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Updated 2018-12-09 23:18
NHS told to ditch 'absurd' fax machines
Almost 9,000 fax machines are currently used by the NHS in England - but that is set to change.
The athletes starving themselves for success
Extreme dieting is leading to cases of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport among men and women.
‘I’ve got two months to find a donor’
Last Christmas, mum-of-twins Meena looked the picture of health. Now she urgently needs to find a stem cell match.
Nichola has created an app to help others with alopecia meet new friends
Nichola, who’s had alopecia for fifteen years, has launched an app to help others with the condition make friends.
Vicky Phelan: The woman who exposed an Irish health scandal
Vicky Phelan exposed a health scandal in Ireland after discovering her smear test for cervical cancer had been misread.
Meet the talking and crying childlike manikin
Students at the University of South Wales are learning from a childlike doll which has a pulse
The photographer who puts disabled and severely ill children in fantasy scenes
Angela Forker photographs babies with disabilities and terminal illnesses, placing them in fantasy scenes.
No-deal Brexit: Disruption at Dover 'could last six months'
Fresh government warnings about Channel ports are dismissed as "Project Fear" by Tory rebels.
Zainab Mughal: Toddler with cancer spurs hunt for rare blood
Doctors need up to 10 donors with a rare blood type to help a two-year-old Florida girl with cancer.
The blind woman developing tech for the good of others
Chieko Asakawa, blind since 14, develops groundbreaking technology for the visually impaired.
Xanax: Treatment for addiction rises sharply in children
Experts say young people are finding anti-anxiety drugs online with no idea of their strength.
Mother of monkey dust drug addict warns of dangers
Jane Eagles has allowed cameras into her son's flat to show the devastation monkey dust can cause.
One in three children 'not active enough', finds sport survey
Girls do less exercise than boys and children from poorer families are least active, Sport England says.
St George's Hospital: CQC report reveals details of heart unit feud
Inspectors found a cardiac team troubled by hostility, weak leadership and a "dark force".
Mental health: The NHS patients who are 'abused and ignored'
A review says mental health laws are outdated, sectioning is misused, and patients need new rights.
Why do people experience phantom rectum?
YouTube star Hannah Witton grills two people with stomas on life, love and popping undigested peas after having her colon removed.
Billie Marten: Having SAD made me write the happiest pop song
Billie Marten says having seasonal affective disorder (SAD) inspired her song Blue Sea, Red Sea.
Girls 'more likely to face loneliness'
About one in 10 young people often feel lonely, with fears that loneliness will be seen as "failing".
PMQs: Theresa May and Helen Whately on smear tests
Helen Whately MP highlights to women the importance of smear tests in PMQs.
Woman's Botox party warning after lip filler swelling
Rachael Knappier's lip fillers swelled up dramatically and left her needing hospital treatment.
Stammer to sermon: A priest's struggle with words
Fr Patrick Lagan says he knew from a young age that he wanted to become a priest despite his stammer.
Biohackers: ‘My hand chip could unlock my car door’
Biohackers want to make their bodies and brains function better by "hacking" their biology.
Biohacker: Meet the people 'hacking' their bodies
Meet the biohackers - the people who want to make their bodies and brains function better by "hacking" their biology.
Life after burns: ‘I use my scars and pain to help others’
Svetlana Alekseeva was badly burned in a fire - now she's showing off her scars to inspire others like her.
Parental leave: The good, the bad and the unexpected
Three parents share their very different experiences of staying home to look after their children.
Breast milk donors help premature babies
BBC Scotland meets the donors, the drivers and the babies benefitting at Scotland's only breast milk bank.
First baby born after deceased womb transplant
A woman in Brazil gives birth after surgeons implant a womb in her body from a dead donor.
'How I deal with having impostor syndrome'
Readers respond to Michelle Obama's remarks on impostor syndrome and describe how they deal with it.
Birmingham man's plea after wife's 'Brazilian bum lift' operation death
Tryce Harry's death in Hungary "exposes the risks of travelling abroad for treatment", a lawyer says.
Scots top UK drink death rates but numbers are falling
But Scotland still has more deaths per head of population than any other nation, a report reveals.
Chrissy Teigen and the baby helmet photos
Model Chrissy Teigen posts a picture of her son Miles wearing a helmet for his flat skull and other mothers share their own in solidarity.
Missing special needs support 'a national scandal'
Ofsted chief paints a "disturbing" picture of children left without help for their special needs.
Most adults living unhealthy lifestyles
A survey in England suggests nearly 9 in 10 have at least one unhealthy trait such as smoking or drinking.
Surrogate mothers: 'I gave birth but it’s not my baby'
Canada has become a hot destination for parents-to-be looking for 'altruistic surrogates' - women who give birth to babies they are not genetically related to and only charge expenses.
Welsh scientists hunt down the latest flu strains
The work will help identify the latest types of flu and ensure new vaccines can fight off the virus.
Cannabis firm confirms investment talks with Marlboro maker
The talks about a potential investment come after Canada legalised recreational cannabis this year.
Not enough evidence for energy drink ban
Experts advising government say there is not enough evidence to warrant a ban on sale to children.
'I didn't know whitening teeth was illegal'
A woman told she was breaking the law by doing teeth whitening says she is angry she now has a criminal conviction.
Sacked man claims discrimination against his 'ethical veganism'
Jordi Casamitjana wants to have ethical veganism recognised as a philosophical belief, in a landmark legal action.
Transgender services GP fined £12,000 over registration failure
GP Helen Webberley continued to treat transgender patients online after being told to stop.
When silk pyjamas are not a luxury on the NHS
Patients tell us their concerns about the possible loss of their "low-priority" NHS prescriptions.
Mental health checks for new fathers
Partners of new and expectant mothers will be offered support with postnatal depression by NHS England.
Family threaten to kill daughter for having a baby
'Naveed' is a Pakistani Muslim girl living in the UK. She told the BBC about her experience of abuse.
Babies' cold recovery 'all in the nose'
Bacteria in the nose could be the answer to battling the common cold, research suggests.
'The NHS turned its back on mum - and it cost us £250,000'
How a family spent thousands of pounds on care after being let down by the health and care system.
Why the world is becoming more allergic to food
Food allergy rates among children are on the rise, and Western lifestyles may be to blame.
The shop where it's OK to be different
Two brothers on the autistic spectrum were looking for work when one had the idea of opening a comic shop. It turned out to be an inspired choice.
'The NHS paid for my new French hip'
Colin McIntyre went to France to avoid waiting for his new hip and to his surprise the NHS paid him back.
The people living on the NHS waiting list
Behind each statistic on NHS lists is a person living with the pain and anxiety of waiting.
Namibia's success in the fight against HIV
Namibia's data-driven approach to HIV has helped it become successful in tackling its spread.