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Updated 2018-08-16 21:20
Bin Laden raid architect issues stunning rebuke of Trump
Retired Adm. William McRaven, the man who oversaw the 2011 Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden, issued a stunning rebuke of President Donald Trump's decision to revoke the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan on Thursday, defending the former spy chief as "one of the finest public servants I have ever known."
Vatican calls Pennsylvania abuse 'criminal and morally reprehensible'
The Vatican broke its silence on Thursday about a Pennsylvania grand jury report that detailed decades of sexual abuses by priests and cover-ups by bishops, calling the accusations "criminal and morally reprehensible."
Queen of soul Aretha Franklin is dead at 76
Priest abuse victims detail lifetime of trauma and broken trust
It's been 70 years since Robert says he was sexually abused by a priest. And in the decades since, his wife and family suffered every day.
'Thousands of other bridges in Italy may be at risk'
7 things you should know about Aretha Franklin
Musical icon Aretha Franklin is known for her powerhouse vocals, but here are a few other interesting facts about her personal life and career.
Trump's strategy is failing and the Taliban is winning
Just consider this incomplete précis of the past six days.
Brennan writes in NYT: Trump is 'scaring critics into silence'
Atal Bihari Vajpayee, former Indian prime minister, dies
Newspaper editorials champion a free press
Iranians vent anger at Trump as wheels come off economy
Brennan writes in NYT: Trump is 'scaring critics into silence'
Trump revokes ex-CIA chief's security clearance in unprecedented move
Kim Jong Nam trial: Judge rules women's lawyers must mount defense
Two women charged with murdering Kim Jong Nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, will remain in custody as their lawyers mount a defense against the prosecution's claims.
China: Trade talks with the US are back on
Near 1M Chinese vaccine doses faulty
Hundreds of thousands of additional vaccines intended for children have been found to be faulty, the Chinese government announced Wednesday, raising the number of known defective vaccines in the country to almost one million.
NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo says America 'was never that great'
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said America "was never that great" during a speech on Wednesday, drawing criticism from the Republican looking to unseat him in November.
Senator calls Brennan a 'butthead'
Sen. John Kennedy defended President Donald Trump's decision to revoke John Brennan's security clearance and called the former CIA director a "butthead" who doesn't need the clearance.
Kabul attack: Teens targeted, dozens killed in suicide blast
'Priests were raping little boys and girls, and the men of God hid it all. For decades'
Priest abuse victims detail lifetime of trauma and broken trust
Manafort trial goes to the jury
Jurors are set to begin deliberating Thursday morning whether to convict President Donald Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort of bank fraud and tax evasion.
Women accused of killing Kim Jong Nam could be freed
Two women accused of murdering the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un could walk free Thursday, if a judge decides there's not enough evidence to proceed with their trial.
Pressure on Pope to address cover-ups
The Vatican has declined to respond to an explosive grand jury report detailing decades of sexual abuse and cover-ups by priests and bishops in Pennsylvania, refusing even to say whether church officials in Rome have read the damaging documents.
Turkey ramps up US spat with huge tariffs
Is Israel keeping a 'blacklist' of its critics?
London terror suspect identified
Biden cancels event due to 'doctor's orders'
Mystery surrounds man jailed for 36 years
Gajanand Sharma wandered across the Indian border into Pakistan in 1982. He was arrested and spent the next 36 years in prison.
Duterte: Beijing should 'temper' behavior in the S China Sea
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has called for the Chinese government to tone down its behavior in the South China Sea, warning ongoing tensions could spark an accidental conflict.
Omarosa's tell-all a rare public breach of Trump's loyalty test
Expert: Maintenance could be cause of collapse
Assistant Professor Lauren Stewart says an ongoing maintenance issue could be a factor in the collapse of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa, Italy.
Family, fans rally around Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin is surrounded by those closest to her as the legendary singer receives hospice care.
No answers after murder of Russian reporters in Africa
New Berlin Wall section found in Germany
The Berlin Wall came down in 1989. But it seems that its story still hasn't been fully told.
Death toll climbs after part of major bridge collapses in Italy
London crash being treated as terror incident, police say
Watch the moment bridge gives way in Genoa, Italy
At least 20 people have died after a highway collapsed in Italy during a violent storm.
The West cannot afford losing Turkey to Russia and Iran
Turkey's national currency, the lira, has tumbled by nearly 40% against the US dollar so far this year.
Highway bridge collapses in Italy after violent storm; several dead
Moment of London car incident caught on video
Video captures the moment a car crashes into a security barrier outside the Houses of Parliament in London, in what police are treating as a terrorist incident.
Turkey's Erdogan pledges boycott on US electronics
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced a boycott of American electronics Tuesday after US President Donald Trump's decision to hike tariffs on Turkish steel imports.
Late night comics take on Omarosa
Late night comedians poke fun at Omarosa Manigault Newman's media tour following her release of taped conversations with President Donald Trump and chief of staff John Kelly.
What happens next in Turkey? It probably won't be good
South Korea bans thousands of BMWs
Erdogan says US has stabbed Turkey in the back after the lira plunges to record low
Rescue ship stripped of flag amid dispute over migrants stranded at sea
Gibraltar has moved to strip a stranded migrant rescue ship of its registration amid a row over which country is responsible for taking in the 141 desperate migrants, including dozens of children, on board.
Hong Kong independence talk held amid protests
A hotly anticipated speech by a pro-Hong Kong independence activist went ahead Tuesday at the city's Foreign Correspondents' Club, amid government pressure and protests by pro-China groups.
Netanyahu slams UK Labour leader Corbyn for laying wreath at terrorist grave
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has taken the unusual step of criticizing a UK opposition politician after pictures emerged showing the Labour Party leader at a 2014 wreath-laying ceremony for terrorists who killed Israeli athletes in the 1970s.
Missing boy died in religious ritual
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