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Updated 2019-02-15 18:17
Kaman Precision Products introduces Extreme Environment displacement sensors and systems
They are also a choice for other applications that require accuracy, reliability, and structural integrity, including nuclear reactors, steam and gas turbines, chemical processes, and high temperature processing.
Weintek introduces cMT-SVR-200 wireless HMI
cMT-SVR-200 has inherited all the key characteristics, including multi-display and remote monitoring. By running cMT Viewer App on a tablet, mobile phone, or PC, the operators can wirelessly monitor and control multiple cMT HMIs.
ACIENNA introduces MCx1101 family of ±5A, ±20A, and ±50A current sensors
The MCx1101 are fully integrated, bi-directional current sensors that offer DC accuracy and dynamic range. For example, the ±20A version has a typical accuracy of ±0.6% and are guaranteed to achieve an accuracy of ±2.0% (max) at 85°C.
Aerotech introduces AGV-SPO single pivot-point galvanometer scanner
The AGV-SPO is available with a selection of optical coatings and focusing optics to support a variety of commonly-used laser wavelengths and focal lengths. Customized optics and optical mounting features are available upon request.
E+E Elektronik introduces EE8915 CO2 sensor
The EE8915 from E+E Elektronik meets railway standards for CO2 measurement in railway vehicles, e.g. in the passenger compartment or driver's cab.
EXAIR releases Soft Grip Back Blow Safety Air Gun
An array of holes on the Model 1004SS M4 Back Blow Air Nozzle provides a back-facing 360-degree airflow to clear out coolant, chips and light oils from machining processes.
TEGAM introduces 940 series of handheld industrial thermocouple calibrators
The 940 series were designed to compensate for ambient temperature allowing for field calibrations in virtually any environment.
ValvTechnologies announces Keith Whittaker as Director of Global Quality Management
Based in Houston, Whittaker will report to company president, Kevin Hunt, and be responsible for global quality standards, programs and systems. In this role, he will lead the development and continuous improvement of our quality programs and processes to support the growth and globalization of the company.
Power Partners releases PSAW65I Series of 65W interchangeable AC blade wall mount power supplies
The PSAW65I Series packs 65W into a case measuring 4.62” x 1.98” x 1.4” with a 4-foot-long dc output cable, terminating in a 2.1mm barrel connector.
TRENDnet announces EN50155 M12 Gigabit PoE+ Railway Switch
TRENDnet’s 8-Port Industrial EN50155 M12 Gigabit PoE+ Railway Switch (TI-TPG80) is specifically designed for use with moving buses, railways, and other rolling stock applications.
To CNC or not to CNC?
By Jonathan WilkinsIn industry, both 3D printing and CNC machining allow manufacturers to produce complex parts but sometimes it can be difficult to know which technology will better suit an application. This article discusses the applications for CNC machining and additive manufacturing.
Nicholson announces line of industrial steam traps
The product line includes mechanical, orifice, thermostatic, thermodynamic, and clean steam designs. A global network of technically trained Nicholson applications experts can help with steam trap sizing and selection.
ABB announces e-mesh power grid monitoring software
ABB Ability e-mesh solution is a cloud-based offering that is designed to enable utilities, industries, independent power producers and operators to make business decisions by monitoring and controlling their sites and fleets remotely.
Atlas Copco releases DHS VSD+ dry vacuum pump
Due to the dry operation of the DHS 065 - 200 VSD+, no oil migrates in the pump environment. It is suitable for applications such as vacuum drying and cleaning, paper converting, sensitive and regulations-driven electronics manufacturing and food packaging industries.
SPECTRO announces SPECTROGREEN plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) analyzer
The SPECTROGREEN analyzer is designed for routine analyses in environmental and agronomy applications as well as consumer product safety, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, chemicals, and foods.
Inductive Automation announces public Beta version of Ignition 8 software
A key part of the Ignition 8 release is the Ignition Perspective Module, a pure-web, fully mobile solution. It provides full SCADA control from mobile phones, and drag-and-drop capabilities for designing mobile-responsive screens that are ideal for mobile devices.
ABB and Intel to collaborate on distribution automation systems
At the core of the agreement is ABB Ability smart substation control and protection for electrical systems, SSC600, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors.
Cressall releases enclosure design infographic
The guide aims to support design engineers as well as resistor end users across all industries to understand the requirements of their power resistor enclosure.
Ponemon Institute releases study on Managing Safety, Security and Privacy in the Interconnected World of IT, OT and IIoT
The purpose of this study is to understand the concerns that organizations have for functional safety, cybersecurity and data privacy when there is a convergence of IT, operational technology (OT) and industrial internet of things (IIoT).
MANN+HUMMEL introduces Filter Cubes to reduce nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution
The Filter Cubes, which were installed last year at the Neckartor road junction in Stuttgart, will be adapted to include the new technology by the summer of 2019. Before the end 2019, the further developed filters will also be used in a pilot project in Ludwigsburg.
Exner introduces EXspect 271 NIR backscattering sensor
Due to its hygienic design, the EXspect 271 sensor is suitable for applications in the food and drinks industries, but also for diverse applications in the processing industry.
Process Sensors introduces Capella C3 Series of portable infrared thermometers
Through lens sighting and laser targeting light, 1-color or 2-color operation, manually focused optics, switchable serial interface, two display formats, several operating modes – all can be selected quickly and directly on the 2.6 pound device.
FieldComm Group announces OPC Foundation (OPCF) endorsement of process automation device information model specification (PA-DIM)
Announced at the 2018 ARC Forum, FieldComm Group and the OPC Foundation presented their joint vision for creating a protocol independent, process automation device information model (PA-DIM) specification to implement the requirements of the NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA).
S. Himmelstein releases MCRT 79800V Digital Torque Transducers and MCRT 48800V/49800V Digital Torque Sensors
They are suited for a range of applications including both performance and endurance testing of engines, transmissions, drive systems, pumps, motors, servo motors, gearboxes, actuators, etc.
Altech Corp releases GEOS enclosures
These enclosures have been engineered to prevent the ingress of harmful contaminants (whether moisture, dust, dirt, or others), resist corrosion, and withstand strong shocks.
Graphic Produces introduces Best Practice Guide for Chemical Risk Assessment
Professionals in any industry that work with or produce chemicals will learn how to identify, evaluate, and control chemical hazards to improve safety.
HIMA announces HIMA Smart Safety Platform
This functional safety platform provides plant operators with cybersecurity to ensure that safety automation and critical assets are protected.
AVEVA announces updates to Monitoring, Control and Information Management portfolio
These capabilities are delivered in AVEVA’s portfolio including InTouch HMI, InTouch Edge HMI, System Platform, Historian and AVEVA Insight products, providing enterprise-wide visualisation and insight into operations and a subscription.
Schneider Electric announces EcoStruxure Process Safety Advisor
Safety Advisor is built on Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure SIF Manager application for tracking and validating safety instrumented function (SIF) performance over the life of a plant.
Averna and PTC announce Averna ConnexThing Toolkits
The ConnexThing Toolkit for NI TestStand, which is available for download now, streamlines the connection between TestStand’s ready-to-run test management software and ThingWorx’s innovative end-to-end IoT platform.
Kistler Group announces opening of Shanghai office
The building strengthens the Swiss corporation's presence on the Chinese market, enabling it to offer products and services from one single source to local customers in the future.
Abaco announces FMC172 Wideband Low Latency FMC Module
Designed for customers developing embedded computing applications in electronic warfare, digital radar, wide band receivers and wireless communications SDR among others, it brings ADC and DAC functionality on a single card.
AutomationDirect introduces NITRA GVP series pneumatic miniature solenoid valves
GVP series 12 or 24 VDC solenoid valves are available in 10mm and 15mm valve widths and in 2-way or 3-way normally closed configurations. Latching solenoid valves are available in 3-way normally closed configuration. Latching solenoid valves will stay open after being momentarily energized.
Bedrock Automation to help Temblor Petroleum to implement cloud-based well head control
The application enables Temblor to monitor and operate well heads remotely, providing secure real-time production data while minimizing the requirements for onsite operators.
L-com introduces Cat5e direct burial cable series
L-com’s Cat5e direct burial cable features outdoor-rated jackets which protect against moisture and UV (sunlight) damage. Additionally, the cable is EIA568 color-coded for compatibility with standard installations
Rockwell Automation helps Midwest Farmers Cooperative enhance distributed control systems
MFC worked with system integrator Wachter Inc. to design an automated facility, based on the PlantPAx distributed control system (DCS) from Rockwell Automation.
PI releases model E-619 piezo amplifier
Providing sink/source currents up to 10 amps and an output voltage swing of 160V-pp (-30V to +130V), the piezo driver delivers up to 1200 watts of peak power. A temperature sensor input provides overheating protection of piezo actuators.
ABB and SUSI partner for microgrid and energy storage projects
The global energy transformation brings challenges and opportunities for the power sector. These include ensuring power availability and managing complex grids with a growing number of diverse, distributed energy resources and a high penetration of renewables.
FCI announces 2019 version of ST51A Biogas Flow Meter
FCI’s thermal mass ST51A Biogas Flow Meter is designed specifically for dirty, potentially hazardous biogas processes.
MicroPower Direct introduces ME300RU series of DC/DC converters
Standard features include an input/output isolation of 1,600 VDC, ±1% load regulation, continuous short circuit protection and a remote on/off control input. The MTBF of the ME300RU series (per MIL HDBK 217F) is over 900 khours.
B&R introduces X20SO6530 digital output safety module
The X20SO6530 digital output module provides six safety relays on a unit with the X20's standard 25 mm width, allowing B&R to offer a solution for applications where numerous floating signals are needed
Bill’s Top 10 Automation & Control Trends for 2019 – Accelerating Change & Reaching the Tipping Point
By Bill Lydon, Automation.comThe pace of technological change in the automation industry seems to be accelerating as we head into 2019. As we enter the new year, there are indeed signs of disruption in various industrial automation niches
Sterling Systems & Controls announces Loadout Automation Application for Feedmills
Sterling Systems’ Loadout application system ensures the transport of the correct product to the desired location. With the ability to custom fill a truck with multiple orders, the Loadout system identifies the load needing to go into the truck trailer and then fills it with the correct material based on the order.
mySCADA announces myPanel smart HMI
myPANEL has an aluminium frame and four different sizes are available (5, 7, 10 and 15 inch), with ARM or Intel architecture, up to 120 GB storage and NXP i.MX7 Dual Core or X5-E8000 processor.
Rotork announces bespoke plug and socket electrical connection option for Rotork IQ intelligent electric valve actuators
The plug and socket terminal cover maintains the integrity of the actuator’s double-sealed enclosure and IP68 watertight environmental protection (submersible in 20 metres of water for 10 days).
Siemens announces opening of Norwegian robotic battery module factory
The factory comprises a robotized and digitized production line with eight robotic stations with a capacity of up to 300 megawatt hours (MWh) per year.
What Do Engineers Need to Know about Encoders and Motors for Oil & Gas?
By Scott Orlosky & Walter Smith, Sensata TechnologiesPosition sensors and motors are crucial components in oil and gas equipment and must operate day in and day out in some of the most challenging conditions. High temperature and pressure, potentially explosive environments, extreme vibration, shock, dirt and moisture are all part of the daily operating environment in drilling applications.
Alliance Sensors Group announces partnership with Digi-Key
Digi-Key Electronics has been committed to offering a selection of in-stock electronic components and is pleased to include ASG’s line of LVIT sensors to their product offering.
Reliable Controls announces Roland Laird's induction into BACnet Hall of Fame
Inductees into the BACnet Hall of Fame are individuals with at least a decade of meaningful contributions to the BACnet community, who have played a role in the ongoing development of the BACnet standard or the community, championed open dialog and a collaborative approach to resolving issues, and demonstrated a global perspective with respect for regional and cultural differences.
Bronkhorst announces PROFINET interface for IN-FLOW Mass Flow Meters and Controllers
In addition to the optional ATEX approval for use in Category 3, Zone 2 hazardous areas, the IN-FLOW series can now be offered with FM approval for Class I, Division 2, which is an important feature for the North American market.