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Updated 2019-07-18 10:16
Swarm Robots Mimic Ant Jaws to Flip and Jump
Trap-jaw ants inspired these small, autonomous swarm robots
With This AI, 60 Percent of Patients Who Had Surgery Could Have Avoided It
Machine learning algorithms that combine clinical and molecular data are the “wave of the future,” experts say
Three Ways Engineers Are Improving the Planet
Smart technology can help combat global warming and create a better future
Startup Aims to Tackle Grid Storage Problem With New Porous Silicon Battery
A Canadian company emerges from stealth mode to provide grid-scale energy storage with its high-density battery tech
One Driver Steers Two Trucks With Peloton’s Autonomous Follow System
The technology is currently being tested on closed tracks, the company says
The Internet Is Coming to the Rest of the Animal Kingdom
A new Doolittlesque initiative aims to promote Internet communication among smart animals
Get Keysight’s Basic Instruments Flyer Featuring the New N6790 series Electronic Loads
Get Keysight’s Basic Instruments Flyer Featuring the New N6790 series Electronic Loads
Four Power eBooks to Enhance Your Power Testing IQ!
Want power testing tips at your fingertips?
A (Very) Close Look at Carbon Capture and Storage
A material called ZIF-8 swells up when carbon dioxide molecules are trapped inside, new images reveal
Revolutionize Your Design and Test Workflow
Revolutionize Your Design and Test Workflow
Chip Hall of Fame: MOS Technology 6581
A synthesizer that defined the sound of a generation
Watch World Champion Soccer Robots Take on Humans at RoboCup
Humans may not be doomed at soccer quite yet
New Mobile App Brings the Power of IEEE Xplore to Your Smartphone
Other improvements include easier access to complex searching, new author information pages, and support for research reproducibility
Intel’s Neuromorphic System Hits 8 Million Neurons, 100 Million Coming by 2020
Researchers can use the 64-chip Pohoiki Beach system to make systems that learn and see the world more like humans
How NASA Recruited Snoopy and Drafted Barbie
The space agency has long relied on kid-friendly mascots to make the case for space
Three Steps to a Moon Base
Space agencies and private companies are working on rockets, landers, and other tech for lunar settlement
Video Friday: This NASA Robot Uses "Fishhook Grippers" to Climb Rock Walls
Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos
Electric Vehicle Manufacturers Need Engineers With AI and Robotics Skills
University of Illinois power electronics instructor Philip Krein explains the training new hires need
First the E-Bike, Next the Flying Car
This company thinks its 3D-printing technology for carbon fiber can do anything
Delhi Rolls Out a Massive Network of Surveillance Cameras
The state government says closed-circuit TVs will help fight crime, but digital liberties activists are concerned about the project's lack of transparency
Power Infrastructure Mixing AC and DC Loads
With the arrival of DC-powered IT loads the management of electrical infrastructure is becoming more complex than ever. In this webinar, we will introduce you to our solution and show two concrete use cases
How High Fives Help Us Get in Touch With Robots
Social touch is a cornerstone of human interaction, and robots are learning how to do it too
Lunar Pioneers Will Use Lasers to Phone Home
NASA’s Orion and Gateway will try out optical communications gear for a high-speed connection to Earth
This Cell Tower in the Swiss Alps Is Struck by Lightning More Than 100 Times a Year
Säntis Tower is struck so often, researchers adorned it with instruments to try to better understand how lightning forms
Ultrasensitive Microscope Reveals How Charging Changes Molecular Structures
New ability to image molecules under charging promises big changes for molecular electronics and organic photovolatics
Humanity’s Lunar Habitats
A look at current plans to return to the moon…and stay there
Project Moon Base
Humans are preparing to build the first permanent settlement in space
The Great Moon Rush
NASA and its partners are already building the rockets and habitat, navigation, and communication systems that will let people live in lunar colonies indefinitely
Mind Meld: Tetris Players Electronically Connect Their Brains
Humans collaborate using brain-to-brain communication to play video game
Robots Will Navigate the Moon With Maps They Make Themselves
Astrobotic’s autonomous navigation will help lunar landers, rovers, and drones find their way on the moon
Humanoid Robots Teach Coping Skills to Children With Autism
Roboticist Ayanna Howard explains what inspired her to work on assistive technologies for kids
The Best U.S. Markets for Rising Engineers, and Why
Many U.S. cities are on the rise in terms of engineering opportunities and industries, offering good job markets and exciting metro areas to live in
Applied Materials’ New Memory Machines
Tools designed to rapidly build embedded MRAM, RRAM, and phase change memories on logic chips expand foundry options
AI Can Edit Photos With Zero Experience
A new technique called Double-DIP deploys deep learning to polish images without prior training
Rovers Will Unroll a Telescope on the Moon’s Far Side
Astronomers need a quiet place to observe the cosmic dawn
Robots Have a Hard Time Grasping These "Adversarial Objects"
To make robot grasping more robust, researchers are designing objects that are as difficult as possible for robots to manipulate
A Q&A with Cruise’s head of AI, Hussein Mehanna
AI engineers of all descriptions—the autonomous vehicle industry wants you
Squeezing Rocket Fuel From Moon Rocks
Here’s how lunar explorers will mine the regolith to make rocket fuel
EMI step-by-step guide from Rohde & Schwarz- Download For Free
Be able to discover & analyze EMI in a more systematic & methodical approach to solve your problems.
Is Graphene by Any Other Name Still Graphene?
Consumers may finally have a way to know if their graphene-enabled products actually get any benefit from the wonder material
Blue Origin’s Next Rocket Engine Could Send the First Settlers to the Moon
In a cavernous building in Washington state, Blue Origin workers are constructing New Glenn’s BE-4 engine
Simulating a Medical Device Interaction with a Biological System Webinar
If you are interested in learning how to model a medical device interacting with physiology, then tune into this webinar
Watch This Drone Explode Into Maple Seed Microdrones in Midair
Starting out together and then splitting apart makes these bio-inspired drones fly farther and more precisely
Seven Tips on Becoming an Effective Leader
Oracle executive Leslie Robertson shares what she has learned from nearly 30 years in the software industry
Open-Source Tool Lets Anyone Experiment With Cryptocurrency Blockchains
SimBlock, a new blockchain simulator, lets users play around with the parameters of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin
NASA’s Lunar Space Station Is a Great/Terrible Idea
NASA’s orbiting Lunar Gateway is either essential for a moon landing or a boondoggle in the making
LiDAR: An Enabler for High-safety, Sensor Fusion Perception Platforms in ADAS and AD Applications
Learn about LiDAR technology's critical role in sensor fusion, allowing for the deployment of high-safety perception platforms for ADAS and AD application
Is Ham Radio a Hobby, a Utility…or Both? A Battle Over Spectrum Heats Up
Some think automated radio emails are mucking up the spectrum reserved for amateur radio, while others say these new offerings provide a useful service
Combating the Opioid Crisis, One Flush at a Time
Startup Biobot Analytics monitors wastewater to identify at-risk neighborhoods
This Is the Most Powerful Robot Arm Ever Installed on a Mars Rover
How NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory designed the robot arm for the Mars 2020 rover