Pipe 3B6D3 How to chromecast from laptop (Mac and Windows)

How to chromecast from laptop (Mac and Windows)

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How to chromecast from laptop (Mac and Windows)
The latest device from Google is Google Chromecast v3. This device is very cheap simple yet very useful to stream web-based content (video and audio). This 30$ device has a capability to turn your dumb TV into a smart TV. It allows you to stream video content right to your TV from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Google Play etc. very easily on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices.

Although Google Chromecast v3 is designed for streaming web-based content, it also can be used to stream your local media files from your windows or Mac laptop or desktop to Chromecast. Its only matter of knowing what applications and tools are needed.

How to chromecast from laptop in Windows 10/7
Method 1: Recommended for playing local video files
1.1 Videostream for Google Chromecast to chromecast from laptop/desktop
At present Videostream for google chromecast is the best freeware for streaming local video files from your laptop or desktop to your TV via Chromecast. To use this first of all you need to install this plugin from the Chrome Web Store. After installing plugin open this plugin in Google Chrome and there you will see an option Choose a Video, Click on it and selected the video file you wish to chromecast from laptop. This plugin is very efficient and the videos play smoothly without any lag/ stuttering and audio-video synchronization issues. The preferred format is MP4 as it is supported by chromecast natively, however, Videostream supports practically any media file format file type. The Videostream will automatically transcode the file as it streams it to chromecast if necessary.Also, subtitles are supported.

1.2 Stream from laptop to chromecast using VLC
VLC media player also can be used to stream local media files saved on your hard disk here is how to chromecast from laptop VLC.

Download latest VLC player (32 or 64 bit)

Method 2: Recommended for casting photos or Microsoft powerpoint presentations website etc.
2.1 Cast Browser Tab (recommended to cast desktop to chromecast)
Google Chrome has an inbuilt feature to cast Browser tab or full desktop. To use this feature go to Chrome Settings MenuMore menu icon and click on Cast...
You will see option Cast to and your chromecast name click on the chromecast name
2.2 Cast desktop to chromecast (recommended to chromecast photos from pc)
Go to Chrome Settings MenuMore menu icon and click on Cast...
Click on Cast to
Click on Cast desktop and choose Chromecast device
These methods are not recommended for streaming local video files. Although streaming is possible the video casted on TV will not be crispy and clear in addition the video will show lag and stuttering. Hence this method should be used for chromecast photos from pc
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