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Updated 2019-10-16 14:16
Accelerate your innovation with NI Wireless Research Handbook
Build 5G Wireless Networks and Systems with Software Defined Radio
Nonlinear Magnetic Materials Modeling Webinar
Learn how to model ferromagnetic materials and other nonlinear magnetic materials in the COMSOL® software.
OpenAI Teaches Robot Hand to Solve Rubik's Cube
Using reinforcement learning and randomized simulations, researchers taught this robot how to solve a Rubik's cube one-handed
New Alternative to Bitcoin Uses Negligible Energy
Novel algorithms are secure like blockchains, but simpler, faster, and more energy-efficient
Labrador Systems Developing Affordable Assistive Robots for the Home
A startup led by robotics veterans is announcing a pre-seed funding round with participation from Amazon's Alexa Fund and iRobot Ventures
Automotive Radar
Get our complimentary automotive radar technologies poster
Energy Research User Handbook
Discover NI Solutions for Global Energy Challenges
Agility Robotics Unveils Upgraded Digit Walking Robot
The improvements include nimbler feet, better perception, and fully custom electronics
With New Tech, Panasonic Aims to Revive Interest in Delivering Broadband Over Power Lines
IEEE has amended a standard based on Panasonic's HD-PLC technology to transmit broadband Internet over power lines to connected devices
Ion the Prize: The 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
The story of the lithium-ion battery tells much about the increasingly global nature of innovation
Wanted: A Bomb Detector as Sensitive as a Dog's Nose
Researchers developed a chemicals sensor that can identify trace amounts of explosive substances, such as TNT, in real-time
Video Friday: This Humanoid Robot Will Serve You Ice Cream
Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos
Nuclear Weapons Inspection: Encryption System Could Thwart Spies and Expose Hoaxes
A new encryption technique developed at MIT can help ensure nuclear weapons inspectors aren’t fooled and military secrets don’t leak out
Forget Moore’s Law—Chipmakers Are More Worried About Heat and Power Issues
As transistors become smaller, problems with heat dissipation and power consumption are driving the industry toward specialization
U.S. Semiconductor Industry Veterans Keep Wary Eyes on China
Does the U.S. need its own giant silicon foundry to protect itself from China’s ambitions?
Printing Electronics Directly on Delicate Surfaces—Like the Back of Your Hand
The gentle, low-temperature technique prints electric tattoos on skin and transistors on paper
Envisioning the Future of Urban Transportation
Could lightweight electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft be a solution for urban congestion?
Cable Assemblies – Determining a Reliable and Cost-Effective Approach
This whitepaper explains the process of specifying cable assemblies and will be ideal for Engineers wishing to learn the basics of the process, and as a refresher for the more experienced Engineer.
Democratizing the MBSE Process for Safety-Critical Systems Using Excel
This webinar will introduce MapleMBSE, a recently-released tool that allows the use of Excel as a way of increasing effective engagement with the systems model by all stakeholders within the IBM Rhapsody eco-system.
Watch Astrobee's First Autonomous Flight on the International Space Station
For the first time, NASA's Astrobee robot has demonstrated autonomous free flight in space
Next-Gen AR Glasses Will Require New Chip Designs
A Facebook executive challenges the Arm processor community to create tech building blocks for augmented reality glasses
Developing Critical Applications for Multicore Environments: The SCADE Advantage
How to Handle Complex Multicore Environments with ANSYS SCADE
A Machine Learning Classifier Can Spot Serial Hijackers Before They Strike
Serial hijackers routinely steal IP addresses to pilfer data and launch attacks. Extra-trees classifiers could sniff out these hackers sooner
JumpStart Guide to Security Investigations and Posture Management in AWS
Register for this webinar to be among the first to receive the associated whitepaper written by SANS Analyst Kyle Dickinson.
From Mainframes to PCs: What Robot Startups Can Learn From the Computer Revolution
In their search for killer apps, robotics companies should look at the amazing evolution of computers
Startup Resonado Reinvents the Speaker With Its Flat Core Technology
Notre Dame alumni are developing speakers that can conform to small spaces
4D Bioprinting Smart Constructs for the Heart
Maryland researchers investigate new 4D printing techniques to control stem cell cardiomyogenesis
Drones as Detectives: Surveying Crime Scenes for Evidence
Researchers in Brazil are developing a drone that scouts for evidence—and want to use its footage to reconstruct crime scenes
Many Experts Say We Shouldn’t Worry About Superintelligent AI. They’re Wrong
Stuart Russell’s new book, Human Compatible, explores ways to ensure that superintelligent machines don’t pose a danger
X-Ray Tech Lays Chip Secrets Bare
Researchers in Switzerland and the U.S. have a non-destructive technique that can reverse engineer an entire chip without damaging it
Stevens' Prototype 'Quantum Lock' May Foreshadow the Next Super-Secure Applications
Stevens proof-of-concept demonstration successfully leverages quantum properties to secure the Internet of Things
COMSOL News 2019 Special Edition Powers
COMSOL News 2019 Special Edition Power includes stories about designers, engineers, and researchers working in areas for the generation, distribution, and use of electrical power.
World’s First Deepfake Audit Counts Videos and Tools on the Open Web
A new report finds that deepfake software is still prohibitively hard to use, but that may not be true for much longer
Dream Your Future with CERN!
Discover a unique place, uniting people from all over the world to push the frontiers of science and technology, for the benefit of all
Video Friday: Caltech's Drone With Legs Takes First Steps
Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos
Want a Really Hard Machine Learning Problem? Try Agriculture, Says John Deere Labs
John Deere, the nearly 200-year-old tractor manufacturer, now considers itself a software company
Key parameters for selecting RF inductors
Understanding RF inductor specs
Microsize Lens Pushes Photonics Closer to an On-Chip Future
University of Delaware researchers have developed a “metasurface” atop a silicon chip that behaves as a lens for possible use in photonics chips
Transhumanism: Where Physical and Digital Worlds Meld
New whitepaper explains how augmented machines and augmented humans will represent physical reality
Formula Student: The Crucial Role of the IMU/GNSS
IMU and INS/GNSS provide more precision on how to achieve the best performance for manned and driverless racing cars
How and Why Companies Will Engineer Your Emotions
The booming sector of “affective computing” relies on collecting massive amounts of behavioral and emotional data
App Detects Eye Disease in Personal Photos
AI beats doctors in early detection of certain eye diseases
How NASA Will Grapple and Refuel a Satellite in Low Earth Orbit
In 2022, a robotic NASA spacecraft will pay a service call to Landsat 7
The Case for Hybrid Beamforming in 5G mmWave Prototypes
The hardware prototypes for beamforming and beamsteering in 5G mmWave networks encompass large antenna arrays and narrow beam patterns. That calls for highly adaptable platforms for implementing algorithms to design and test a variety of channel configurations
Skydio’s New Drone Is Smaller, Even Smarter, and (Almost) Affordable
Skydio crams all its autonomous magic into a sleek consumer drone that costs under $1k
Making the Ultimate Software Sandbox
Is it possible to process encrypted data when you don’t trust either the software or the hardware involved?
AI Faces Speed Bumps and Potholes on Its Road From the Research Lab to Everyday Use
Rigid IT departments and job-hopping data scientists are just two of the challenges that make implementing machine learning harder than you might think
New Refinancing Option Offers a Reprieve from a Student Loan
Anupam Tetu had done everything to pursue his engineering dreams, but his student loan weighed him down
How to do Machine Learning on Arm Cortex-M MCUs
Machine Learning on Arm Cortex-M MCUs
Amazon Rainforest: Reversing the Damage from Mercury Poisoning
A newly-launched project will measure mercury’s impact on indigenous species, providing key data needed for recovery