Pipe 39R4Y [Compress PDF] How to Reduce PDF Size

[Compress PDF] How to Reduce PDF Size

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Why compress PDF?

The PDF files are used widely, however, sometimes PDF files can be too large and can occupy large storage space on the hard disk. Many times these PDF files cannot be emailed due to its large size so owning to this two reasons it becomes necessary to compress pdf and reduce pdf size so it takes up less storage space.
How to Reduce PDF File Size?

There are two ways to reduce PDF size first method is using a pdf compressor software and another method is compressing pdf online. Generally, PDF compressor softwares are easy to use and assure your important pdf files are secure. In compressing pdf online there may be a risk of leaking the pdf file if it is confidential and very important so it is better to use PDF compressor software since there is no need to upload a pdf file on the server to reduce pdf file size.
How can i Following free software can be used to reduce the PDF size

1. Reduce PDF size using 4dots Free PDF Compressor

4dots Free PDF Compressor is free and very easy to use it has an ability to compress multiple PDF files and shrink PDF file size drastically. It also supports drag and drop.You can select either Add File(s) or Add Folder to select a specific PDF or a folder that contains multiple pdf files.Then click the Compress button at the top of window to reduce pdf size
4dots Free PDF Compressor

2. Shrink pdf size using ORPALIS PDF Reducer

PDF Reducer is another free utility that lets you easily reduce the size of PDF files. What this freeware downscales images, recompress images, discards unused objects and so on. All these compression and downscaling process result in the reduction of the pdf file size. The software allows user to choose the image quality extent the images should be downscaled. The text can also be repaired and there is an option to reduce the size of scanned PDF files. In the software, it can be mentioned whether the file is scanned or not. This utility can also be used for batch size reducing of multiple PDF files with same settings in a single go.
how to reduce pdf size

If you do not want to install any PDF size compression software, then you can reduce PDF files size using free online tools too.
How to compress a pdf online?

Following are the selected websites to compress PDF file online
Small PDF.com
VeryPDF Free PDF Compress Online
In this way, you can easily compress pdf and reduce pdf size without any hassle.
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