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Updated 2020-05-25 10:22
A Better, Faster, Cheaper Test for COVID-19
Q&A with IEEE Fellow Jian-Ping Wang on his research team’s innovative tool for combating the spread of the novel coronavirus
Video Friday: This Robot Wants to Talk to You
Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos
This Classic Calculator Was Literally Reverse Engineered From the Bare Metal
A replica of the Sinclair Scientific demonstrates how a cheap chip was tricked into performing miracles
Cable Assemblies: Determining a Reliable & Cost-Effective Approach
Learn about the process of creating cable assemblies for application sectors such as aerospace, defense, space and motorsport.
Takuo Aoyagi, Inventor of the Pulse Oximeter, Dies at Age 84
He received the 2015 IEEE Medal for Innovations in Healthcare Technology for his device, which helps monitor the progression of COVID-19
Renewables Dethrone King Coal
In April, more power was generated from renewables like wind and solar than coal for the first time in US history
Coronavirus Pandemic Upends Research Plans
The threat of COVID-19 has disrupted fieldwork and lab experiments
Software Development Environments Move to the Cloud
The startup Coder says its cloud-based development environments can help software engineers work faster and more efficiently
High-Speed Robot Arm Hands Off Package to Delivery Drone
Why land a drone to pick up a package when it can snatch it from a robot arm without stopping?
How Many Qubits Are Needed for Quantum Supremacy?
Whether Google achieved quantum supremacy depends on perspective
The Short, Strange Life of the First Friendly Robot
Japan’s Gakutensoku was a giant pneumatic automaton that toured through Asia—until it mysteriously disappeared
Swiss Startup Developing UV Disinfection Robot for Offices and Commercial Spaces
The robot uses a UV-C disinfection system to target desktops, counters, and equipment in common spaces
Sharing Manufacturing IP Could Help Us Deal with COVID-19
We need to reconsider how we manufacture goods to dig ourselves out of the present crisis
Next-Gen Solar Cells Can Harvest Indoor Lighting for IoT Devices
Perovskite and dye-sensitized solar cells could efficiently power indoor devices—and curb battery waste
Slow, Steady Progress for Two U.S. Nuclear Power Projects
Plant Vogtle in Georgia installs more Westinghouse reactors while Oregon-based NuScale awaits final approval of its small modular reactor design
Baidu’s AI Produces Short Videos in One Click
VidPress combines Baidu’s natural-language processing and computer-vision technologies
Optimize Power and Performance of your Chip using HLS
While machine learning algorithms and hardware has moved into the mainstream, designers have only skimmed the surface of what is possible.
Dispatches From IEEE Members Around the World
Read how others are dealing with the pandemic
Six Feet Is Not Always Enough: How Saliva Droplets Spread Through the Air
Two new studies explore how airborne coronavirus particles travel via talking and coughing
TSMC’s Geopolitical Dance
Last week, it agreed to build an advanced foundry in the U.S.—at the same time that the U.S. sought to further restrict the foundry’s business with Huawei
Automotive Radio Frequencies
An overview of the various radio frequencies in today's and tomorrow's cars.
This 3D Printed Ventilator Could Support Up to 20 COVID-19 Patients at One Time
Developed by a Sudanese engineer, the ventilator uses recycled air
Tech Volunteers Help Overloaded U.S. Government Agencies
Since mid-March, U.S. Digital Response has staffed hundreds on projects at 25 state and local organizations
Sneakier and More Sophisticated Malware Is On the Loose
An analysis of 1.2 million Android malware samples shows a trend toward more obfuscation and evasion techniques
MIT Media Lab's Food Computer Project Permanently Shut Down
MIT fined for chemical discharge while former principal scientist Caleb Harper moves on to greener pastures
Video Friday: This Robotic Basketball Hoop Won’t Let You Miss
Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos
German University Opens Up Its Hands-on Remote FPGA Lab During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Offered by Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University, students perform experiments with real hardware over the Internet
Plasma Jets May One Day Propel Aircraft
Plasma thrusters could help jet planes fly without fossil fuels
Can Plasma Destroy Coronavirus in HVAC Systems?
Non-thermal plasma has been proven to inactivate several airborne viruses so could it work against the novel coronavirus?
Coronavirus’s Economic Blow Forces Universities To Adapt
Pandemic is increasing expenses while decimating tuition and research revenue
Sony Builds AI Into a CMOS Image Sensor
This smart image sensor uses digital signal processing of machine learning algorithms to decode what it "sees"
COVID-19 Digital Contact Tracing: Apple and Google Work Together as MIT Tests Validity
Developers are building and testing an opt-in automated system to slow the spread of the coronavirus. But will anyone use it?
Contactless Outdoor Temperature-Check Station Screens People Before They Enter Buildings
Budding engineers from Portugal’s University of Porto develop the device with infrared temperature sensors
Wiggly Wheels Could Help Keep Rovers from Dying on Mars
Unconventional gaits keep this rover from getting stuck in tough terrain
How Online Learning Kept Higher Ed Open During the Coronavirus Crisis
But pandemic pedagogy is not the same as quality online learning
Dogs Obey Commands Given by Social Robots
As far as dogs are concerned, social robots have some human-like authority
Inflatable E-Bike Fits in a Backpack
Flexibility, portability, and intrinsic safety could make this personal mobility system better than rigid bikes and scooters
How Facebook is Using AI to Fight COVID-19 Misinformation
Facebook details the weapons deployed against fake coronavirus news
1000BASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet Compliance Testing
We will focus 1000BASE-T1 automotive Ethernet compliance testing based on the Open Alliance (OA) TC8 specification for the physical layer.
An Autism Screening Tool Led Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan To Devote Himself to Humanitarian Work
The IEEE Theodore W. Hissey Outstanding Young Professional Award recognizes his many philanthropic projects
Video Friday: Robot Startup Refraction AI Testing Contactless Food Delivery
Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos
Team Sonnenwagen Prep for Race Across the Outback
Team Sonnenwagen from RWTH Aachen University race in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, in Australia.
Tracking COVID-19 With the IoT May Put Your Privacy at Risk
The coronavirus pandemic is an opportunity to balance public health and personal privacy
COVID Moonshot: Can AI Algorithms and Volunteer Chemists Design a Knockout Antiviral?
This pro-bono initiative crowdsourced 4,500 drug designs, synthesized 311, and is now testing them against viral proteins
9 New Suggestions For Bored Engineers
More great kits, live events, and how you can help fight COVID-19 with a Pi
6 Tips to Help Your Startup Survive the Coronavirus Pandemic
Don’t panic, be compassionate, and help others
How Network Science Surfaced 81 Potential COVID-19 Therapies
Researchers led by Albert-László Barabási used network-based models to discover existing drugs that might take on COVID-19
Statement Regarding the Ethical Implementation of Artificial Intelligence Systems (AIS) for Addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic
The document addresses 10 issues
ThereCraft’s Lifting Body Drone Acrobatically Delivers Packages With Pinpoint Accuracy
A unique drone design promises aircraft payload with helicopter precision
Physical Modeling of Supercapacitors and Lithium-Ion Capacitors
Learn how researchers are exploring new hybrid devices that can exploit features of both supercapacitors and lithium-ion batteries.