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Updated 2018-05-25 16:19
3 Laptops Powerful Enough to Take Your Gaming On the Go
Don’t leave your latest gaming obsession at your desk. With these powerful laptops, you can level up wherever, whenever.
The Physics of Accelerating Spacecraft in *The Expanse*
There are no pew-pew lasers or faster-than-light space travel here—just serious science.
'Meaty,' 'Broad Band' and 10 More Books You Must Read This Summer
Fiction. Nonfiction. Science! Looking for some beach reads? This list is a good place to start.
Uber's Self-Driving Crash, Elon's Twitter Rage, and More Car News This Week
Plus: updates on Tesla Model 3 production, Porsche's new Cayenne hybrid, and college kids make the Camaro into a tree-hugging muscle car.
Four Rules for Learning How to Talk To Each Other Again
Leading an evidence-based life just might help us have a less-polarized national conversation.
Inconvenient Minifauna and the Invasion of the Hammerhead Flatworms
Based on the amount of media attention they’re getting, the worms might work to bring attention to the upending of ecosystems by invasive species.
How the Media Helped Legitimize Extremism
A new study, by a respected scholar on internet culture, winds up a penetrating indictment of journalism's internal inconsistencies.
What to Think About Before Buying a Used Smartphone
New isn’t always better, but there are three key things to consider before you take the pre-owned plunge.
187 Things the Blockchain Is Supposed to Fix
Businesses and entrepreneurs are racing to deploy blockchain technology against all manner of problems, and perceived opportunities.
Can a City *Really* Sue an Oil Company for Climate Change?
In a federal court in San Francisco, a judge heard a motion to dismiss from five fossil fuel companies, the defendants in the suit brought by San Francisco and Oakland.
Don’t Freak Out About That Amazon Alexa Eavesdropping Situation
You should certainly understand the risks of having a smart speaker in your home, but there’s a perfectly good explanation for how that rogue message might have gotten sent.
Uber's Crash and the Folly of Humans Training Self-Driving Cars
Humans are terrible at paying attention when they're doing all the driving. So why expect anything different when the robot's in charge?
Uber's Self-Driving Car Saw the Woman It Killed, Report Says
The National Transportation Safety Board says the car had trouble identifying Elaine Herzberg as a human, and then wasn't made to hit the brakes to avoid hitting her.
Ingestible Sensors Electronically Monitor Your Guts
Researchers are cooking up pill-sized sensors to detect medical molecules and possibly diagnose other gastrointestinal ailments.
Photographs of Buildings That Become Abstract Art
Nikola Olic flattens out skylines to create beautiful, often witty juxtapositions.
Why Your Next Workplace Harassment Training Might Be in VR
Traditionally, on-the-job training has been schlocky video or snoozy slide deck, but Morgan Mercer of Vantage Point wants to put you in the room.
10 Great Shows You Can Binge-Watch in a Single Weekend
Happy long weekend, but RIP outside time. (And the feeling in your butt.)
California's Heavy-Handed Plan to Regulate the Self-Driving Car Biz
Self-driving industry reps are not happy with the Public Utilities Commission's proposed plan for how driverless taxis should operate—especially the requirements that they offer services for free and ban pooled rides.
Are Avocados Toast?
What will we eat in 2050? California farmers are placing bets.
Students Turn Chevy's Camaro Into a Eco-Happy Future Machine
College teams from around the country competed by making hybrid and electric versions of the muscle car.
How a New Era of Privacy Took Over Your Email Inbox
Europe's GDPR, which takes effect Friday, was supposed to give consumers more insight into how their personal information is collected and used. It's not turning out that way---yet.
Give the Robots Electronic Tongues
Roboticists have to not only in create artificial senses of touch and taste, but figure out what robots should *ignore* in a human world.
35 Best Memorial Day Sales (2018): Laptops, TVs, Appliances
Summer has begun, and so have a lot of 2018 Memorial Day sales on TVs, laptops, robovacs, appliances, and more.
Sony's 4K Projector Offers More Than Meets the Eye
The coffee-table-sized Sony LSPX-A1 conceals a powerful speaker system—plus provides ample storage for your art books.
AI Chatbots Try to Schedule Meetings—Without Enraging Us
However trivial it may sound, it's a monstrously difficult challenge. Luckily, the employees of X.ai are some of the most dedicated nerds you’ll ever meet.
Europe's New Data Protections Will Affect You Too. Here's How.
Yes, they mainly affect those who live inside the EU. But non-Europeans should pay attention too.
‘Significant’ FBI Error Reignites Data Encryption Debate
FBI stats about inaccessible cellphones were inflated, undermining already controversial bureau claims about the threat of encryption.
Trump Can't Block Critics on Twitter. What Does This Mean For Free Speech?
Here's how the decision impacts the future of the First Amendment online.
Tinder Wants to Match You With People Who Go to the Same Places
The dating app is testing a new feature aimed at connecting users who hang out at the same spots.
How Facebook Wants to Improve the Quality of Your News Feed
In a rare interview, nine Facebook executives discuss the company's tools for reducing the quantity and reach of misinformation.
Amazon Kindle Ebook Readers Are $30 Off Right Now
If you've been holding off on that new Kindle, now's your chance.
Exclusive: Facebook Opens Up About False News
In a rare interview, nine Facebook executives talk about the challenge, and their progress, in battling clickbait and falsehoods.
Stealthy, Destructive Malware Infects Half a Million Routers
Cisco researchers discover a new router malware outbreak that might also be the next cyberwar attack in Ukraine.
Facebook Is Beefing Up Its Two-Factor Authentication
The update, now available to most users, comes several months after Facebook was criticized for spamming users' two-factor authentication phone numbers.
Emilia Clarke Wants a Chewbacca Tattoo—and a Dragon
The 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' actress loves her co-star.
Thanks to Binges and Benders, Postmates Knows the True You
A team of data scientists at the anything-goes delivery company revealed our collective whims, whether it’s scarfing brisket, stockpiling sex toys, or splurging on caviar.
Porsche's Cayenne E-Hybrid Checks Your Route to Pick Your Power
The luxury SUV looks down the road to see where you need battery power, and where you need old-fashioned internal combustion.
So Long, Glassholes: Wearables Aren't Science Projects Anymore
The end of Google Glass wasn’t even the end of Google Glass. More than that, the idea of augmented reality has been normalized.
This Robotic Pollinator Is Like a Huge Bee With Wheels and an Arm
In a world with too many humans and not enough pollinators, robots like the BrambleBee could help.
The Truth-Affirming Powers of a Good, Old-Fashioned Netflix Binge
Online, the barriers between fiction and nonfiction blur. But there's a throwback way to right this disorientation.
Scientists Are Using AI to Painstakingly Assemble Single Atoms
A machine’s atom-wide tip could help usher in an era of microscopic circuits.
Congress Is About to Learn Just How Little Science Knows About Tech Addiction
But political interest—and political capital—could drive the research needed for evidence-based policies.
'Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Review: It May Be Inessential, But It’s Also Utterly Delightful
There are few, if any, revelations here, and some of the fleshed-out backstory is woefully dumb, but Han finally gets the solo adventure he deserves.
The Laser Battle Against Blood-Sucking Parasites of the Deep
What can salmon farmers do against the scourge of tiny fish-killing sea lice? Fry them.
Few Rules Govern Police Use of Facial-Recognition Technology
Groups call for Amazon to stop selling facial-recognition tech to police departments after documents reveal the practice.
How the LAPD Uses Data to Predict Crime
The Los Angeles Police Department is using "predictive policing" to prevent crime, but this innovative approach has its problems.
Mark Zuckerberg Ducks Pointed Questions From the EU Parliament
Just days before GDPR goes into effect, the Facebook CEO left European regulators wanting for answers about data protection, hate speech, bullying, and partisan bias.
Capturing Humor in a Sea of Red Tape
Ole Witt’s flash photographs make bureaucracy all too real—particularly India’s, dubbed one of the worst in Asia.
Bell Labs' Gadget Communicates Human Emotions Through Touch
Thanks to some innovations at Bell Labs, you’ll soon be able to express your heart through your sleeve.
The Physics of How a Mirror Creates a Virtual World
Human eyes are sort of dumb—but you can trick them into being smart.