Pipe 2NHTQ Aussies say no to paying using their mobile

Aussies say no to paying using their mobile

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When mobile payment systems were first introduced in Australia there was a huge kerfuffle about Apple entering the market with Apple having to fight to play in the Aussie mobile banking space. With the players now in the market the overall picture of how Australians are adapting to paying by phone is clear: not at all. Due to the existing range of options and mistrust of mobile phone security Australians are largely avoiding smartphone payment systems. This may more to do with the entrenched easy to use tap and pay system already in place than other factors. While cash withdrawals in general are declining most Australians look to be set to continue using cash and tap and pay for the foreseeable future.
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by Anonymous Coward on 2017-05-06 11:57 (#2NHTZ)

despite initial enthusiasm for Apple Pay, persuading US consumers to switch from using physical cards or cash to using Apple Pay has been tough going. A recent survey found Apple Pay use was declining.
Imagine going into your local café to buy two coffees, using Apple Pay via your American Express card, say at $3.80 per coffee. Total cost to you $7.60. If the café charges a 2% surcharge for accepting American Express, then you will pay $7.75. Why pay 15 cents more, when you could use your MasterCard or Visa, credit or debit card? You can easily avoid the surcharge and still “tap and go”.