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Updated 2017-11-19 15:34
Comic [1498] "that response"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1498
Comic [1497] "more skilled than sparkly"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1497
Comic [1496] "Outed"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1496
Comic [1495] "setting off alarms"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1495
Comic [1494] "stay here"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1494
Comic [1493] "Failure to pants"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1493
Comic [1492] "wellness check"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1492
Comic [1491] "SPECIAL Sketch Comic: Visiting the Family Shrine (Part 2)"
One Shot Episode comic 1491
Comic [1490] "SPECIAL Sketch Comic: Visiting the Family Shrine (Part 1)"
One Shot Episode comic 1490
Comic [1489] "if he doesn't see me"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1489
Comic [1488] "less poisonous?"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1488
Comic [1487] "I need to reboot"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1487
Comic [1486] "not working"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1486
Comic [1485] "no idea what is going to happen"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1485
Comic [1484] "desperate"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1484
Comic [1483] "brawler"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1483
Comic [1482] "not a clear path"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1482
Comic [1481] "steamy appreciation"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1481
Comic [1480] "bumpy ride"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1480
Rant [1098] "A Whole New Megatokyo"
Greetings, readers! An update here from the team of n1nj4s working behind the scenes to keep the Megatokyo site up and running: We've just finished migrating the comic site to a brand new server. Things may not look different, but you should see faster load times thanks to a combination of a new hosting provider and efforts to re-compress comic pages without degrading their quality. We're also pleased to be able to provide exciting new features lik...[permalink]
Rant [1097] "The Great Underground Empire is Here!"
Book 5 of the MegaTokyo: Endgames series is live for all platforms! Amazon Kindle and Paperback can be purchased here.Nook readers can follow this link. Of note, if you are completely unwilling to order through Amazon, you can also order the paperback through Barnes & Noble.And for the first time, Kobo users can go here and be a part of the launch day as well!Thank you again for all your support, and with luck it won’t be long...[permalink]
Rant [1096] "Prepare to Enter The Great Underground Empire…"
It’s taken a while, to be sure. Day jobs, editing, coordinating artwork… it’s all slowed down the process. But the light at the end of the tunnel nears.Book 5 of the MegaToyko: Endgames series, The Great Underground Empire, is currently slated for release on April 14th, 2017. Kobo readers will also finally join in the fun of release, as it will launch right along with Kindle, Nook, and paperback editions.(As an aside, ...[permalink]
Comic [1470] "her heart"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1470
Comic [1469] "tears"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1469
Comic [1468] "NoClip"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1468
Comic [1467] "making mayh3m"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1467
Comic [1466] "can't you feel it?"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1466
Rant [1095] "M04r Comics? Yep."
It's been a bit of a chaotic start for this year. Not crazy insane chaos like last year, but a lot of [screams externally] frustration and wading through fields of ugh. Yes, I've been in the ER twice in the past two months, but I came out doing just fine (until i get the bills at least ^^;;) and other than that the chaos i'm speaking of has been mostly churn. I have a lot of goals for this year and dammit, I'm gonna reach some of them because i'm d...[permalink]
Comic [1465] "company"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1465
Comic [1464] "saving her..."
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1464
Comic [1463] "My heart..."
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1463
Comic [1462] "I..."
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1462
Comic [1461] "I Love You"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1461
Comic [1460] "Because"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1460
Comic [1459] "D34th Flag"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1459
Comic [1458] "watch and learn"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1458
Comic [1457] "off limits"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1457
Rant [1094] "Not Gone to Plan"
Well, to say this year has not "gone to plan" would be a remarkable understatement.Most of you who follow what I'm up to on Twitter, Facebook or Twitch already know what a mess this year has been for me. The good news is that I think things have finally settled down over the past few weeks and (hopefully) it will stay that way. I've been scrambling to try to get back up to speed with, oh you know, all that Meagtokyo stuff I'm supposed to be doing. ...[permalink]
Comic [1456] "They just want to feel sad about it"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1456
Comic [1455] "what if..."
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1455
Comic [1454] "life and death"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1454
Comic [1453] "hurt"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1453
Comic [1452] "she's in trouble"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1452
Comic [1451] "DPD: Comfy!"
Dead Piro Day comic 1451
Rant [1093] "graphite smear sale"
As you may or may not have noticed, for the past year or so I've been offering for sale in the MegaGear store a selection of original Megatokyo art, both pencil and color. A lot of what I've put up has been stuff I've been working on recently, but every once and a while i dig into the archives and pull up a few pages of art from the past. Quite a few of them get snatched up and purchased not too long after I post them, but right now there is a scat...[permalink]
Comic [1450] "Your Chariot Awaits"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1450
Rant [1092] "The Daynish Campaign Has Begun!"
Volume 4 of the MegaTokyo: Endgames series is available for sale!For Kindle, follow this link!For Paperback, click here!And as always, you Nook users still get some love. Just click on this little link!Thank you for your support over these last two years. I wouldn’t be able to keep going without everyone!This particular book came together during some pretty rough moments of personal drama, which didn't help the pressure I put on mys...[permalink]
Comic [1449] "reboot resistence"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1449
Comic [1448] "Permission"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1448
Comic [1447] "Stability"
Chapter 12: "Broken" comic 1447