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Updated 2018-08-19 01:21
Watch how to open this hotel safe in seconds
Hotel safes with keypad combinations have become a staple in a certain level of hotel room, but if the administrative override code was not changed from the factory settings, it's incredibly easy to open one. (more…)
Omarosa turned down $15k a month to stay silent about Trump
In her new book "Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House," Omarosa Manigault-Newman claims she was offered $15,000 a month to stay quiet about all things Trump after she was fired from her position as Director of Communications for the White House Public Liaison Office. The person who allegedly offered her the money if she agreed to sign an NDA? The President's daughter-in-law Lara Trump.
Bigfoot, the crazy "its aliens" guy, and a lot of odd stuff in latest attempt to sell Big Macs
McDonald's advertising has been baffling before, but this one is all kinds of weird.The breakfasts are pretty good.
Watch this musician ride her bike while performing on sax and drums
Artist and copyright shero Ali Spagnola (previously) released Freewheeling, where she plays sax while riding her bike, which doules as all the percussion instruments. (more…)
Surveillance camera shows off-duty NYPD cop dropping a weapon near man he shot in the face
After NYPD Sgt. Richard Blake shot Thavone Santana in the face during a confrontation, we were told a terrifying story of being threatened and mugged early Thursday on the mean streets of Brooklyn. Unfortunately for Blake, a nearby video camera captured him drawing his gun, shooting someone who was trying to move away from him, then dropping a knife near his unconscious body.
Hiroshi Unno's 'The Art of Fantasy, Sci-fi and Steampunk'
I can not read or understand very much of Hiroshi Unno's The Art of Fantasy, Sci-fi and Steampunk, but it is a visual treat!This tome collects images and art from novels, early fantasy and romance to steampunk. Unno catalogs the incredible maturation of fantasy art work from the 19th century today.I spent a couple hours leafing through this book, and it will live on my coffee table for quite a while.The Art of Fantasy, Sci-fi and Steampunk by Hiroshi Unno via Amaozn
Chicago journalists once opened a fake bar to document corruption
Forty years ago, investigative journalists in Chicago hatched an audacious plan to create a fake tavern packed with hidden microphones, cameras, and reporters everywhere working as bar staff and customers. Their goal was to document local corruption. Topic has a great oral history of the project. (more…)
Terminal-based task manager
So you like Trello but like your terminal even more? Taskwarrior and Taskbook are apps for task management and note-taking that live in the dark space of pure text. From Taskbook's homepage:
Apple AirPods on sale on Amazon for $145
It's rare for Amazon to sell Apple's wireless AirPods let alone have them on sale. I bought a pair in March and I really like how convenient and easy to use they are. Right now Amazon is selling them for $145 with free Prime shipping, which is $14 less than the price at the Apple store.
Leonardo Da Vinci to-do list reveals his insatiable curiosity about the world
Leonardo Da Vinci kept a to-do list. The thing that struck me was his interest in seeking out experts to teach him and show him how to do things. This list is from 1490 or so.
Police tell man not to use pliers as a steering wheel
Police officers in King’s Lynn, Norfolk pulled over a car that was missing a bumper, a side panel, and headlights. It also had a flat tire. When they walked over to the car they noticed that the driver was using pliers as a steering wheel and was sitting on a partially collapsed plastic bucket in place of a seat. They told the gentleman to not do this any more. Oddity Central has more photos of the remarkable horseless carriage.
Watchdog: UK spies engaged in illegal surveillance from 2001-2012
The UK Investigatory Powers Tribunal has ruled that GCHQ (the UK's domestic surveillance apparatus) illegally engaged in mass surveillance for more than a decade (starting after 9/11), during which time the foreign secretaries who were supposed to be overseeing their activities "delegated powers without oversight," allowing the spies to police their own activities. (Images: Defense Images, CC-BY-SA; Cryteria, CC-BY)
Silicon Valley families making $117,000 are considered low income
With single-family home in the Bay Area averaging $935,000, families there making $117,000 are considered low income. The run-up on house prices is blamed on tech workers who can pay top dollar for houses. From CBS News:
Illinois's "anti-corruption" Republican governor handed out $300,000 in cash at a campaign rally
Bruce Rauner is a millionaire hedge-fundie who currently serves as governor of Illinois, a position he attained by campaigning as an "anti-corruption" candidate. (more…)
Kickstarting Flotsam, an RPG about "marginalized people in space"
Josh writes, "Imagine the Belters of the Expanse watching as Earth and Mars shape their lives, the civilians in Battlestar Galactica living with the decisions made by the military and the folk of Downbelow in Babylon 5, abandoned to destitution and squalor by those who built the station. Flotsam is a game is about characters like that. In Flotsam you play outcasts, renegades and misfits trying to make their way in a world where poverty and gang conflict sit alongside alien technology and supernatural weirdness. You play through their lives, their interpersonal relationships and small-scale drama against the epic backdrop of space." (more…)
First solo album by C418, creator of Minecraft's music
Chances are you've heard C418's music, even if you've never heard of him: he scored Minecraft. Now the Berlin-based producer and composer, aka Daniel Rosenfeld, has his first solo album on the way. Here's a single from it, titled Beton. [via Variety]
An entomologist rates ant emojis
Curlicuecal has a PhD in entomology and did graduate work on ant behavior. Recently Curlicuecal rated ant emojis from Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and other companies on their Tumblr. Apple has the best ant, and Mozilla had the worst (they use a termite).Beautiful big almond eye, realistic and full of expression as she gazes gently at you. Elbowed antennae and delicately segmented legs and body. Gorgeous pearlescent sheen like she is glowing. This ant moisturizes. This ant is round and huggable. This ant is a star. 11/10.Beautifully detailed, lifelike pose but with an unexpected neck and odd antennae, perhaps scared straight. Her eyes suggest she has seen things. Her expression confirms she has seen too much. She is haunted and I want to know more. 7/10.
Noam Chomsky calmly explains why Trump and allies are a threat to organized human life
"Today's Republican Party is the most dangerous organization in human history," intones Noam Chomsky as methodically describes "a level of criminality that is almost hard to find words to describe." (more…)
Cool HOWTO on creating an AI to play 2048
The always entertaining and inspiring YouTuber Code Bullet decided to build a 2048-playing AI from scratch. It's really interesting to see him also build 2048 as part of the process. (more…)
Get your Battle Pass! Fortnite's Season Five is here
Fortnite Season Five is off to a blazingly ridiculous start! The beginning of a new season is the best time to buy your Battle Pass! Get to work!Fortnite is fantastic fun. The 100 player Battle Royale mode sports fantastic gameplay physics and mechanics on Xbox, PS4, Nintendo, PC, and Apple iOS. The game is packed with hilarious animations, dances, actions, weapons, and locations. Backstory and Easter eggs are ludicrously sprinkled all over the map in a manner that is only additive and addictive, but doesn't impact gameplay at all. There is deep strategy to be learned, skill to be developed, and a massive eSports prize pool to aim for, or players can just build a crazy ramp and try jump a shopping cart across half the map.Fortnite has it all. I have been frequently asked if folks should buy the available-in-game Battle Pass. For $10 the Battle Pass is a bargain! You will immediately get a character skin and a few other items of bling, but the real value is the series of challenges and rewards that are super fun and fulfilling over the next 10 weeks. Adding some 'progression' and goals to a game this is otherwise just a constant repetition. 'Drop on the island, find loot, try to survive' gets a corollary "I need to blow 3 people up with plunger grenades" or "I have to dive through 20 hoops as I skydive down to the island." Occasionally the challenges are crazy fun, or just plain weird. The seasonal appearance of Island Gnomes and their chittering creepy voices makes me want to complete that task quick.Completing whole sets of weekly tasks also gets you bonus loot. You do not need any of this loot to win at Fortnite. While the game plays exactly the same without decorative loot, the challenge/reward system adds a lot of fun!Keep at it and sooner or later you'll be racking up wins and 'dancing the L' on pools of loot left by eliminated opponents.
Cactus juicer
Oh, I adore this. My whole living room is decorated in vintage/retro western kitsch. For this Sonora ceramic cactus juicer, I'd be willing to extend the decor into the kitchen. Squeezing out the roughly $31.70 (plus $29.30 for shipping) is the only thing holding me back.image via DOIY Design of Barcelona(Foodiggity)
Fantastic collection of 1980s videogame TV commercials
Videogame commercials are practically a lost art. The 1980s was the peak of videogame advertising, especially on television. Above, a one hour collection of those fantastic commercials. No matter how silly and crazy they may be, they're still a vital part of videogame history. Don't miss: The Toys R Us (RIP) commercial featuring Atari's Pac-Man and a classic Atari rap. Have fun!
Study: HPV tests more effective at finding precancerous cells in women than a pap smear
As someone born with a penis, I can’t imagine how uncomfortable and intrusive a Pap test must be. If you’re a fella that’s unfamiliar with what a Pap test is, ask a gal pal or allow me to give you the gist: A Pap test, also called a Pap smear, is a test that screens a woman for cervical cancer. To conduct the test, a doctor scrapes tissue from a woman’s cervix to screen it for abnormal growth that could be indicate that cancer could be in her cards. Given the stakes, I can see why someone would subject themselves to this. According to the CBC, a recent study has determined that being tested for human papillomavirus (HPV,) instead of simply screening for abnormal cells, can be a whole lot more effective at determining whether a woman is at risk of developing cervical cancer. The real kicker here is that, for woman, being tested for HPV can be an almost identical procedure to getting a pap smear. That means a whole lot more gain for the same amount of pain.From the CBC:
Watch this and you'll be humming about sexy pants all day
Bill Wurtz is back, this time with sexy pants. (more…)
Italian Chefs watch in horror as YouTube ruins Spaghetti Carbonara
In this video, three reputable Italian chefs are subjected to severe moral injury by being forced to watch the top five 'how to cook carbonara' videos on YouTube. Their emotions range between outrage, disappointment, dour amusement and absolute horror in under 13 minutes. Be sure to turn subtitles on for this one before settling in.The most interesting thing for me was how disappointed they were in the final video that they watched, which features Jamie Oliver showing off his carbonara chops. According to the chefs, they ain't great. Their chief complaint was that he failed to show the meat being properly sanitized before chopping it up and throwing it in a hot pan to fry. I'm sure the pig processing poop adds flavor, but Yuck.Image via Wikipedia
Dev Tube: collection of videos for computer programmers
Dev Tube delivers exactly as promised: a selection of high-quality videos for developers. And it's not just about code, but craftsmanship and career.
Watch this delightful montage of dancing in movies
For Dancing in Movies, Casper Langbak took dancing scenes from over 300 movies and set them to some great retro hits.YouTube gave it an instablock because of the music used, but he does have a channel over there with cool stuff like this tribute to cinematic evil:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOnc6l7hu-0• Dancing in Movies (Vimeo / CLS Videos)
Protest without strategy is performance
In times of trouble, people want to do something, but as activist Kat Calvin points out, make sure your time and resources are spent wisely. Otherwise you end up enriching grifters: (more…)
Watch this beautiful tour of Manhattan's Classic Car Club
Mike Prichinello co-founded Classic Car Club in Manhattan, which recently moved into a beautiful new space. Mauricio Mochon shot some of the gorgeous cars on display. (more…)
For the best of reasons, The Slants won the right to trademark racially offensive slurs -- and now there's rather a lot of that
It's been a year since the Asian-American band The slants won their court case against the US Patent and Trademark office, which had refused to allow them to trademark their band-name because it was a racial slur. (more…)
Wildbook: facial recognition for critters in the wild
The Wildbook project conducts wild animal population censuses by combining photos of animals taken by tourists, scientists, and volunteers and then using their distinctive features (zebra stripes, whale fluke shapes, leopard spots, etc) to identify individuals and produces unprecedented data that uses creepy facial recognition tools for non-creepy purposes. (more…)
Teaching a banjo workshop while undergoing an EEG
Patrick Costello (previously) writes, "I had to go through a 25 hr EEG, but I didn't let the wires glued to my head stop me from posting my weekly frailing banjo workshop."
Yale's most popular course ever: Happiness
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Rs1B8V4vx0When Yale psych professor Laurie Santos offered a course in how to be happy -- based on the latest peer-reviewed science -- she hoped that a reasonable number of students would sign up (after all, the literature suggested that there is an epidemic of depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation among US college students); the course was the most successful in Yale's history, with one in four students enrolling (more…)
The Internet of Shit: a godsend for abusers and stalkers
People who help domestic abuse survivors say that they are facing an epidemic of women whose abusers are torturing them by breaking into their home smart devices, gaslighting them by changing their thermostat settings, locking them out of their homes, spying on them through their cameras. (more…)
This 360-degree wireless security camera is $45
While it's fun to watch Hollywood action heroes hack into cameras to spy on their targets, the thought of an actual cybercriminal using our own security devices against us is chilling for most. That's what makes the iPM World HD 360 Degree 1080p Wireless IP Camera essential for anyone looking to deter digital and physical intruders alike, and it's available today for $44.99.Completely encrypted and capable of rotating 360 degrees, the IPM World Wireless Camera lets you monitor your living space while keeping your feed under lock and key. You can view footage from your smartphone via the WiFi client and rotate it remotely to get the perfect angle. Plus, with infrared night vision built in, you can keep tabs when the lights are off.The iPM World HD 360 Degree 1080p Wireless IP Camera is available in the Boing Boing Store today for $44.99.
Trump sends 1,000 immigrants to Mojave Desert prison, staff say it's unsafe & predict 'detainee deaths'
'Disease outbreaks and a lack of medical personnel await those imprisoned in Victorville, California.' Prison staff in Victorville say immigrant detainees are treated like 'cockroaches.' There's already an outbreak of scabies and a case of chicken pox among the detainees.(more…)
Star Wars fans: You have to see this animated ASCII remake of Episode IV
It was 1997 when Simon Jansen started his remake of the first Star Wars film -- Episode IV - A New Hope -- as an ASCII animation (or "asciimation," as he coined it). (more…)
Insecure internet security cameras and nannycams are actively exploited by voyeurs to spy on owners
Shenzhen Gwelltimes Technology Co., Ltd is the white-label vendor behind a whole constellation of Internet of Things networked home cameras sold as security cameras, baby monitors, pet monitors, and similar technologies; these cameras are designed to be monitored by their owners using an app, and because of farcically bad default passwords ("123") and other foolish security practices (such as sequentially numbering each camera, allowing attackers to enumerate vulnerable devices), the devices are trivial to locate and hijack over the internet. (more…)
Look closely: These Hawaiian shirts depict our plastic-polluted oceans
A staggering eight million tons of plastic trash is dumped in our oceans each year, according to a 2015 Science report.As a way of putting a spotlight on the issue, Spanish designer Adolfo Correa created the art for The Paradise? Shirt, a Hawaiian-style shirt that, at first glance, looks standard-issue. Look closer and you'll see he's put plastic waste -- like toothbrushes and six-pack rings -- into the design. The shirt was a collaboration between Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, Corona and Parley for the Oceans, created for World Oceans Day (June 8). The limited-edition shirts were being sold at the World Surf League Store for $69/each but have already sold out.https://vimeo.com/274255636images via Adolfo Correa(Dezeen)
Googlers' ethical refusal to build airgap systems curtailed Google's ability to bid on sensitive military contracts
A group of elite Google Cloud engineers simply refused to put any work into an airgap system designed to let the company bid on sensitive military contracts, which undermined the company's ability to seek military work. (more…)
Would you buy a $28 bottle of "unfiltered Hot Dog Water"? Some people in Canada did
What's in the water in one Canadian city? Uncooked hot dogs, apparently.Last weekend, a reality-hacking hero offered bottles of unfiltered, "keto-compatible" "Hot Dog Water" at a Vancouver street festival for CAN$37.99 (~US$28) a pop. The vendor, performance artist/"foodie-troller" Douglas Bevans, claimed his special water (which included a real hot dog inside each bottle) had health benefits."Several" people "bought-and-consumed" his expensive meat water though his hilarious venture didn't turn a profit, according to the blog Vancouver is Awesome. The blog also shared Bevans' reason for selling it in the first place, which appeared at the bottom of the health claim:
This cordless Dyson vacuum helps you clean every corner of your living space
Spring came and went, but we're not here to judge if you didn't get around to cleaning up your living space. After all, taking the time to vacuum your floors can stretch out into a lengthy task when you're constantly switching between power outlets and trying to jam your machine into those tight corners. With the Dyson V6 Bagless Cordless Handheld Vacuum with HEPA Filter, you can sidestep the vacuum hassles and finally catch up on your spring cleaning. It's available today for $179.99.Powered by Dyson's digital V6 motor and armed with cyclonic technology, this bagless, cordless, handheld vacuum uses cyclonic technology to separate dirt from the air and deliver more than 3x the suction power. Its rinseable HEPA filter traps dust, pet dander, and pollen while you clean, preventing it from escaping back to the air. And, with the included crevice and combination tool, you can easily get dirt out of those troublesome corners.The Dyson V6 Bagless Cordless Handheld Vacuum with HEPA Filter is available in the Boing Boing Store for $179.99.
'Rolling Stone' gives an unflinching portrait of Johnny Depp and the financial mess he's in
Johnny Depp as Captain Jack SparrowAfter "a month and almost 200 e-mails," Rolling Stone writer Stephen Rodrick succumbed to an interview with Johnny Depp at his London home to discuss how the 55-year-old actor lost nearly all of his $650M fortune. The piece was devised by his lawyer in an effort to put Depp and his financial woes in a positive light, instead Rodrick compared Depp to a late-stage Marlon Brando and detailed the eccentricities he witnessed over a 72-hour period. The longform interview is a brutal portrait of a man who's suing the people who once handled his money.
Judge orders Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to go back to law school
Kris Kobach (previously) is a racist shitbag who engineered Red State America's voter suppression campaign; he is also (predictably enough) the Kansas Secretary of State, in which capacity he has been representing his office in a lawsuit over his unconstitutional voter ID law. (more…)
Browser extension to fix the NYT's squeamishness about calling Trump a liar
The New York Times doesn't like to call Donald Trump (who is a compulsive liar) a liar; they deploy the squeamish euphemism "falsely claimed" in place of "lied" -- with Gabriel Gironda's NYT Speak Chrome extension (source code here), you can remedy this situation. (Thanks, Gabriel Gironda!)
Large retro wall clock for $7.50
The keen retro wall clock I bought in January is back on sale on Amazon for $7.50. It's worked like a champ and I haven't had to change the batteries or adjust the time yet.
Weekend Tunes: Spinal Tap - Stonehenge
Stonehenge has been stuck in my head like an ice pick during every summer solstice for as far back as I can remember. I'm a day late with it, but now my pain/joy is yours.
Mental health of black people harmed by police murders of unarmed black people, says medical research
A report published in The Lancet by a team of medical researchers shows that when cops in the United States murder unarmed black people, it messes with the mental health of black people who live nearby. (more…)
U.S. Navy plans immigrant internment camps to detain tens of thousands in CA, AL, AZ
An internal document shows the U.S. Navy has developed a plan to construct 'austere' tent cities capable of holding tens of thousands of immigration detainees on remote bases in California, Alabama and Arizona.(more…)
Paul McCartney takes James Corden on a tour through Liverpool
Paul McCartney took a very lucky James Corden on a terrific car tour of Liverpool, they sang Beatles songs, checked out Paul's old haunts (including his childhood home), and generally enjoyed themselves. Corden was so overcome at one point that he started crying. It concludes with a surprise performance at a pub.Image: YouTube/The Late Late Show with James Corden