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Updated 2018-08-16 21:18
Judge throws out Scotland abortion pill challenge
A legal challenge against letting women take abortion pills at home in Scotland is thrown out.
Surgeons' warning over Botox on High Street
It comes after Superdrug said it would start offering the treatment in one of its stores.
Cystic fibrosis boy, 8, urges firm to lower Orkambi drug price
Luis Walker, 8, wrote to Vertex Pharmaceuticals saying Orkambi would make him "feel much better".
Poor hospital discharge process puts patients 'at risk'
Professionals must take more responsibility and spend more time talking to families, a report says.
Effects of psychedelic DMT 'similar to near-death experiences'
Near-death experiences are caused by changes in how the brain operates, say researchers.
Baby boxes accepted by 85% of Scottish parents
In the first year of the programme 52,065 baby boxes were gifted to parents of newborns.
Reality Check: Public toilets mapped
A BBC map helps you find out how many public toilets have been cut in your area.
Mum battling rare form of dementia at the age of 33
Rachel's daughter Brooke, eight, will have to wait until she is 18 to be tested for the condition.
Bringing up your baby as a vegan
Laceinne Cooper is raising her child on a plant-based diet. She explains how and why.
Mood Kill: Real life mental health stories inspire new play
A writer's father opens up for the first time after she rewrote her show to encompass his mental health.
Babies in prams 'exposed to more pollution'
Infants in prams can be exposed to up to 60% more pollution than adults, a study suggests.
Mums of quadruplets meet for the very first time
Carla and Selina admit they can get through 700 nappies a month.
Postpartum psychosis: Adele spotted her friend's illness
Adele has posted an Instagram message supporting her best friend who's recovering from postpartum psychosis.
The radio 'saved my little girl's life'
A large trial in Burkina Faso suggests listening to the radio could improve child health.
Alcohol NI's 'biggest healthcare problem'
Alcohol misuse is the "greatest healthcare problem facing Northern Ireland", a coroner has said.
Vaping 'can damage vital immune system cells'
E-cigarette vapour disables important immune cells in the lung and boosts inflammation.
Struck-off Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba wins appeal to work again
Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba was convicted of manslaughter by gross negligence following the death of a young boy.
Troubles victims' mental health 'epidemic'
A victims' group calls for support after a study highlights suicide attempts following terrorist incidents.
Essure sterilisation device: Australian women to launch lawsuit
The women say the Essure implant may have caused wide-ranging problems, including chronic pain.
Natural Cycles: Do pregnancy prevention apps work?
There's a debate in Sweden over their reliability after women reported unwanted pregnancies.
Man's leg amputated after dog poo got in wound
Collin Smith has welcomed a move by his council to fine dog owners who do not pick up after their pets.
Norfolk hospital plans 'in-patient' care at home
Up to 30 patients living near the hospital could be treated at home in bid to ease winter pressures.
Why I chose to go it alone with IVF
Polly Kerr is one of a growing number of single women to have opted for IVF.
The pamper sessions in Nottingham for cancer patients
The sessions are run in a bid to help women boost their self-confidence as they fight against cancer.
Edinburgh Fringe charity gala to raise brain tumour funds
The event has been organised by a co-director of venue Underbelly, whose six year old son was diagnosed with a tumour two years ago.
Hollyoaks newcomer Talia Grant describes her autism as a blessing and a curse
Sixteen-year-old Talia Grant is the first autistic actress to play an autistic character in Hollyoaks.
Travelling around London with autism
Claire Lindsey on what it's like to use public transport when you have an invisible impairment like autism
Bowel cancer screening to start earlier at age 50 in England
This will lower the starting age by 10 years in some areas and bring England in line with Scotland.
Life on steroids: 'It's my personal choice'
Inside a steroid clinic in Newport, south Wales - the first of its kind in the UK.
Meet the 'end-of-life doulas' guiding people to their death
Terminally ill people are seeking out end-of-life doulas to prepare them and their families for death.
How smallpox claimed its final victim
How did British medical worker Janet Parker become the world's last victim of smallpox?
Gel and acrylic nails allergy warning
When applied at home or by untrained nail technicians, reactions can occur, skin experts say.
The unpleasant reason men navigate better than women
Scientists show innate ability is not the explanation for men navigating better than women.
BBC's Sue Marchant fulfils cancer patient's wish
A teenage girl, who has incurable leukaemia, had a wish to hang out with a DJ.
Bradley Lowery's mum: 'I believe he was here for a reason'
Gemma Lowery says her son’s legacy is improving the lives of children with cancer.
Heatwave blamed for record A&E attendances in England
A&E attendances in England in July were at the highest level since records began in 2010.
Transgender woman's death 'drove parents to help others'
Synestra de Courcy died just days before her gender reassignment surgery was approved.
Hack attack can stop people's hearts
Researchers disclose an unfixed vulnerability that threatens medical devices.
Amin Abdullah: Nurse who set himself on fire 'unfairly dismissed'
Amin Abdullah set himself on fire outside Kensington Palace after losing his "dream job".
The mentally ill 29-year-old helped to die
In January Aurelia Brouwers drank poison supplied by a doctor and lay down to die. She was 29.
Ditching tight pants 'improves sperm count'
Could cooler testicles make for better swimming sperm - and more of them?
Regular exercise 'best for mental health'
Exercising three to five times a week helps improved wellbeing over a month, US research finds.
Footballer heart death risk 'underestimated'
Doctors say deaths are still rare but we need to open our eyes to the risk.
Beauticians dropped from new cosmetic filler register
Beauticians are banned from joining a new register designed to make cosmetic fillers safer.
HIV tests for sale on High Street for first time
The tests, which provide a result in 15 minutes, are going on sale in Superdrug stores across the UK.
How to use a defibrillator and save a life
Defibrillator trainer Helen Tennant shows how to respond in an emergency.
Women 'need to know egg freezing risk'
The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists warns about low success rates and high costs.
'I saved my teenage son's life with a defibrillator'
Stuart Askew helped save his son's life with a device which he had himself installed just two days previously.
NHS-funded homeopathic treatment to end in Bristol
Bristol was the last place in England patients could get NHS homeopathy - it is also available in Glasgow.
No going back in Argentina's abortion debate
The BBC's Katy Watson speaks to supporters and opponents of the abortion bill ahead of a key vote.