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Updated 2018-12-09 23:20
50 Years Later, We Still Don't Grasp the Mother of All Demos
Doug Engelbart didn't just want to show off new technology. He wanted to demonstrate a system for improving humanity.
Facebook’s and Tumblr’s New Policies Top This Week’s Internet News Roundup
Last week, the blogging platform had a rough go of it. And that was just the beginning.
Waymo’s Self-Driving Launch, and More This Week in Cars
But the announcement came with serious caveats. Plus: Tesla's Autopilot, May Mobility, and scooters.
Best Base Layers 2018: Patagonia, Ridge Merino, REI, Columbia
From merino wool to space gel, we put eight different long johns to the outdoor test.
Best Noise-Canceling Headphones (2018): Bose, Sony, Plantronics, and More
These over-ears and earbuds will add some silence and serenity to your day.
How Doug Engelbart Pulled off the Mother of All Demos
In this excerpt from Valley of Genius, author Adam Fisher sketches how Doug Engelbart came up with many of the ideas of modern computing.
A New Quantum Paradox Flags Errors in Our View of Reality
A weird thought experiment has shaken up the world of quantum physics by calling into question our assumptions about how the world works.
Space Photos of the Week: Do You Want to Land on an Asteroid?
A NASA spacecraft has traveled a long way to get a piece of a rock.
Quora Hacked, Moscow Ransomware, and More Security News This Week
China accusations, Eastern European bank heists, and more of the week's top security news.
Writer Dale Bailey on Why We Love the Apocalypse So Much
Bailey thinks we're drawn to apocalyptic stories because personal tragedies can feel like the end of the world.
17 Best Weekend Deals: Wireless Chargers, Pixel 3, and More
Have you included anything for yourself in your holiday shopping? What about a pair of Bluetooth headphones or PS4 games?
Rapper 2 Milly Sues Fortnite Over a Cribbed Dance Move. But Can He Win?
Opinion: Will he prevail in court? We wade into the legal issues behind choreography, copyright, and the Electric Slide precedent.
Manafort and Cohen Sentencing Documents Put Donald Trump in Spotlight
The Mueller investigation has a long way to go, but the worst case scenario seems increasingly likely.
Gadget Lab Podcast: What the Tumblr Porn Ban Means for Users
WIRED writer Emily Dreyfuss joins the Gadget Lab to talk about Tumblr's porn ban and where active members of that community are headed next.
Canada Welcomes AI—But Not All 'Black in AI' Workshop Guests
More than 100 researchers who hoped to attend a big AI conference in Montreal couldn't get visas.
How the CIA Trains Spies to Hide in Plain Sight
It's not just about putting on a fake mustache. Disguise is about changing the way you carry yourself.
Australia's Encryption-Busting Law Could Impact Global Privacy
Australia has passed a law that would require companies to weaken their encryption, a move that could reverberate globally.
Tweets Cost Kevin Hart the Oscars. His Apology Made It Worse
When the comedian's past homophobic tweets surfaced, he could've used it as an opportunity for dialogue. But he didn't.
New 'Avengers: Endgame' Trailer Promises 'Fight of Our Lives'
The surprise new clip also reveals the movie's spring release date.
Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2018: Portable, Waterproof, Good Battery Life
WIRED's favorite portable Bluetooth speakers of all shapes and sizes, from clip-ons to a massive boombox.
Data Breaches: The Complete WIRED Guide
Everything you ever wanted to know about Equifax, Mariott, and the problem with social security numbers.
What Causes Hangovers, and How Can I Avoid Them?
No one really knows how drunkenness works, and hangovers are poorly understood, no matter what your friend tells you. Still, there are a few things you can try.
iPhone: The Complete History—and What's Next
Its influence goes far beyond other phones—the infrastructure that made the iPhone also enabled drones, smart-home gadgets, wearables, and self-driving cars.
Even China Roundly Condemns Editing the Genes of Babies
Chinese scientists and regulators alike are censuring the rogue biophysicist who allowed two Crispr-edited babies to be born.
'Fortnite' Season 7's Winter Wonderland Tops the Week's Game News
Ziplines, planes, and a peaceful new mode are just part of the newest update—and they top gaming news this week.
Tumblr’s Porn Bloggers Eye Pillowfort and Dreamwidth
Pillowfort and Dreamwidth look poised to inherit at least some of Tumblr's NSFW community, but they also face some challenges.
Electric Scooters Are Better for Cities Than Cars
The vehicles made by Bird, Lime, and the like can slash emissions, reinvigorate mass transit, and address America’s dependency on cars.
How SpaceX Launched 64 Satellites Into Orbit on a Falcon 9
Go behind the scenes with Spaceflight Industries, the space travel agency of sorts that coordinated a jam-packed Falcon 9 flight earlier this week.
My Befuddling Dinner With Facebook Empress Sheryl Sandberg
A breathless meal of scallops and feminist bona fides exposed her vulnerability: No one, not even Sandberg, has what it takes to tame Facebook.
Canada, France Plan Global Panel to Study the Effects of AI
The International Panel on Artificial Intelligence will be modeled on a group formed in 1988 to study climate change and recommend government policies.
Amazon Has a History of Bear Repellent Accidents
Dozens of Amazon warehouse workers in New Jersey were sickened after a robot punctured a can of bear repellent on Wednesday.
A Huawei Exec’s Arrest Complicates the US-China Trade Dispute
Meng Wanzhou, Huawei's CFO and the daughter of its founder, was arrested in Canada the same day that Presidents Trump and Xi met to discuss tariffs.
Microsoft Retools Its Edge Browser, But Internet Explorer Is Forever
Major changes are coming to Edge—but remember that it's only Microsoft's second-biggest browser.
Microsoft Wants to Stop AI's 'Race to the Bottom'
Microsoft President Brad Smith calls for regulation of facial-recognition technology, to curb potential bias and invasions of privacy.
Golden Globes Nominations: From 'Homecoming' to 'Handmaid's,' Streaming Rules
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced the nominees this morning, and—no surprise—Amazon and Netflix cleaned up in the TV categories.
YouTuber David Dobrik's Biggest Crush Is Still Ariana Grande
He's been a fan since the 'Victorious' days.
'Fortnite' Season 7: A Civilian's Guide to How We Got Here
The world's most popular game is getting ready to change all over again.
UPS Is Testing Delivery Tricycles in Traffic-Choked Seattle
More than a century after it started delivering telegrams by bike, UPS is going back to pedal power in its hometown.
Apple’s Newest Watch Features Will Transform Heart Health
For better or worse
The Good Place’s Janet Is the Most Optimistic AI on Television
Janet isn’t your typical televised artificial lifeform: Nobody hates her and she isn’t miserable, even as she moves towards independence.
Apple Watch: How to Take an ECG Reading
Starting today, the Apple Watch series 3 and 4 gain the ability to take an ECG reading of your heart. Here's how to get the most accurate reading.
COP24: The Global Climate Summit Surrounded by All Things Coal
This week's climate talks in Katowice, Poland, are taking place in a region that is not at all prepared to quit its coal addiction.
15 Awesome Gift Ideas for New Parents and Babies
From a poppable pacifier to a monitor that teaches a newborn to sleep, here are 15 gifts to make this amazing job just a little easier, whether you're shopping for the holidays, or a baby shower.
BedJet V2 Review: Comfortable and Effective Climate Control for Beds
The BedJet under-the-covers climate-control heater system is more than just a bunch of hot air.
Facebook's Dirty Tricks Are Nothing New for Tech
Big tech companies have a history of discrediting critics, forging alliances with adversaries, and deflecting scrutiny to competitors.
This Company Wants to Use the Blockchain to Stop Phishing
MetaCert has classified 10 billion URLs as either safe, a suspected source of phishes, or unknown.
The Promise—and Heartbreak—of Cancer Genomics
We live in a liminal age of cancer and precision medicine: Despite all the advances science has made, we still know very little and often can do less.
The MoviePass Reboot Is Here. But Will Moviegoers Want It?
MoviePass is once again changing up its plans—this time with an eye on survival.
Congress Races to Pass a Self-Driving Car Law By Year's End
With robo-cars on the road and a new Congress coming in, legislators are trying to finally finish up the AV Start Act.
SpaceX’s Failed Landing Still Ended With a Clean Plop
On its 20th flight this year, SpaceX failed to set its booster down on a landing pad. But this rare mishap also showed how many things went well.