Pipe 2Q8S Pipedot Caught Plagiarizing Copyrighted Content

Pipedot Caught Plagiarizing Copyrighted Content

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As noted on https://soylentnews.org/comments.pl?sid=3587&cid=85807 and https://pipedot.org/story/2014-08-26/database-to-track-suspicious-memes-on-twitter and in particular, https://pipedot.org/comment/1409062920_n1_soylent_news_org , the majority of content being posted on pipedot.org is taken without permission from soylentnews.org

Given that the copyright of comments on soylentnews.org is not transferred from the people that posted them, this ongoing action constitutes wilful, mass copyright infringement.

You are hereby given notice on behalf of John Doe and Jane Doe * 4,000 under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998, as amended, Section 512(c)(3)(A) that:-

(i) The required digital signature is given as "5bdb763c2789167181a7376c29c06de3".

(ii) The work infringed is a subset of all comments posted on soylentnews.org.

(iii) The work infringed is a subset of all comments prefixed with "2Q" or suffixed with "@soylent-news.org".

(iv) The complaining parties may be contacted via https://soylentnews.org/comments.pl?sid=3587&cid=85807

(v) After reading https://soylentnews.org/comments.pl?sid=3587&cid=85821 it the good faith belief of one Doe that publication is not authorized.

(vi) One Doe states that this notification is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of one Doe's exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.

It is also noted that soylent-news.org is not affiliated in any form with soylentnews.org but is registered to the same postal address as pipedot.org
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Haha... but seriously (Score: 2)

by skarjak@pipedot.org on 2014-08-26 20:32 (#2Q9R)

Ok, this is pretty funny. It's a joke right? A post submission doesn't seem to me like proper notice. Also, on behalf of John Doe? :D

Anyway, I will say though that the automatic content scrapping of pipedot has brought soylent news comments with it. I'd rather these be kept out, honestly.

It is my experience that people interested in tech news kept reading slashdot or went to other sites, while people interested in drama went to soylent. Let's keep this place clean.. even if it means less content.

Re: Haha... but seriously (Score: 1)

by bryan@pipedot.org on 2014-08-27 08:52 (#2QHM)

One of the goals of this site was the self-hosting ability of the software. Ideally, anyone should be able to fire up a copy of Pipecode on their own web server and immediately have access to the existing collection of stories and comments submitted by the community. Similar to the venerable Usenet of that long lost September, the canonical website (Pipedot.org, SoylentNews.org, etc..) is simply a "viewer" of the underlying network. If all the users in the community have access to the entire database, problems such as the recent "beta" debacle simply cannot occur. If any one site becomes obnoxious towards its users, the users can simply switch to a different portal of the network.

Re: Haha... but seriously (Score: 1)

by zafiro17@pipedot.org on 2014-08-27 13:13 (#2QKY)

Other unintended effects: everyone stopped commenting on Pipedot because if you commented on Soylent they'd replicate to Pipedot, but not the reverse. Also the flood of articles/comments kind of drowned out the Pipedot faithful. This was an interesting technical feat but I'm not sure it benefited the site.