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Updated 2017-07-28 06:35
Tesla's Model 3 Is Here: How to Watch the Big Event
The long-awaited affordable electric car is finally here, for a lucky few.
The 'Cloak & Dagger' Attack That Bedeviled Android For Months
Not all Android attacks come from firmware mistakes.
Scientists Crispr the First Human Embryos in the US (Maybe)
The research was conducted by Shoukhrat Mitalipov, the same guy who first cloned embryonic stem cells in humans. And came up with three-parent in-vitro fertilization.
How the Broadpwn Wi-Fi Vulnerability Impacted a Billion iPhones and Android Phones
A Broadcom flaw that undermined scores of Android and iOS devices hints the future of smartphone hacking lies in third-party components.
How Jeff Bezos, Briefly the World’s Richest Person, Spends His Cash
How do Bezos' spending habits compare with Bill Gates'?
The Rolls-Royce Phantom Personalizes Opulence
The latest flagship Rolls has a new, extremely fancy way to make the dashboard extra "you."
Goodbye iPod, and Thanks for All the Tunes
Today officially marks the end of Apple's era of standalone music players.
One Billion Daily WhatsApp Users Prove Privacy Isn't Dead
WhatsApp's rise and Twitter's decline converge to send a message about the way we communicate now.
Climate Change-Fueled Storms Could Leave Less Water for Drinking
A new study shows that as rainfall increases, so will nutrient runoff, spurring more algal blooms, hypoxic deadzones, and less water for everyone.
Soundcloud Isn't Dead Yet, But Its Greatest Legacy Could Soon Be
The music-sharing platform didn't just break new artists—it became a breeding ground for entirely new genres.
Can Nostalgia Keep You in VR for 40 Minutes?
A new collaboration from Funny or Die and Felix & Paul aims to see how long you can hang out in the headset.
Neil deGrasse Tyson Wants *You* to Explore Deep Space—In a Video Game
Tyson is helping to develop a video game all about interstellar exploration—and physics.
_Reply All_'s Latest Episode Tackles Phone Scammers
Reply All trades memes for scams in its latest endeavor.
Iranian Hackers Used a Fake Persona Named 'Mia Ash' To Ensnare Victims
A fake persona tied to a massive international spying campaign illustrates how social engineering attacks have evolved.
This BuzzFeed Kitchen Gadget Makes You the Best Chef Ever
It makes cooking so easy, and the end result so delicious.
The Fantastic Geometry of Greece's Fish Farms 2000 Feet Up
Most people visit Greece to see ancient ruins. Bernhard Lang goes for the fish farms.
The Beginner's Guide to Podcasts
Curious about podcasts? We tell you how to listen, and which shows to listen to.
'Pyre' Is a Game About a Game—But It's Really About Why We Play
The new title from Supergiant is a fun, thought-provoking exploration of sports: how we play them, why, and for whom.
The Tesla Model 3 Launches the Electric Vehicle Market
The "affordable" electric car is officially released this week.
Explore the Murky Depths With an OpenROV Trident Underwater Drone
We’ve just gotten used to drones buzzing in the skies over public parks; now they’re set to invade the duck pond.
Brain Trauma Scientists Turn Their Attention to Soccer
Neurologists involved in the new study of brain trauma in football players say soccer may rival the sport's impact on the brain.
The Trump-Russia Scandal's Many Swirling Unknowns
What we know so far about the Trump-Russia scandal only suggests more questions—questions Special Counsel Robert Mueller is digging into.
The Triumphs and Blunders That Have Led to Tesla’s Model 3
Elon Musk's master plan finally produces an affordable electric car.
Hacker Warns Radioactivity Sensors Can Be Spoofed Or Disabled
A security researcher exposes software flaws that could prevent detection of radioactive leaks or aid in smuggling radioactive material.
Lipizzan Malware Could Take Over Android Devices Until Google Shut It Down
A new, targeted malware called Lipizzan could completely take over an Android device until Android Security shut it down
The Tech Skills Gap Will Test Foxconn's New Wisconsin Factory
Three thousand new manufacturing jobs in America is great news, if people are trained to do the work.
The Entomologist Giving Bugs Their Close Up
Alex Wild wants to teach you — and everyone else — how to be a bug photographer.
Startups' Cryptocurrency Fundraising Loophole Gets a Regulatory Reality Check
Raising money for your company by selling crypto coins just got more complicated—that’s a good thing
A New Toolkit Hopes to Fix the SS7 Flaws That Plague Cell networks
Carriers have ignored flaws in SS7 that allow hackers easy access to telecoms. A new set of open-source tools hopes to jumpstart a fix.
Our Minds Have Been Hijacked by Our Phones. Tristan Harris Wants to Rescue Them
The founder of a nonprofit aimed at stopping tech companies from “hijacking our minds” says internet users must rise up and reclaim their humanity.
Rep. Blake Farenthold's Early '90s Internet Message Board Posts Show a Whole New Side
The dueling Congressman had some strong opinions about telecom and nudity.
Meizu Pro 7: When One Screen Isn't Enough, Try Meizu's Two-Screen Phone
The Chinese phone manufacturer's unorthodox solution to screen addiction: add another screen.
How They Make Those Squishy Air Pillows Inside Amazon Boxes
Call them pillows of love.
Hollywood’s VR Fantasy Was Everywhere at Comic-Con—With a Catch
Virtual reality grabbed plenty of attention at Comic-Con this year, but only rarely did it live up to its promise.
How 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' Perfected the Podcasting Long Game
Throughout its 500 episodes, the comedy podcast has revolutionized not just the medium, but our expectations of it.
Anti-Drone Tools Tested: From Shotguns To Superdrones
From anti-drone shotgun shells to a drone-snagging megadrone, security researchers put the drone defense arsenal to the test.
Inside Dodge’s Face-Warpingly Fast Demon Dragster
How to build a production car so speedy, it's been banned by the National Hot Rod Association.
The Camera Drone Company That Fell to Earth
With two young founders and a much-hyped product, Lily Robotics promised that its camera drone would transform photography. Then it came crashing down.
Shred the Trails All Day Long With E-Mountain Bikes from Specialized and Riese & Müller
These electric rides aren’t for lazy days on the trail.
Luxembourg's New Law Lets Space Miners Keep Their Plunder
On August 1, Luxembourg plans to adopt a new law that gives empyrean mining companies the rights to whatever they pull from asteroids.
Repealing Net Neutrality is Easy. Replacing It Will Be Hard
The next fight over the future of the open internet will fall to the U.S. Congress.
Grasping Robots Compete to Rule Amazon’s Warehouses
A warehouse-themed automated rodeo has robots auditioning to work in Amazon’s fulfillment centers
The Tricked-Out Research Planes That Fly Through Wildfires
The best way to test the gases created by wildfires is to fly a plane directly above the conflagration.
The Military Assigns the Homework in This College Course
A new initiative is building a pipeline of tech know-how from America’s finest universities to the military. No one’s freaking out—yet.
The Digital Divide Isn't Microsoft's First Priority
Microsoft says it wants to use spare TV bandwidth to close the digital divide. But the company has even bigger plans than that.
Killing the Blue Whale Challenge
Social media companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr enabled the Blue Whale Challenge. They must do more to curb it.
From Elon Musk to Bill Gates: Tech’s Most Dubious Promises
Elon Musk’s NY-DC hyperloop isn’t the first outrageous claim we’ve heard from Silicon Valley.
Asomándonos a la Revolución Cubana de Internet Hecha por los Propios C
En Cuba, donde los datos gotean vía una red sobrecargada controlada por el gobierno—en su caso—la gente ha puesto en escena la revolución del auto autor.
Inside Cuba's D.I.Y. Internet Revolution
In Havana, where data trickles in via overloaded, government-controlled networks—if at all—the people have taken matters into their own hands.
Zero-G Blood and the Many Horrors of Space Surgery
Traumatic injury in space has a huge potential impact on a mission. And people barely know anything about how to deal with it.