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Updated 2017-12-11 04:05
Material culture, considered (harmful?)
Designer, maker and writer Hillary Predko's "Kipple Field Notes" is five short essays on the nature of stuff in the 21st century, its relationship to justice, the environment, cities, intergenerational strife, housing, and geopolitics. (more…)
Charitable Giving Guide 2017
Boing BoingHere's a guide to the charities the Boingers support in our own annual giving. Please add the causes and charities you give to in the forums!The Tor Project
DNC's new rules: cutting superdelegates from 715 to 315, making their votes reflect the wishes of their states
Yesterday, the DNC's Unity Reform Commission unanimously adopted a resolution that slashed the number of superdelegates -- appointed officials who, in aggregate, hold the balance that determines the winner of the Democratic primaries -- from 715 to 315, and requiring the remaining superdelegates to cast votes that reflect the wishes of their states. (more…)
Airbnb guests repeatedly discover hidden cameras in the homes they rent
As the new Wired Guide to Digital Security points out, finding hidden cameras is really, really hard, so the fact that several Airbnb guests have discovered them suggests that there are a bunch more that have never been spotted. (more…)
The FCC literally doesn't know how the internet works
The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Erica Portnoy and Jeremy Gillula analyze a FCC's recent Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that served as precursor to the order to kill net neutrality and explain how fantastically, totally wrong it gets the internet -- not on a mere philosophical level, but on a nuts-and-bolts, bits-and-bytes technical level. Literally, the FCC doesn't know what the internet is. (more…)
The white supremacist orgins of "public choice theory," the bedrock of contemporary libertarian thought
Hang around libertarians long enough and eventually one of them will start talking about "public choice theory" (I last heard it raised by a prominent libertarian scholar to justify corporations imposing adhesion contracts on their customers to force them to buy expensive consumables and service). It's a kind of catch-all theory that can handwave away any negative outcome from unregulated capitalism, the "freedom" of which is key to a kind of libertarian thought, above freedoms like "the freedom not to starve to death". (more…)
A rogue's gallery of 17 of Eastern Europe's richest, most politically connected oligarchs
Albania's Shkëlqim Fusha likes to hide in the shadows, but his cousin, Tirana chief prosecutor Petrit Fusha, is implicated in a massive corruption scandal whose cover-up involved assassinating a 17-year-old boy -- in what is surely an unrelated coincidence, Tirana is where Fusha has made billions in no-bid city contracts. (more…)
Codeanywhere helps youwrite and collaborate on code from any device
Keeping development environments in sync across multiple machines can be painful, if not downright impossible due to inherent limitations of mobile devices. Instead of relegating that beautiful new iPad to email and Netflix, you can use it as your daily driver with a subscription to Codeanywhere.This cloud-based web IDE is available for Android, iOS, and any desktop computer with a reasonably modern browser. Whether you’re learning to write code with only a cheap tablet, or just want to make your developer tools more mobile, Codeanywhere gives you full access to your very own container with several dev stack presets. It supports a wide array of essential tools like SSH and SFTP for secure file transfer, Git for code version control, and it even lets you do pair programming with multiple simultaneous users.Codeanywhere works with over 75 programming languages, and a lifetime subscription is just $89 when you order it from the Boing Boing store.
Simklept: Kleptocrat is a mobile game that uses real-world financial crimes to simulate being a tax-dodging one percenter
Kleptocrat is an Ios-only mobile game that challenges players to play as billionaire tax-dodgers, who construct ruses to hide their money from the tax authorities in the countries where the state guards their wealth, educates the workforce, and keeps everyone from dropping dead of infectious diseases. (more…)
Margaret Thatcher sold off public housing to create "the dignity of ownership" and today 40% of that housing is owned by gouging landlords
The theory behind Margaret Thatcher's sell-off of publicly funded council housing under the "right to buy" scheme was that poor people would buy their houses and then the structural factors keeping them poor would vanish in a puff of smoke, and the poor people would stop being poor (also, and as a completely unintentional side-effect, owning a home is correlated with voting for Tories and renting is correlated with voting Labour, but again, that was totally not what old Maggie was thinking, honestly). (more…)
Eco-friendly bamboo toy cars and planes
Giant Grass Design recently did a successful crowdfunding round to create eco-friendly bamboo toy vehicles. These look like lots of fun! (more…)
Bros go to LA city council to speak for house parties
https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=tFUKsthR-Ts&app=desktopChad Kroeger, a Youtuber whose persona is a kind of stoner party-bro, attended a City Council hearing to discuss a plan to prohibit house parties and gave a passionate speech in defense of these parties as a way of helping lost young men realize their full potential; once gaveled out of the speaker's box, his confederate took the stand and continued. This is genius, Andy Kaufman-grade performance art. We howled with laughter in my house. (Thanks, Alistair!)
Four things to know about the Republican plan to give trillions of dollars to the richest Americans
Corey Robin (previously) wants you to know four things about the Republican plan to add 1.5 trillion dollars to the US debt and transfer trillions more to the richest Americans. (more…)
I could have potentially destroyed our moon base and still had time to eat astronaut ice cream
Our space camp instructor promoted me to Chief Research Scientist during our Mars mission for what I like to think was my competency and professionalism as Capsule Communicator during the previous day’s mission.I brought absolutely none of those qualities to our “base” on Phobos in a mock set-up designed for 9 to 11 year olds. After detailing rocks from the Mars' moon’s “surface,” I was tasked with conducting an experiment involving a chemical reaction inside a Ziploc baggie. Having spent most of my education nodding off through chemistry class, I was completely unfamiliar with my task. So I should have expected I would mix the wrong chemicals after carelessly picking up a different bottle. No explosion on our end, but instead of causing a reaction that would cool the bag and make it inflate, I created a substance now known as “space gravy.” It’s unfortunate Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Polyacrylate look so similar.Slightly less unfortunate was meeting my first astronaut. The final night of camp happened to feature a dinner to honor Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison “Jack” Schmitt 45 years after his mission.Dr. Schmitt, 82, a former U.S. senator from New Mexico and a geologist, is the only scientist to add his footsteps to the surface of the moon. He also happens to be a climate change denier. “Unfortunately, science at least in the United States has become biased to what governments want to do and that’s not objective science,” Schmitt said during a press conference before his dinner. “Science is really the process of questioning what you think you know.”It seemed a bit hard to personally reconcile Schmitt’s incredible NASA and science background with his current stance on science and climate change. I’m still unapologetically glad I had the opportunity to be in the same room as an Apollo astronaut.Schmitt also says the U.S. Space Program should be focused on returning to the moon, then setting our adventure sights on Mars for exploration – not terraforming it.It’s also a starkly different vision with what many other space experts are expecting from future missions. Television shows like National Geographic’s Mars are detailing a future a little over a decade away when the first colony will be thriving on the red planet.“We can [complete] the basic terraforming of Mars where we raise the temperature high enough so that there’s flowing water on the surface at least in day time,” said Stephen Petranek, author of How We’ll Live on Mars, during a press junket earlier in the day promoting the show’s upcoming season.“To have an environment, with the exception of the fact that we can’t breathe the air, but an environment which can be very similar to southern Canada. We can have that in 30 years. We can probably have it in 20 years. It depends how much money you’re willing to spend.”Petranek also pointed to how Huntsville’s Space Camp has even become heavily focused on the Mars initiative in the last few years. I’m not sure if I learned enough at Space Camp to decide what the future of U.S. and private space programs will be able to achieve and give a proper estimate. That didn’t stop the camp from giving me an “advanced” space academy degree.However, what I did learn is that astronaut ice cream is sold at the center’s gift shop. I should have considered myself lucky when I couldn’t find it at the cafeteria the previous day.
Roller Coaster Challenge
I was just introduced to an excellent game called Roller Coaster Challenge that melds puzzle solving, creativity and fun. It's a logic-based, free-form, build-it-yourself kit that tasks you to get from point A to point B by using a limited number of coaster parts.Every level in the game challenges you to build new structures while building on learned concepts. As you complete tasks, you’ll be surprised by what’s possible and it will make you want to go off the grid and create your own layouts.As you can plainly see from the video below, John's "Blue Flash" invention was no doubt inspired by this game.[embed]https://youtu.be/PGRgXWsL-_Y?t=13s[/embed]My wife tutors children who have a very difficult time focusing but Roller Coaster Challenge captures their attention and instantly gets them into the concentration zone.
Beautiful sculptures made entirely of store-bought nails
John Bisbee spends his days turning common steel nails into wonderful works of art. This short documentary by American Craft Council tours his Maine studio. (more…)
Make 2018 the year you learn white hat hacking
Instead of seeking vulnerabilities in computer systems for illicit access or valuable data theft, white hat hackers expose security flaws to help companies keep their users safe (and collect lucrative bug bounties). If you’re looking for an exciting challenge, or an opportunity to protect the world from cyber criminals, information security is the perfect place to work. You can learn the fundamentals of ethical hacking with this pay-what-you want course collection.In addition to getting an overview of common security infrastructure, you’ll learn how to perform expert penetration tests on websites, mobile applications, and networks. You’ll explore industry-standard hacking tools like Metasploit, and even study social engineering techniques to extract information from people without ever touching the command line. The following sections are included in the bundle:
Ajit Pai made a funny: leaked video shows his presentation at the Telecom Prom where he "pretends" to be a Verizon shill
Trump FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is a former top Verizon executive and now he's about to hand Verizon billions of dollars in public subsidy by striking down net neutrality rules, which is a really funny coincidence! (more…)
Wired releases a surveillance self-defense guide
Wired's new Guide to Digital Security is an excellent addition to the genre of simple-to-follow how-tos for reducing the likelihood that you'll be victimized by computer-assisted crime and harassment, and that if you are, the harms will be mitigated. (more…)
Bigots who swore their religious beliefs would force them to divorce if Australia passed marriage equality renege on promise
In 2015, Nick and Sarah Jensen publicly swore that their religious beliefs would force them to divorce in protest if Australia enacted marriage equality laws that allowed for same-sex marriage. This week, Australia passed such legislation, but the Jensens were evidently lying, and now Nick Jensen told the press (by text-message!) that they meant their "public comments regarding civil divorce never envisaged me separating from my wife, but rather our marriage from the state." (more…)
Square dancing was a racist hoax funded by Henry Ford to get white people to stop dancing to black music
Wonkette writer Robyn Pennacchia went on a brilliant Twitter rant about the strange history of square dancing, which is not an old American tradition, but rather a 20th century hoax that Henry Ford and Dr Pappy Shaw created to get white people to stop dancing to music made by black people. (more…)
Ajit Pai says an informed public (not Net Neutrality) will discipline ISPs (BTW, he's also killing the rules forcing ISPs to inform the public)
Trump's neutracidal FCC Chairman Ajit Pai says he wants to kill net neutrality and replace it with "disclosures," where ISPs tell you, somewhere in the fine print, how they're fucking you. That way, you can just choose a good ISP and the bad ones will be punished by the market. (more…)
Here are some of the lavish, lobbyist-funded parties that Congress and the Trump administration will attend this month
CropLife America (pesticide lobbyists); the Financial Services Roundtable (lobbyists for Citigroup, Jpmorgan, etc) and Lockheed Martin (largest arms-dealer in the world) are just some of the entities throwing lavish parties for Congresscritters, Senators, administration officials and their staffers this Christmas. (more…)
The point of Patreon isn't how many people earn a full-time living, it's how much of the money from art goes to artists
This week's Patreon PR fumble (the company changed what kinds of support are permissible and the way fees are paid and then said it was good for creators, when it clearly wasn't) prompted people to take a closer look at Patreon and its business. (more…)
I'm listening to covers of Sonic 2's 'Aquatic Ruin Zone'
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eC60qFBZSGgAh, the Aquatic Ruin Zone. This jazz cover of the video game music is pretty much PERFECT. The Super Soul Brothers seems like a modern version of Matchgame.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soFh8TH0J0QAw hell, I'll embed Matchgame too.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fev0lQb-KDc
California bans recreational abalone diving
California's abalone, once thought to be bouncing back from astounding levels of over-fishing, are again in trouble. Environmental conditions have led to mass starvation and are dramatically reducing this beloved sea delicacies chances of survival. In response the already limited recreational fishing season will be cancelled.Via CA Diver:
Pope Francis wants to change a line in the Lord's Prayer
Pope Francis thinks the English version of the Lord's Prayer "is not a good translation." He's specifically referring to the line, "lead us not into temptation," which is something he says God wouldn't do, but rather "it is Satan" who leads us into temptation.According to DW News:
Share of national wealth held by America's 1% hits 50-year high
In Household Wealth Trends in the United States, 1962 to 2016: Has Middle Class Wealth Recovered?, an NBER working paper by NYU economics professor Edward N. Wolff, we get an analysis of the annual US governmental Survey of Consumer Finances, revealing that the share of national wealth owned by the richest one percent of Americans has risen by three points since 2013, to more than 90%, the highest level in half a century. (more…)
High school student wins $250,000 for her video about relativity
Hillary Diane Andales is a high school student in the Philippines. Her video, called "Relativity & The Equivalence of Reference Frames," won the 2017 Breakthrough Junior Challenge prize, launched by Priscilla Chan and her husband. Andales will get a $250,000 post-secondary scholarship, and her teacher gets $50,000.
Utah white minority claims gerrymandering protects from discrimination
White folk in Utah's San Juan County claim that districts drawn to actually represent the local demographics unfairly discriminate against them.Via The Salt Lake Tribune:
Movie and TV memorabilia at Collector's Shangri-La
This holiday season give the gift of history.My friend Kevin Segall runs the greatest movie and TV memorabilia shop around, Collector's Shangri-La.Kevin has some amazing additions to his collection of signed movie posters, as well as scads of collectables from all our favorite shows.Check out Collector's Shangri-La!
Explainer video shows how secure 256 bit security is
https://youtu.be/S9JGmA5_unYHash functions are important in data security. SHA-256 (Secure Hash Algorithm) converts text of any length to a 64-digit hexadecimal number. Play around with the hash generator here by copying and pasting text into it.Here's a Shakespeare quote:
Congressman Trent Franks [R-AZ] resigns amidst accusations that he pressured his female staff to bear his children as surrogate mothers
The "inappropriate behavior" that caused Rep Trent Franks [R-AZ] to resign from Congress wasn't fondling or hugging or pressuring his staffers for sex: it was pressuring his female staffers allow him Franks and his wife to use their uteruses to gestate their children. (more…)
5 travel-friendly tech items to take some pressure off the holidays
Flying home for the holidays will always be a stressful endeavor, but these mobile accessories can help make the delayed flights, slow security lines, and bad WiFi a little more tolerable. Everything listed here can be had for 15% off their usual prices when you use code GIFTSHOP15 at checkout:MicFlip Fully Reversible MicroUSB Cable: 3-PackJust because you don’t have an iPhone, or an Android with USB-C doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the simple joy of a reversible charging cable. These MicFlip Cables feature a unique shape that works with any microUSB device, no matter which way you plug it in. A 3-pack normally goes for $37.99, but you can take 15% off with code GIFTSHOP15.Universal Waterproof Solar ChargerThis power bank is equally usable off the grid as it is in an airport gate without outlets. It’s totally waterproof in the event of an emergency sea landing, and will withstand accidental drops when you’re dashing to catch your connecting flight. This Universal Waterproof Solar Charger powers two devices simultaneously, and is 15% off its usual $13.99 price with GIFTSHOP15.OMNIA TA502 Travel AdapterIf you’re visiting friends or family outside of North America, you’ll definitely want an OMNIA TA502 Travel Adapter. It’s hardly bigger than your normal phone charger, but it houses 5 different standard international plugs behind a clever sliding mechanism. Keep your battery topped off in over 150 countries with this power adapter for $39.99 — and save 15% when you enter GIFTSHOP15 with your order.VPN Unlimited: 3-Yr SubscriptionExtensive use of free public WiFi can put your privacy at risk, but you can stay safe on the go with a subscription to VPN Unlimited. This virtual private network has servers in over 39 different countries, so you can encrypt your connection almost anywhere in the world. It offers unlimited high-speed bandwidth, and works on up to 5 devices at once. With code GIFTSHOP15, you can get an additional 15% off our usual $29.99 price on a 3-year subscription.Mighty: The First On-The-Go Spotify Music PlayerThe Mighty Player is the perfect cure for expensive in-flight WiFi — it saves up to 8GB of Spotify tunes locally for offline playback. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, and can play music for 5 hours on a single charge. Its MSRP is $85.99, but it is available in the Boing Boing Store for 15% off with coupon code GIFTSHOP15.
Experimental documentary shows one African migrant's harrowing journey to Europe
Fabio Palmieri directed IRREGULARS, a film about Cyrille Kabore, who tried time and time again to enter Europe after leaving his native Ghana at age 20. (more…)
What would 'The Simpsons' house look like in different architectual styles?
The residence of Homer, Marge, and their kids is so unremarkably suburban that it's hard to describe what it looks like, let alone name the architectural style. Here's what it might look like as more distinctive styles found in America. Above: Mediterranean. (more…)
Grocer offers stoneless avocados to avoid 'avocado hand'
Upscale British supermarket chain Marks & Spencer is offering avocados without pits at their stores as a way to avoid "avocado hand," according to The Telegraph.
A misty archway artwork that leads to a beautiful Japanese temple
Arc ZERO is an art installation from this year's Japan Alps Art Festival in Omachi. It heightens the Japanese experience of komorebi, a word that roughly means "sunlight filtering through trees." (more…)
The Not Yorker: website features rejected and unsubmitted New Yorker covers
"City Life" by Istvan Banyai is one of many charming New Yorker magazine covers that never were. The website The Not Yorker hopes to gather up submissions to give them a second life and maybe share the love for the artists who submit. (more…)
Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' featuring a rubber chicken
This is too silly not to share. Like the headline reads, it's Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" featuring the vocals of "Mr. Chicken," an (extra)ordinary squeaky rubber chicken.Thank you, YouTuber Franco Muñoz for bringing us this much-needed laugh.(The Awesomer)Previously: Despacito performed by a rubber chicken
Broetry is the perfect blogging format for the age of Trump
There's a new form of blog post going around comprising short, single-sentence paragraphs. Mostly marketing cliché delivered in the smugly impatient tone of know-it-all men, "Broetry" is the perfect material to game LinkedIn.
Rest in Power, David Vyorst
The open internet lost one of its unsung heroes this week, with the passing of David Vyorst, who served as Executive Director of the Washington, DC chapter of the Internet Society and as co-chair of the Internet Governance Forum USA.David wasn’t well known outside of certain geek circles, but his impact as a fighter for free speech, online privacy, and democratic governance was immeasurable. The thousands of people who assisted, attended and presented at the events he organized over the past decade include virtually every major thinker, builder, policymaker, journalist, entrepreneur, investor, and troublemaker working on internet issues in the Americas, and many from elsewhere around the planet, as well. David not only brought them all together, but helped them find common ground, and provided a platform for them to build, share and amplify an agenda for a more connected, humane, and just world.David’s passion for democratic media was rooted in his experience as a documentary filmmaker, which in turn was based on his personal experiences growing up Jewish in New York City. His film “The First Basket”, which explored the surprisingly central role of Jewish athletes in the rise of basketball and the NBA, received a lot of positive critical attention when it was released in 2008.In person, David was like a puppy dog, and his youthful exuberance and energy belied his 56 years. Whether speaking at a podium in front of a thousand internet policy wonks or crammed behind a table at his favorite DC haunt, Politics and Prose bookstore and café, he was always brimming with new ideas, always hot to discuss the latest news and technological developments, always game to wax poetic or philosophical at a moment’s notice. He especially loved to bring people with differing worldviews together, and after he’d made introductions, was content to lean back and watch the sparks fly.When I moved to Washington in 2015, David was one of the first people I reached out to, and he was instrumental in drawing me into the local internet policy scene. Together, we organized and co-hosted several events, including a panel on fake news and social media algorithms at American University during the week of T***p’s inauguration. I believed that these events were just the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership, and when I heard about his passing today, I felt the double pain of losing a lovely friend and an inspiring collaborator.David will be missed sorely by his many, many friends and aquaintances, and the loss of his leadership on internet governance issues leaves a gaping hole in American activism and policy. Let’s honor his memory by working together to keep the internet free, open, accessible, diverse, and friendly.
Joan Jett in new Blondie video
Enjoy the dark (very dark) comedy of this new Blondie video for the track "Doom or Destiny," starring Joan Jett and Debbie Harry anchoring an apocalyptic newscast about global warming, nuclear war, and, of course, President Trump.From Rolling Stone:
These digital calipers are on sale for under $10
I bought some digital measurement calipers mainly as a tool for 3D printing, But I quickly learned that it was useful measuring other things - pipe diameters (inner and outer), screw diameters, small pieces of wood, and so on. If you're interested in 3D printing or model making, I'd say getting one of these for $10 is a no-brainer.
Watch this astounding video of lightning bolts in ultra-high definition at 1,000 frames-per-second
Filmmaker Dustin Farrell spent his summer traveling 20,000 miles to film lightning around the United States. He used a Phantom Flex4K camera to capture these brilliant bolts at 1,000 frames per second. The film is called "Transient."“Lightning is like a snowflake. Every bolt is different,” Farrell says. “I learned that lightning varies greatly in speed. There are some incredible looking bolts that I captured that didn’t make the cut because even at 1000fps they only lasted for one frame during playback. I also captured some lightning that appear computer generated it lasted so long on the screen.”(via The Kid Should See This)
Crane converted into a hotel room
TheKrane on Copenhagen's Nordhavn harbor is a coal crane converted into a two-person hotel suite. It's €2,500 per night. For that price, they should at least allow you to operate the crane. From the hotel site:
I was sent to space camp and survived the Multi Axis Trainer
https://rumble.com/embed/u7hb9.v1fl5j/Gearing up in a flight suit inside a bathroom stall at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama may not be the most authentic way to prepare for the perils of space, but it’s the closest chance I’ll ever get to living my dream of becoming a cosmonaut.And since everyone’s dream is leaving Earth’s atmosphere and exploring, walking around in a blue onesie like you’re part of a cult doesn’t make you feel as stupid as I looked.I actually found myself getting strangely overinvested in my role as a Capsule Communicator (CAPCOM), making sure our virtual space shuttle completed its mission and landed safely while part of the camp group conducted space missions and flew a mock shuttle.Mission control was responsible for sifting through binder-filled specs to solve “anomalies” that would sporadically appear on our consoles while guiding the crew.The camp offers different difficulty levels with more math-involved scenarios for advanced admirers of space, but for a camp group of journalists and bloggers, the lower level, “kid’s” missions suited us perfectly. It may even be a little embarrassing the number of times the camp instructors had to step in with some hints.I also said “roger that” enough times to be committed to an insane asylum, but it was worth it to bring our crew safely back home. We were just able to land our shuttle a little sideways on the runway after our low orbit missions were completed. Today we do it again for a Mars simulation.I’ve also been able to try out some other simulators at the camp. The all-fearing Multi Axis Trainer consists of rotating steel rings produced to train astronauts in case a space capsule spins out of control.If any of you decide to build one at home, make sure to keep your eyes open or closed while in use. Switching between the two is said to make you feel more disorientated.Vomiting is actually unlikely to occur on one of these hellish machines since instructors assured me no matter how many times I asked that it doesn’t spin you in the same direction twice to make you dizzy and your stomach stays in the center of gravity the entire time.I personally felt like my eyes’ blood vessels were going to explode. Unfortunately they didn’t.And that may have been for the best because my eyeballs were certainly needed to piece together a plastic and cardboard small model rocket. There’s no justifying how many of us were enthused to be sitting down at a cafeteria table fighting over glue to attach parachutes inside our rockets. I’m still concerned I didn’t line the inside with enough pieces of fire retardant wadding for my parachute to deploy unharmed. Blast off will be Thursday and my team Marshall is hoping to defeat team Kennedy in this disturbingly grotesque space race.The only really upsetting part of this whole space camp experience is that no astronaut ice cream was located at the camp’s cafeteria. Dippin’ Dots machines are available onsite, which I’m sure is enough for most people, but I still felt silently and utterly destroyed upon this discovery. While my hopes melted away like the non-freeze-dried ice cream the camp had available, the experience of playing astronaut without any of the bravery or potential risk is an interesting adventure.And yes, I’m still debating if I should wear my flight suit on the plane ride back to see if it gets me upgraded to first class.Freelance writer Robert Spallone was sent to adult space camp in Huntsville, Alabama at as part of a trip sponsored by National Geographic on behalf of Darren Aronofsky's new series One Strange Rock and Ron Howard's new season of MARS.
Fidget spinner keycaps to make your clackies whirly
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NHR0vpQYUUMassdrop's Hammer Fidget Spinner Artisan Keycap cost $20-$22, and fit any Cherry MX-compatible keyboard, with shipping in February. (via Ohgizmo)
Toys R Us is bankrupt, but top execs are cleared to receive $16 million in bonuses
A Justice department attorney representing the people owed money by Toys R Us doesn't believe the bankrupt corporation should pay lavish bonuses to the same executives who drove the toy store chain into the ground.From Judy Robbins filing:
Electric nostril plugs
Japanshop's Hanaga Tap Nose Outlet aren't cheap ($48), they take up two precious outlets and only give one back, and are two-prong only, but they still make me giggle. (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)