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Updated 2018-02-25 10:00
Rockwell Automation releases FactoryTalk View software version 10.0
New features in the FactoryTalk View software version 10.0 include efforts to improve access to information, mobile device support and cross-software integration.
Schneider Electric helps YESCO install IIoT-enabled SCADA solution
YESCO implemented Schneider Electric’s System Platform as a SCADA solution to gain better access to data that was often not readily available to improve performance.
HIMA talks functional safety concepts at ARC Industry Forum
At the ARC Industry Forum which was held in Orlando, Florida, from February 12 – 15, HIMA presented its comprehensive functional safety concept which offers security by expanding the scope from the safety instrumented system to its security-relevant environment.
L-com introduces series of PoE+ supported Ethernet patch panels
L-com’s PoE+ Ethernet patch panels were designed to handle PoE+ electrical loads while maintaining power and data transmission output. The PoE+ compliance of these patch panels is in accordance with IEEE 802.3 and IEC 60512-99-001 for mating and un-mating under electrical load.
KEB America releases Safety PLC, Safe I/O modules, and Safety PLC programming software
Safety PLC, Safe I/O modules, and Safety PLC programming software are now available as part of a full system solution designed by KEB. All of the new safety products are TÜV Rheinland certified to IEC 61508 SIL3 and EN/ISO 13849-1 PL e.
LEC and Red Lion help North Dakota company enhance remote monitoring and control in fracking industry
With the recent release of their H2Know solution, Magnus is monitoring and controlling the supply of water to the fracking operations of key oil company clients across the U.S.
ABB announces Todd Gilliam as US segment leader for food and beverage operations
In his new role at ABB, Gilliam will lead a team that represents all of ABB’s current business units. The team will take responsibility for educating and informing food manufacturers on the impact digitalization is having on the industry
Aerotech introduces ATX series of linear positioning stages
The ATX series is designed for many high-precision tasks such as vertical positioning of sensors and cameras, optics focusing, and beamline measurement and manipulation applications.
FLOWCAL introduces FLOWCAL Enterprise Version 10.0
With Version 10, FLOWCAL is beginning the transition to a more modern interface and development platform, while still maintaining the features used to automate and streamline measurement operations.
ABB and CADENAS partner to enhance ABB's flip catalog for the SNK series terminal blocks
The customers and interested parties can browse through all available terminal blocks and can also access intelligent, technical product information such as 3D CAD models, PDF data sheets, product videos or other websites with a click
OPC Foundation allies with FieldComm Group to advance process automation system multi-vendor interoperability
A joint working group between OPC Foundation and FieldComm Group, tasked with developing a protocol independent companion specification for process automation devices, was formed in late 2017.
Asahi/America introduces SP 110-S V3 IR welder
The V3 combines IR welding technology with enhancements, and new features. The V3’s planer and heating element retract to provide a clear view of the weld and 360-degree access to the weld area.
AutomationDirect introduces 54 new STEGO products
New products include hose-proof hoods for filter fans, hazardous area heaters, thermostats/hygrostats/hygrotherms, and a line of Ecoline LED lights.
Honeywell announces Connected Worker safety solution
This Connected Worker solution uses Honeywell’s high frequency radio identification (RFID) tags that can be attached to any safety equipment and are designed to withstand the tough conditions characteristic of many commercial work sites.
Endress+Hauser announces Memosens COS81D hygienic optical sensor
The Memosens COS81D measures dissolved oxygen, gaseous oxygen and temperature with accuracy up to ±0.2%. It works in process temperatures from 15 to 280 °F and pressures from 0 to190 psi.
ABB to help Polish company enhance management of national power network
This is the first installation in Continental Europe to provide a detailed network model which will support the safe operation of PSE’s national power network and its interface within the European energy market. The initiative is part of Poland’s efforts to upgrade and modernize the country’s grid.
Digitalization: The Future is Now
By Ramona Schindler, Siemens Industry, Inc.With the machine tool industry in flux currently, as it seeks to find its way into the digital world, the entire process chain necessitates the integration of suppliers who can respond to the needs of the industry.
EXAIR introduces VariBlast Compact Safety Air Guns
This air gun has two ¼ NPT air inlets and a storage hanger for convenience. Air consumption of the VariBlast Compact air gun is 10-17.5 SCFM, depending on the nozzle installed.
ABB to help German power company to upgrade power substation
ABB has won an order worth around $45 million from German transmission system operator TransnetBW to upgrade a substation in Philippsburg, in the southwest German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.
Opto 22 announces groov EPIC edge programmable industrial controller
The groov EPIC system combines I/O, control, data processing, and visualization into one secure, maintainable, edge-of-network industrial system. groov EPIC is designed to let engineers and developers focus on delivering value, not on triaging loosely connected components.
Honeywell introduces Connected Plant Skills Insight Personal Gas Safety solution
Honeywell Connected Plant Skills Insight Personal Gas Safety is designed to help protect lives and enable faster response in case of hazardous leaks or worker injury.
The Distributed Process Control System of the Future? Inside ExxonMobil’s Patent Application
By Bill Lydon, Editor, Automation.comThe interoperability of process control systems has been a largely philosophical debate, up until this point, but tangible examples of interoperabilty may soon be on their way
SignalFire Wireless Telemetry introduces TiltSCOUT wireless inclinometer
The built-in, three-axis sensor continually monitors the hatch and wirelessly transmits status if the tank hatch is moved. This feedback can help operators avoid or minimize environmental and unsafe gas emissions from a tank.
COPA-DATA helps Slovenian energy utility company enable remote monitoring capabilities
The plant control system refurbishment with zenon resulted in an operational cost reduction of 30 per cent and a 15 per cent production increase through the elimination of downtime and sub-optimal operation.
Maxim Integrated Products introduces MAX12900 4–20mA sensor transmitter
The MAX12900 4–20mA sensor transmitter is designed for applications which include industrial automation and process control, loop-powered 4–20mA current transmitters, remote instrumentation, and smart sensors.
Inductive Automation announces launch of Ignition Onboard program
The program includes Ignition Onboard and Ignition Edge Onboard. Ignition by Inductive Automation is an industrial application platform with tools for building solutions in human-machine interface (HMI), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
Beckhoff releases EL3783 EtherCAT Terminal for power monitoring
Three-phase AC voltage systems up to 690 V can be analyzed simultaneously on six channels and with 20 ksamples/s directly in the PLC. For each of the three phases, the EL3783 EtherCAT Terminal from Beckhoff samples voltages up to 400/690 Vrms and currents up to one or five Arms as instantaneous values with 16-bit resolution.
Emerson announces Plantweb Insight applications with Pervasive Sensing
Pervasive Sensing uses the power of sensing technologies to provide continuous, real-time data that power Plantweb Insight applications to support customers’ operational programs in key performance areas such as safety, production, and energy and emissions management.
CAMI Research releases 64-pin Header Isolator for its CableEye cable and wire harness test systems
Recommended when there is a need for repeat connection and disconnection of test fixture cables, it is designed to allow users to minimize bent pins and wear of the headers on the main unit, expansion modules, and free-standing QuickMount housings.
ABB to help enable first digital substation in Latin America
When fully operational, these projects are intended to produce enough clean energy to power more than 350,000 households, reducing CO2 emissions from conventional generation by more than 1.5 million tons.
Honeywell introduces Honeywell Connected Plant Asset Performance Insight
Honeywell designed the Asset Performance Insight solution to be deployed to customers through pre-configured templates. These templates are based on the company’s industry experience and real-world customer challenges enhanced with advanced analytics.
Falkonry to help Invasystems enhance machine learning at Texas facility
As part of their agreement, Invasystems will adopt the Falkonry LRS machine learning system and empower well operation engineers to predict equipment and system failures. This is designed to help oil and gas operators reduce downtime and increase production by detecting patterns and conditions in existing operations data.
Olympus announces GX53 microscope
Designed for the observation and inspection of metal components, the Olympus GX53 inverted metallurgical microscope features an LED light source. The GX53 microscope also incorporates the latest version of OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software (v. 2.3) for observation and reporting capabilities.
Bedrock releases Bedrock SCADA Security Platform Specification for OPC UA
By following the simple procedures outlined in the Bedrock SCADA Security Platform Specification, developers can upgrade any OPC UA compliant client into a secure OPC UA channel, across which users can exchange data between plant floor operations and SCADA applications.
Siemens announces partnership with Perceptive Engineering to enhance control in pharmaceutical manufacturing
Siemens AG and Perceptive Engineering Ltd announced a partnership which offers Perceptive’s PharmaMV and Siemens Simatic Sipat software products closely integrated to provide a solution for advanced control and optimization applications in both continuous and batch pharmaceutical manufacturing.
Cyber Security - Getting in Focus with Nozomi Networks
By Bill Lydon, Editor, Automation.comIn the race for industrial profits, it’s not uncommon for organizations to run legacy equipment as long as they can, and avoid costly replacements and rewirings. While this can be a viable strategy in many areas, when it comes to industrial control network cyber security, it can be a deadly vulnerability for today’s organizations
Process Sensors Corporation introduces PSC-SSS-PM series of non-contact infrared temperature sensors
The sensors feature 4 to 20 mA or RS-485 Modbus outputs, depending on the model selected. Up to 247 sensors may be installed on each Modbus network. The PSC-SSS-PM Series sensors are designed to simplify set up for alarm relays and adjustments.
Red Lion Controls announces firmware 4.28 upgrade for RAM industrial routers and cellular RTUs
The upgrade features connectivity to Ignition by Inductive Automation, an industrial application platform for SCADA and IIoT solutions, via the industry-standard Sparkplug MQTT profile, as well as enhancements to RAMQTT, Red Lion’s MQTT client.
Leuze introduces MLC 530 SPG light curtains for muting applications
The MLC 530 SPG (“Smart Process Gating”) light curtains, use a control signal provided by the PLC and the interruption of the protective field itself for bridging to the material transport.
NGK announces Mark Boyle as General Manager of Product
At NGK, Boyle will manage the product, catalog and pricing team to further catalog and content efforts for the NGK ignition, NTK sensor and Wells Vehicle Electronics product lines.
SPECTRO partners with Bernd Kraft to enhance spectrometer offerings
The starter kit is a complement to SPECTRO’s spectrometers and will be provided by Bernd Kraft. By using these certified multielement standards, customers can be certain that their analysis devices are optimally adjusted from the start – a prerequisite for correct analysis results.
ATI introduces U1-050 Universal Compliance Compensator
The U1-050 UCC complies in many directions to overcome misalignment between the tool and the workpiece. The patented mechanism is designed for demanding high-endurance applications and offers simultaneous X-Y lateral compliance, X-Y-Z axis rotation, and Z compression.
Fox Thermal Instruments introduces Fox Model FT4X Thermal Mass Flow Meter
The FT4X was designed to be used in Oil & Gas and Industrial applications. It is suitable for applications monitoring pure gases, mixed gases, and even complex flare gas compositions.
Teracom releases TCW210-TH data loggers
Each TCW210-TH can monitor up to 8 temperature and/or temperature-humidity sensors of various brands and types (up to 24 different parameters each) via either 1-Wire interface and/or the more robust MODBUS RTU over RS485.
Endress+Hauser announces Heartbeat Technology for Liquiline CM44 and CM44R transmitters
Heartbeat Diagnostics’ continuous analysis of transmitter/sensor system health status during operation enables recognition of related events when they occur.
Training: PID Controller Tuning & Advanced Process Control Techniques
In this class you'll learn how to tune a PID controller, for tighter control, improved product quality, and reduced scrap. You'll also learn advanced process control techniques, such as multi-layer cascades, override control, gain scheduling, feedforward compensation, design, and tuning. Optional third day of training shows you how to work with critical boiler control loops and control methods.
Bill’s Top 10 Automation & Control Trends for 2018 - A Year of Technology Driven Change
By Bill Lydon, Editor, Automation.comThe digitalization of manufacturing is starting to come into focus in 2018. After another busy year talking to users, suppliers and industry consultants, and attending over 20 industry conferences and related events, I have another year’s worth of informed insights to share on the latest trends that will shape automation in 2018.
ISA announces 2018 Leak Detection and Repair/Fugitive Emissions (LDAR) Symposium
Designed exclusively to meet the needs of LDAR and air compliance professionals, the three-day event, to be held 5-8 March 2018 in Galveston, Texas, features a technical program and lineup of expert speakers as well as ISA-led training, a vendor exhibition and networking activities.
Yokogawa introduces Enterprise Pipeline Management Solution (EPMS) R1.03
Developed for deployment at the heart of the pipeline operations management environment, the EPMS supplements a core SCADA platform with specific gas and liquid applications that enable a pipeline operator to manage delivery contracts and associated logistics.
The Perfect Analogy for Electrical Safety Principles
By Philip Allen, Grace Engineered Products Driving to work last week, deep in thought, pondering the many reasons companies use Permanent Electrical Safety Devices (PESDs) in their electrical safety programs I finally stumbled across a perfect analogy for electrical safety principles.