Pipe 2YGN6 Terrot plan prompts American security theater in Australia

Terrot plan prompts American security theater in Australia

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Australia is considering the implementation of full body scanners, aka pornoscanners, in all domestic airports after two Muslims were prevented from attempting to detonate an improvised explosive device on a flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi. The proposed changes have been described as security theater mimicking American airline practices. Khaled Mahmoud Kayat and Mahmoud Kayat have been charged with preparation for or planning a terrorist act after attempting to smuggle an IED onto a plane. Authorities have confirmed that a brother of the accused terrorists is a known islamic state commander. In response to this incident the Australian government is considering implementing biometric checks by iris or fingerprint. Given that the Australian government is already aware of key factors of terrorism the proposed increased security measures are being labelled as security theater for which will do nothing more than increase costs to fly, increase the time required to board flights, annoy passengers and further erode the privacy of passengers.
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