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Updated 2017-08-19 01:30
Seeq announces release of Seeq R18 software
R18 adds new features, additional flexibility in the way items are displayed in Seeq’s advanced trending interface, and a new Organizer feature to assemble the results of investigations and analytics on time series data into dynamic documents for reports and dashboards
Servomex releases SERVOPRO SO2 sulfur dioxide analyzer
Servomex announced the SERVOPRO SO2, an analyzer that uses pulsed Ultraviolet (UV) Fluorescence technology to deliver a continuous measurement of sulfur dioxide in emissions and ambient air.
Emerson releases PolyOil JAR Handling Clamp
The PolyOil JAR Handling Clamp acts a safety device to prevent the jar from cocking and firing. Applications for the new JAR Handling Clamp include drilling, drill stem testing (DST) jars, coil tubing and wireline applications.
Schneider Electric helps JFE Engineering enhance process design workflow
As an existing SimSci user, JFE Engineering chose to upgrade to SimCentral to take advantage of its unified platform-based solution, which is expected to result in greater opportunities for efficiency, collaboration and the re-use of simulation assets.
Frequency and Antenna Selection Effects on Accuracy of Free Space Radar
By: Bill Sholette, Northeast, and Gene Henry, Endress+Hauser, Inc.Accuracy of free space radar depends on frequency, beam angle, antenna configuration and installation.
MCAA Report: Mid-sized companies best placed to weather industry downturn
The webinar, open only to those companies which participated in the study, provided insight into how companies weathered the difficult market conditions in 2016 when depressed oil prices severely affected business in this industry.
Det-Tronics introduces CGS-FlexVu UD10 gas detection system
Designed for high-temperature and hydrogen applications, the CGS-FlexVu UD10 system performs as a gas detector, display and controller for the detection of both hydrocarbon and hydrogen gases.
ASCO announces 128-solenoid valve expansion for Numatics G3 Series and Numatics 580 Series electronic platforms
The expanded G3 and 580 Series platforms feature process control architecture that permits the design engineer or end-use specifier to optimize the size of the control cabinet for the number of required valves.
Würth Elektronik eiSos announces WR-TBL 8050 series of wire protection system
Series 8050 is a horizontal entry clamp in 2.5-mm pitch, available either as a two or three-pole version.
GATE Energy announces acquisition of PDI Solutions
PDI will operate within the GATE Energy portfolio and collaborate with other GATE Energy companies to provide streamlined service to their clients. GATE Energy will retain all management staff following the acquisition. Founder Lee Iver will continue as President of PDI Solutions.
FCI introduces model ST102A Flow Meter and the MT100 Series Flow Meters
Designed specifically for flow measurement in round pipes or stacks of 12 inches [300 mm] and larger diameter, and square or rectangular ducts with cross sectional area of 100 inches [250mm] and larger, the model ST102A Flow Meter and the new MT100 Series Flow Meters from Fluid Components International (FCI) provide two to eight non-clogging, no moving parts sensing points.
Aerotech introduces ThermoComp mechatronic solution for positioning stage thermal errors
Through the employment of integrated hardware and sensors, and a proprietary compensation algorithm implemented via Aerotech’s A3200 controller software, ThermoComp works to minimize stage inaccuracy due to thermal effects even over extreme temperature ranges.
Endress + Hauser earns Digital Champion award for Memosens sensors
Memosens sensors measure the pH-value in liquids, for example, and transform it into a digital signal while still in the sensor. The data is then passed on via a contactless system and provides measurement results.
FUTEK instrumentation helps measure bite of great white shark on Discovery Channel
The production team engineers at Peacock Productions used three FUTEK Donut/Through Hole load cells as well as FUTEK instrumentation to test a great white shark’s bite force.
Dataforth announces Python API for MAQ20 data acquisition and control system
The MAQ20 data acquisition and control system uses a Python API; this employs an object-oriented approach for communicating with MAQ20 systems, thereby providing an interface where the low-level Modbus commands are hidden from normal use.
Alicat announces Modbus TCP/IP compatibility to its line of flow, pressure & liquid instrumentation
The option allows PLCs running the Modbus industrial automation protocol to connect to Alicat instruments over Ethernet cable.
Microchip Technology introduces SAM D5x and SAM E5x microcontroller (MCU) families
The SAM D5/E5 microcontrollers combine the performance of an ARM Cortex-M4 processor with a Floating Point Unit (FPU). This combination offloads the Central Processing Unit (CPU), increasing system efficiency and enabling process-intensive applications on a low-power platform
GPA helps NC paper mill automate control systems
The control system migration of the mill’s Flakt Dryer machine from a mixture of legacy ABB MOD300 and Allen Bradley PLC’s to PlantPAX was the fifth PlantPAX control system installed by GPA in the Pulp & Paper industry specifically.
Abaco Systems introduces AXISLib 2.6 ignal processing and math libraries
AXISLib 2.6 enables users of Abaco’s SBC347D – based on the Intel Xeon-D processor - as well as Abaco’s entire family of platforms based on latest generation Intel Core i7 processors - to take advantage of the performance these processors.
FCI introduces the AS-FT Flow Transmitter
The AS-FT Flow Transmitters from FCI Aerospace are designed to meet the demand for full qualification compliance with the performance and measurement capability necessary to serve a variety of aircraft air/gas/fluid flow applications.
Zebra Technologies Study: 2/3 of global manufacturers to adopt IIoT by 2022
Driven by globalization, intensifying competition and rising customer demand for more options and higher quality products, a connected plant floor has become a necessity. Zebra’s survey shows the number of organizations achieving a fully connected factory is expected to rise dramatically over the next five years.
Claroty announces cybersecurity partnership with Schneider Electric
Under the terms of the agreement, Claroty will market its real-time OT/ICS network monitoring and detection solution to Schneider Electric's customers through the company's Collaborative Automation Partner Program (CAPP).
PAS Global releases PlantState Suite (PSS) 8.3 featuring Alarm Mechanic
PSS is an integrated abnormal situation management software platform designed to optimize Independent Protection Layers (IPL), such as process control loops, alarms, safety instrumented systems, and pressure relief systems.
Electro-Chemical Devices introduces CD80 Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer
The CD80 Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer from ECD is designed to provide process engineers responsible for municipal and industrial water treatment systems with a solution to measuring Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) for disinfection, effluent treatment, pulp bleaching and cooling or rinse water applications.
OSI delivers SCADA system to Iowa utility company
Indianola Municipal Utilities is located in Indianola, Iowa and provides the city with electric, water and network services. The Indianola community has enjoyed the benefits of a locally owned, not-for-profit utility since 1890.
CAMI introduces CableEye USB Type-C Test Fixture, CB26U
A daughter board, populated with two USB-C female connectors, it allows users to continuity-check USB Type-C terminated cables using the CableEye tester while seeing the connectors-under-test rendered graphically. The CB26U fits all CableEye models.
PLCopen announces PLCopen Safe Motion version 1.0
The specification “PLCopen Safe Motion” version 1.0 – official release – is now available on the PLCopen website for downloading. This new solution is based on an existing functionality as already specified in PLCopen Safety: SF_SafetyRequest.
How to Keep Your Manufacturing Process Secure
By Robert Glass, ABBAs food manufacturing plants become more connected through the Industrial Internt of Things (IIoT), the threat of cyber-attacks and how much damage they can do, has increased. This article offers advice on how to ensure your manufacturing process is kept secure.
Spirax Sarco announces Basic Steam Boiler Operator Training
The training course is for Steam Plant Operations, Steam Plant Maintenance Personnel, Steam Plant Supervisors/Managers, Facility Operations/Maintenance Personnel and anyone associated with energy conversion.
ISA salutes 2017 Fellows and Celebrating Excellence Award honorees
Elevation to the distinguished grade of ISA Fellow is granted to Senior Members in recognition of their exceptional engineering scientific contributions to the field of automation.
L-com introduces LC series of fiber plugs, receptacles and jam nuts
The IP68 fiber plugs and IP68 fiber receptacles offer 400lb pull strength and 450lb crush resistance as well as protection from moisture, liquid and dust.
MAC Solutions helps deliver open PLC communication for British research effort
By introducing change management and version control software from M.A.C. Solutions for more than 400 of its programmable devices (PLCs and HMIs) at its facility in Oxfordshire, Diamond Light Source intends to minimize the risk of machine downtime caused by PLC back-up or software code errors
Rockwell Automation helps Cleveland brewing company enhance process analytics
The technology gives GLBC greater insight into the health of its beer-brewing machinery to help increase efficiency, improve quality and minimize downtime.
OSI helps New Jersey utility company implement enhanced SCADA platform
A part of PSE&G’s Energy Strong program, this project has been implemented to increase the resiliency of the company’s electric delivery system and to improve the overall system performance, availability, situational awareness, and security of PSE&G’s distribution operations.
Yokogawa announces acquisition of TechInvent2 AS
The Norwegian enterprise holds the rights to FluidCom, a chemical injection metering valve (CIMV). FluidCom prevents blockages and corrosion in oil wells, pipelines, and other facilities and employs a patented technology for thermal control.
Enhanced Diagnostics Are Helping to Ensure Reliable Level Monitoring
By Marianne Williams, EmersonThis article explains how the latest generation of vibrating fork level switches feature increased health monitoring functionality, which enables maintenance to be planned and process availability to be increased
Altech introduces IN65 series of limit switches
The IN65 limit switches have a protection rating of IP67 and are rated for more than 30 million mechanical cycles, while ensuring switching reliability for as little as 1 mA at 5VDC. The switches conform to DIN EN 50047.
AutomationDirect introduces NITRA NCP Series of electro-pneumatic transducers
Used in paper and paper converting, food and drug, petrochemical, HVAC, textile, and energy management industries, NCP Series I/P transducers provide operation of pneumatic valve positioners, valve actuators, air cylinders, damper and louver actuators, web tensioners, clutches and brakes.
Schneider Electric Innovation Summit: Software Conference
Come join us and learn how the next generation of Industrial Software innovation is leading digital transformation. Don't miss out on game-changing technology sessions, hands-on demonstrations, peer-to-peer networking and getting your questions answered by the subject matter experts in your field!
Emerson Global Users Exchange 2017
The Emerson Global Users Exchange is more than an industry-leading technical conference…it is a community of process automation leaders committed to extracting the most from their automation investments…and sharing their learning with each other.
Automation Fair 2017
The Automation Fair® event is the ideal opportunity to discover how The Connected Enterprise can help you achieve faster time to market, optimize your assets, lower your total cost of ownership and improve enterprise risk.
Fuji Electric announces Spool Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter (FST)
The FST, which is now available for shipment to customers, has a simplified front panel for configuration of parameters, and allows customers to enter piping conditions or calculate sensor spacing without opening the cover.
Interface Force Measurements announces ITA-1 analog strain gauge amplifier
This product is used to convert a sensor’s millivolt signal into an analogue signal for display or data acquisition. This product is connected to the sensor in line via a 5-pin, M12 connector.
AutomationDirect introduces ProSense DPG1 digital pressure gauges
These DPG1 gauges have a 4-digit, 2” x 3/4” LCD display and 2-button operation. The display can operate in a continuously on mode, or an auto shut-off mode to lengthen battery life.
Yokogawa introduces LS3300 AC power calibrator
The LS3300 can calibrate AC voltage, current, and power as well as test both phase difference and power factor. The LS3300 delivers an accuracy of 0.045% and a stability of 0.01% per hour.
Pentek introduces Model RTR 2745 rackmount recorder
This recorder is designed to increase the bandwidth for record and playback of the Talon Rackmount Series with capability to capture and reproduce signal bandwidths up to 560 MHz.
Fluke Aims for Holistic Maintenance Management with Accelix Platform
By Bill Lydon, Editor, Automation.comThere is a great deal of hype around IIoT, and much of it may never be realized, but Fluke and their Accelix platform is a real-world solution which may finally deliver the tangible IIoT gains that companies have been yearning for.
Jesse Garant Metrology Center announces $15M expansion
As part of a five year, $15 million roll-out investment in technology, Jesse Garant Metrology Center’s latest expansion includes a more diverse range of advanced imaging systems, including industrial CT systems for inspecting large parts and assemblies.
ABB announces RFID technology for Jokab Safety Eden sensors
The entire line is IP69K rated, making ABB Jokab Safety Eden safety sensors ideal for applications that require resistance to dust and liquid ingress, such as wash-down operations in food and beverage processing plants.
VPG Foil Resistors introduces Model 303337 military-grade resistor
The design of the Model 303337 incorporates VPG’s Bulk Metal Z Foil resistive technology, along with a four-terminal Kelvin connection, for current sensing and temperature stability to 3W.