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Updated 2017-12-11 04:00
SyTech announces strategic partnership with Tatsoft
With XLReporter’s custom connectors to FactoryStudio and point-and-click configuration, Users create informative drill-down, summary, utilization and regulatory reports from real-time, historical and alarm data. Completed reports are distributed via web pages, networked printers, PDF files and email.
Honeywell announces Honeywell Connected Plant Thermal IQ remote monitoring system
Thermal IQ is a remote monitoring solution for industrial and commercial thermal applications. It connects combustion equipment to the cloud, making critical thermal process data available in real time on any smart device.
Beckhoff introduces AMP8000 distributed servo drive system
The AMP8000 integrates a servo drive directly into a servomotor. By relocating the power electronics directly into the machine, a control cabinet needs to house a single coupling module in order to supply power to multiple servo drives with a single cable via the distribution module.
DCiii introduces Mirador chemical injection control and diagnostic module
Operating on an open-based platform with Modbus RTU communication protocol, the Mirador integrates with sensors, communications, and software to provide full operational visibility, tracking, control, and analysis over chemical injection processes from a remote control station.
Autonomous Solutions partners with Enaex to develop semi-autonomous blasting functionality
Enaex announced the joint robotic effort at a recent event highlighting Mine-iTruck, a “mobile manufacturing unit,” using teleoperation and autonomous features that operate the vehicle autonomously inside an open pit mine
Alicat announces EtherCAT option for Alicat mass flow and pressure instruments
EtherCAT joins Alicat’s offering of industrial automation protocol options, which also includes Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus-RTU, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet and PROFIBUS communication options to fit new or existing systems.
Fluke introduces Fluke 3560 FC vibration sensor
The Fluke 3560 FC Vibration Sensor wirelessly and remotely captures simple vibration screening data on imbalance and misalignment. Remote vibration monitoring allows maintenance managers to monitor asset health and reduce the reliance on vibration specialists.
Rotork helps Kansas water treatment facility enhance electric valve actuators
In the gravity filter plant, 18 butterfly valves are situated in an area beneath a walkway which made it difficult to access and operate the old actuators. With the Rotork actuators, the installation of Remote Hand Stations (RHS) has now eliminated this problem.
2017 Ignition Conference – Expanding Ecosystem & Edge IoT Drive Enthusiasm
By Bill Lydon, Editor, Automation.comThe convergence of IT and OT, to create more effective operations throughout the company, was evident throughout the conference presentations and discussions, and this reflects many of the recent trends in the manufacturing industry.
FCI introduces updated versions of FLT93S and FLT93F switches
Applications include wet/dry detection, sump level detection, high/low level alarm and control, interface control in separation vessels, foam and sediment interface control, and agitation detection.
Rockwell Automation announces four additions to Machine Safety System Integrator program
Created in 2014, the program helps industrial companies identify safety system integrators with current safety standards expertise, a proven track record in building safety systems, and knowledge of contemporary safety technologies.
Emerson releases Ovation OCC100 controller
The Ovation OCC100 controller extends Emerson’s Ovation control technology by managing the flow of energy from various sources to ensure continuous generation for these emerging industries. This scalable technology is also well-suited to critical water and wastewater applications.
HARTING introduces HCME series of current sensors
With HCME, HARTING has developed a series of devices that work according to the principle of direct imaging - open loop - and use rectangular cores.
Fluke announces Metrology Problem Solver Challenge
Fluke Calibration announced the Metrology Problem Solver Challenge, a way for technicians to share their stories on how they used Fluke Calibration products to solve complex problems.
Micro-Epsilon introduces capaNCDT DTV capacitive displacement measurement system
The capaNCDT DTV capacitive displacement measurement system measures the thickness of brake discs from both sides, enabling the exact determination of the so-called Disc Thickness Variation.
FANUC announces SR-3iA and SR-6iA SCARA robots
FANUC’s SCARA robots feature operation for pick and place, assembly, testing/inspection and packaging processes in a range of industries including consumer electronics, auto component, plastics, food and beverage, lab automation, appliances and medical device manufacturing.
Industrial Automation Group earns designation as Inductive Automation Premier Integrator
Inductive Automation looks forward to working more closely with IAG, which is becoming a more active member of the Ignition community.
METTLER TOLEDO releases guides for food manufacturing productivity & compliance
METTLER TOLEDO’s new food guides are designed to help manufacturers improve their understanding of food-safety standards and introduce them to processing equipment and solutions that can help operations become more efficient:
Control Station announces Fall 2017 release of PlantESP
With its release the company augments PlantESP’s ability to support the diagnostic and optimization needs of single site, multi-site and enterprise process manufacturers on a global basis.
A Beginner’s PLC Overview, Part 1 of 4: Introduction to PLCs
By Stephen Gates, MyPLCtraining.comIf you are interested in learning about PLCs and/or PACs, but you are not sure where to start, then this Beginner’s PLC Overview blog series has been written for you!
ABB and Werum partner to create 'Shop Floor Integration for Life Sciences' software solution for Pharma 4.0
GE Healthcare is among one of the first customers that will implement this Plug & Produce solution. The “Shop Floor Integration for Life Sciences” module is a new addition to the ABB Ability Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) offering.
Lighthouse Systems helps SunPower integrate MES and automation in Mexican facility
The manufacturing system - combining smart equipment, improved processes, plant automation and MES software - delivered on traceability and compliance requirements as well as on efficiencies.
PCVue announces patent for PcVue HMI/SCADA solutions in location-based applications
This offering was designed for location-based control of equipment and facility resources. It is particularly suited for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) including Building Management Systems (BMS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquistion (SCADA) and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) as described by U.S. Patent No. 9,819,509.
Wavelength introduces TC15 LAB temperature controller
The digital controller is designed for thermoelectrics and resistive heaters where tight temperature stability is required. Stability better than 0.0009°C can be achieved with thermistors.
Baumer announces LBFH and LBFI level switches with IO-Link and ATEX approval
The IO-Link interface allows the user to automate the configuration of sensors. The inclusion of ATEX also enables the use of commercially available barriers. The sensors are suitable for hygienic and industrial applications.
Silicon Designs releases Model 1525 series of commercial and inertial-grade MEMS capacitive accelerometers
The 1525 Series features +5 VDC, 5 mA operation, in-run bias stability, and zero cross-coupling. Five full-scale ranges, of ±2 g, ±5 g, ±10 g, ±25 g, and ±50 g, are currently in production.
Phoenix Contact releases MINI MCR-2-UI-I-OLP, MINI MCR-2-I-I-ILP, and MINI MCR-2-2I-2I-ILP isolators
The input loop-powered variants include the single-channel MINI MCR-2-I-I-ILP and two-channel MINI MCR-2-2I-2I-ILP, all powered via the field-side device. Input signal to output signal is a 1:1 ratio with no conversion possible or calibration necessary.
ISA and Honeywell to co-host Nov. 21 webinar on integrated DCS solutions
The webinar, which will be held from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., EST on Nov. 21, will feature two subject matter experts: Eric Cosman, Co-Chair of the ISA99 Committee, and Shivendra Mishra, Global Product Marketing Manager at Honeywell Process Solutions.
Endress + Hauser announces TrustSens self-calibrating RTD temperature sensor
TrustSens is designed to eliminate the risk of an undetected calibration drift and the risk of bad batches. It also reduces the need for frequent calibrations by verifying the sensor is working as designed in between manual calibration cycles.
Rockwell Automation announces winners of 5th Manufacturing Safety Excellence awards
Rockwell Automation has announced automotive manufacturer Honda of Canada Manufacturing and U.K.-based equipment builder A.M.P Rose as the winners of its fifth annual Manufacturing Safety Excellence Awards.
SignalFire announces product partnership with 5 automation and instrumentation companies
These automation and instrumentation solution providers will increase responsiveness to channel end users by offering local application engineering and product availability. The companies include Eastern Controls, Andrews Industrial, ControValve, CB Engineering and BBP.
BP partners with AspenTech to enhance process operations
This global strategic enterprise agreement allows BP to leverage the full range of AspenTech’s solutions, including Aspen PIMS-AO for refinery planning, Aspen Advanced Process Control (APC) solutions and Aspen HYSYS solutions for engineering and optimization.
Kamstrup helps Iranian company enhance intelligent water meter solutions
In connection to Kamstrup’s visit in Iran, the company signed both a partner contract and an agreement of two pilot projects with the local Iranian company Iran Ensheab Co. The projects include intelligent water meters and remote reading system.
Rockwell Automation announces enhancements for PlantPAx distributed control system
The next PlantPAx DCS release is designed to help users reduce unplanned downtime and improve system availability. This includes support for Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP), an industry standard for redundant Ethernet, enabling more secure controller and I/O communications.
BP Oman earns Advancements in Asset Performance Award from Bentley
The Khazzan Project in Oman is one of BP’s seven major projects in 2017, and started its production in September 2017. BP Oman was selected as a finalist from more than 400 nominations of projects around the world, and as the winner out of the three finalists in its category.
The Future of Process System Architectures – Insights from 2017 Foxboro User Group
By Bill Lydon, Editor, Automation.comA common topic of debate revolves around how process system architectures will be shaped in the future. One architectural vision would enable a shift of focus from process efficiency control to business performance control, with increasing levels of monitoring and control.
ABB announces release of ZX2 AirPlus in China
ZX2 AirPlus, released earlier this year in Europe, with IEC ratings up to 36 kV is now also available in Chinese GB ratings up to 40.5 kV rated voltage and 2,000 A rated current. It is designed for primary power distribution to ensure grid reliability, efficiency and safety.
True Innovation and the Advantages of Experience
By Graham McGregor, Siemens IndustryAll the flashy bells and whistles in the world can’t make up for knowledge gained through experience. And in the world of industrial automation, nowhere is this more applicable than in the battle for the world’s best level measurement technologies.
Rockwell Automation releases Well Manager integration solution
The Well Manager solution is delivered pre-engineered to speed integration of a multi-well pad. It is scalable and can support up to 32 wells in one location with flow management, artificial lift control, and site-wide data visibility.
Weidmuller introduces portfolio of selected energy monitoring components
The product portfolio includes the Energy Logger D550, Energy Analysers Series and the Energy Meters Series, all integrated with Weidmuller’s ecoExplorer software for visualization, analysis, and remote access and operation.
ISA announces creation of Richard E. "Dick" Morley Innovation Scholarship
The scholarship fund will be funded by ISA with a $50,000 endowment. ISA has also pledged to match the next $50,000 of donations. Morley was an engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, consultant and author who contributed to a range of high-technology advancements over more than four decades.
NuTec Tooling announces 2017 Industrial Automation Impact Survey
The survey is intended for managers and operators to benchmark the extent to which automation has influenced production, purchasing habits, cost controls, and future strategies.
TASI Group announces acquisition of Sciemetric Instruments
The terms of the deal between the two privately owned companies were not disclosed. Sciemetric will continue to operate as an independent Canadian corporation.
Endress + Hauser announces acquisition of Blue Ocean Nova
The Group has acquired Blue Ocean Nova AG, a manufacturer of innovative inline spectrometers for monitoring quality-relevant process parameters. The company’s 15 employees located in Aalen, Germany will be retained.
Paul Wurth Group turns to Prediktor's Apis Software to enhance data management
The overall objective of the delivery is to provide Paul Wurth with an advanced real-time data management and historian solution based on Apis.
Ocean Data Systems releases Dream Report version 4.81
Dream Report version 4.81, technically a maintenance release, is available to all 4.8 customers. Along with an array of Customer Software Change Requests (SCRs), this release delivers on a theme of Productivity.
Servomex introduces SERVOPRO MultiExact 4100
The MultiExact 4100 utilizes Servomex’s range of digital sensor technologies to offer selective measurements for a range of gases including oxygen, nitrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, argon and helium.
Mencom Corporation introduces Low-Profile Housings for Panel Interface Connectors
Mencom's Low Profile enclosures for Panel Interface Connectors (PIC). The PIC, also known as programming ports or programming interfaces, provides the ability to communicate with a device inside a cabinet without opening the cabinet door.
The Push for Industrial Cyber Security Standards- A Look at Underwriters Laboratory’s Efforts
By Bill Lydon, Editor, Automation.comWhile industrial automation suppliers can claim products are cybersecure it is hard to prove. Standards and certification, like electrical and safety device requirements, today for cybersecurity are one such way for companies to illustrate that proof.
Pas Global announces RSA interoperability certification for PAS Cyber Integrity
RSA has certified PAS Cyber Integrity as interoperable with RSA NetWitness Suite. Industrial process companies that have RSA NetWitness can access security intelligence for both corporate and process control networks (PCNs) via a single application.