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Updated 2018-10-21 22:19
Trump's Tweets (Once Again) Top This Week's Internet News Roundup
Last week, the internet spent a lot of time sorting through the fact and fictions in President Trump's Twitter feed.
Tesla's New Model 3, Lime's New Scooter, and More This Week in the Future of Cars
Tesla makes yet another non-$35K Model 3, battery swapping somehow comes back, yet more evidence 'semi-autonomous' driving is confusing people, and more car news.
How to Stream the MLB 2018 World Series Without Cable
You don’t need cable to watch America’s pastime.
Review: The Updated Fitbit Charge 3 is More of the Same, but Better
If you're going to look at an advanced fitness tracker, why not just get a smartwatch?
'Oumuamua Was Neither Comet nor Asteroid...So What Was It?
Last year's brief interstellar visit from a cigar-shaped thing named 'Oumuamua is confounding astronomers in new ways.
The Titan M Chip Powers Up Pixel 3 Security
Google's latest flagship smartphone includes the Titan M, a security-focused chip that keeps users safe against sophisticated attacks.
Apple Data Downloads, A Dating App for Trump Fans, and More Security News This Week
North Korean bitcoin theft, Fake FCC complaints, and more security news this week.
Photo Gallery: Pulsars Beam Like Lighthouses in the Cosmos
Their spin rate is so consistent that people who navigate spacecraft around our solar system use them as mile markers to know exactly where they are.
Dungeons & Dragons Art Is Finally Getting the Respect It Deserves
It's no longer just valued in game stores and comics shops.
To Curb Terrorist Propaganda Online, Look to YouTube. No, Really.
Opinion: Despite YouTube’s crackdown, extremist groups are still exploiting other Google platforms.
14 Awesome Game, Console, Headset, and Controller Deals
New console bundles, discounted wireless headsets, and a bunch of game sales are happening now.
Shane Dawson’s Jake Paul Documentary Shows the Price of Giving People What They Want
We may not all be wildly successful, wildly problematic YouTubers, but we all live inside (and contribute to) the system that created them.
What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Paul Allen's Second Act
The Microsoft cofounder never replicated his early success in business, but carved a path in research and philanthropy.
Skip Scooters Get a Latch So They Don’t Junk up the Sidewalks
It’s an engineering fix designed to make the vehicles more attractive to officials and regulators.
Gadget Lab Podcast: Pinterest’s Evan Sharp on What Makes Good Software
The first installment of our podcast interviews taped at WIRED’s 25th anniversary festival.
Tesla’s New 'Mid-Range' Model 3 Is the iPhone XR of Cars
Elon Musk's unexpected version of the Model 3 will offer 260 miles of range for around $45,000, and carves out a new niche in an expanding product line.
Russian Trolls Are Still Playing Both Sides—Even With the Mueller Probe
The latest indictment against Russian trolls shows how they sowed division in the US on wedge issues, including the investigation into their activity.
Inside Facebook’s Stormy Debate Over 'Political Diversity'
Former Facebook engineer Brian Amerige accused the company of a “political monoculture that’s intolerant of different views," but he says Republicans have received his message all wrong.
iPhone XR: Where to Order, Best Prices (and 5 Cheap Alternatives)
The iPhone XR is now up for preorder and we have the details, along with a few affordable alternatives.
The Noma Guide to Fermentation: A Cure for Kitchen Boredom
A new cookbook from the chefs at the famed Copenhagen restaurant explores all things pickled, cured, brined, and fermented.
A Trove of Facebook Data Is a Spammer's Dream and Your Nightmare
A new report suggests that spammers, not nation states, may have been behind the Facebook hack. That could be even worse news.
Meet the Illustrator Diversifying Airbnb's Image
Airbnb rolls out a set of new illustrations to better reflect its users—and the world.
'Halloween' Review: A Slasher Gem That Annihilates the Weak Sequels That Came Before It
It's the first to recapture the unfussy rigor of John Carpenter’s 1978 original.
Rockstar's 'Red Dead Redemption 2' Crunch Controversy and the Rest of the Week in Games
You thought the industry's labor problem was under control? Good luck with that!
Fusty Ol' Scientific Texts Get a Gorgeous, Pricey Makeover
Arty versions of science classics are mostly a gift for your midcentury modern coffee table—but crack them open, and you might learn a thing or two about science too.
This Is What an Alien Encounter Might Look Like
Jill Tarter and Maggie Turnbull discuss Trappist-1, the Fermi paradox, and Fast Radio Bursts at WIRED25
Drive.ai Brings Its Self-Driving Cars to Dallas Cowboy Fans
The startup is launching a service that will cart the public around Arlington, Texas, including to and from AT&T Stadium.
Lime's New Scooter Is Hardier, Heavier, and Built for Life on the Streets
More range, more robust, more stable, more waterproof. Lime thinks its "Gen 3" scooter is ready to take on the worst the world can do to it.
Google Wants China. Will Chinese Users Want Google?
If it wins government approval to offer its search engine in China, Google won't have some typical assets, like rich user data and integration with its browser.
Netflix Is Finally Canceling Shows. Good
It's time to make room for new content.
Twitter's Dated Data Dump Doesn’t Tell Us About Future Meddling
Twitter's release of more than 10 million tweets from Russia's Internet Research Agency and Iran sheds little light on those agencies' current tactics, researchers say.
An App Built for Hurricane Harvey Is Now Saving Lives in Florida
Crowdsource Rescue, a kind of "Uber for emergencies," has become the leading tool to coordinate volunteer rescuers, helping them check on hundreds of vulnerable individuals.
NCT 127 Answers All of the Internet's Questions About K-Pop
WIRED asked the group to answer a series of questions from Twitter.
Funky Materials Give the Mantis Shrimp Its Powerful Punch
The legendary crustacean uses a hammer-like appendage made of ceramic and polymer to deliver its punishing blow.
Tech Founders' Absolute Power Is Destroying Company Culture
Tech CEOs have wrestled greater control of their companies than ever—making it impossible to address bad behavior properly.
A 7-Year Search for Traces of Humanity Along the US-Mexico Border
Photographer Richard Misrach covered tens of thousands of miles while shooting 'Border Cantos'—and each one of them told a story.
3 Wine Aroma Kits Tested: Aromabar, Aromaster, and Le Nez du Vin
Is your schnoz a schlub? Strengthen your sniffer by teaching it to discern common wine aromas with one of these training kits.
The Faster, Cheaper, Better Way to Charge Electric Vehicles
Opinion: Forget fast-charging. Battery swapping is back—and it's the tech of the future.
Drivers Wildly Overestimate What 'Semi-Autonomous' Cars Can Do
Seventy percent of people believe you can buy an autonomous car today. And that's a problem.
For the Last Time: Here's the Difference Between Weight and Mass
If we ever move off-planet, we'll have to get more serious about distinguishing between 'mass' and 'weight.'
'Black Ops 4' Review: Making 'Call of Duty' For a 'Fortnite' World
A new battle-royale mode that leans into the trope of the moment makes 'Black Ops 4' the franchise's most honest title to date.
Roku Premiere Plus Review (2018): Affordable 4K HDR Streaming
Roku brings the price of 4K TV streaming down to new lows, with a few caveats.
Humans Just Can't Stop Rear-Ending Self-Driving Cars—Let's Figure Out Why
Human drivers (and one cyclist) have rear-ended self-driving cars 28 times this year in California—accounting for nearly two-thirds of robo-crashes.
Inside Facebook's Plan to Safeguard the 2018 Election
The social media giant has assembled a team of geeks, spooks, hackers, and lawyers to prevent a repeat of the 2016 abuse and manipulation on its network.
The Mysterious Return of Years-Old APT1 Malware
Security researchers have discovered a new instance code associated with APT1, a notorious Chinese hacking group that disappeared in 2013.
A New Facebook Suit Makes ‘Pivot to Video’ Even More Myopic
A new lawsuit alleges that Facebook inflated its video viewership numbers more than previously reported, and then hid the mistake. And that has journalists steamed.
Ember's Temperature-Regulating Mug Just Keeps Getting Better
Crowdfunding projects often crash and burn. But Ember's heated travel mug just keeps improving.
Stunning Photos of Ordinary Life in Ukraine's Conflict Zone
The Donbass region has been convulsed by civil war since 2014, yet many residents refuse to evacuate.
Helm Wants You to Control Your Own Data Again
Helm hopes to make running your own private, encrypted server easy for everyone.
Razer Blade Review (2018): A Cut Above
If you're a gamer, or a pro looking for a MacBook alternative, this is the laptop for you.