resistant to temperature fluctuations, for cooling of the electronics.
D3 Engineering introduces DesignCore D3RCM camera modules
Industrial vision applications include unattended surveillance systems, process automation, and machine vision.
Rockwell Automation announces addition of 5 members to Machine Safety System Integrator program
To be eligible for the Machine Safety System Integrator program, candidates must be current Solution Partners or Recognized System Integrators in the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork program with three to five years of machine safety experience.
Electro-Chemical Devices announces S80-T80 Cyanide Analyzer Monitoring System
This ECD CN Analyzer solution helps plants achieve a cyanide removal water treatment system, which ensures wastewater is treated to meet U.S. EPA regulatory requirements prior to effluent discharge.
Future Design Controls introduces MCT4 ¼ DIN multi-loop controller
The MCT4 will provide control for applications in various markets including semiconductor, automotive, heat treating, packaging, food & beverage, chemical, HVAC, laboratory, etc. where control, monitoring and/or data logging is required.
LPWAN as the New Sensor Communication Infrastructure for IIOT
By Albert Behr, Behr Technologies Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) will soon become the standard IIoT communications infrastructure covering the entire industrial facility and supporting a multitude of uses cases, from simple temperature monitoring in the manufacturing plant to condition monitoring, energy consumption tracking, and worker safety.
Kyntronics introduces SMART hydraulic actuator
Kyntronics SHA is fully engineered as a standard modular product. The system can be oriented in any position..This solution is powered by a servo motor that drives a hydraulic pump which generates pressure to act on a cylinder to provide mechanical actuation force.