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Glue for Artificial Grass
Product Advantages
Environmental-friendly (conforms to GB 18583-2008 Standard.)
Cold-resistant, themostable(Up to 45℃)
Water-proof (After constructions 48 hours latter, until resin solidified)
Frost-proof(Below 30℃)
Service life(Up to 15 years)
Operation instructions
√ Before operation, the land must be smooth, does not have the granulated substance, doesn’t have the shell, no cancave-convex phenomenon.
√ Use the resin on smooth and dry foundation. When used, both two contact surfaces must be coated with resin and then laying the lawn will be better.
√ The construction site must be dry, no dust, must be washed with water until the scene to be dried before construction. (The degree of dryness can be tested. Before the construction on the site, put one piece artificial turf on the construction site and lift it off after two hours of drying. The site is in line with the requirement if it is not humid.
√ After the brushing of the resin on both surfaces of artificial turf and the foundation , to be slightly dry, about 10-20 minutes to join the lawn, When laying the lawn, you should press the grass evenly with your hands.

The resin cannot be used for indoor use.
Stored in the warehouse, the lid can not be loosened, keep the windows ventilated.
Test Results
Component Limit Content Analysis Content Judge
Benzene g/kg ≤5.0 Not detected Conform
Toluene&Xylene g/kg ≤200 Not detected Conform
TVOC g/L ≤700 28 Conform
TDI g/kg ----- Not detected -----
Pb mg/kg ≤90 2.0 Conform
Cd mg/kg ≤10 0.2 Conform
Cr mg/kg ≤10 2.3 Conform
Hg mg/kg ----- Not detected Conformbuy Polyurethane Glue
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